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Travels to Israel

Every Wednesday for the month of February, I’m going to bring you a travel story of a trip to Israel that my aunt went on during the Christmas holidays.  This was indeed a once in a lifetime kind of trip full of great scenery, history and wonderful food and people.  I’ve looked over my aunt’s pictures and I can tell you in one word a description of them – AMAZING!  I hope you enjoy us every week this month so that we may all relive her travels.

A trip to Israel?  Seriously?  Do I have to scream YES?!  Plans to be made – passports to be ordered.  What do I pack?  What will the food be like?  The people?  Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself.  First things first, travel arrangements.  Everything was planned months in advance.

Then the big day came – WOW!  I’m so excited.  I rushed around the house doing final packing and out the door to the airport I was.  I was happily counting down the hours until touch down in the old country.  I get to the airport for the first part of my trip which is to fly in to Detroit for my connecting flight to Paris.  However, this is where I met my first obstacle.  My flight to Detroit was delayed due to damage the plane took on while in flight.  Bummer.  But safety first, right?  So they put us up in a hotel overnight with food vouchers.  Who can say no to that, right?  It was part of our adventure.

The next day, we did it all over again and was able to get on the plane for Detroit.  This flight took us a little over an hour.  Once in Detroit, we then boarded our connecting flight to Paris – the land of love.  This time we would be in the sky for almost 8 hours.  And who says that airplane food is bad – especially served with free wine 🙂 

Airplane food – pastas, lentil salad









Finally we touched down in Paris where we would have a six hour layover.  Paris has lots of emphasis on style, perfume, alcohol shops and lots of smoking areas – thank goodness. Since our layover was only six hours, we decided to check out the airport and what it had to offer.  Chocolates for one thing – yum!  The Paris Airport has a Fauchon shop which is known for their macarons.  Also at the airport, the have cheese and wine – who would have thought that huh?  It just makes you want to pull up and nibble on some for a while.

Below is a picture of the ‘smoking rooms’ at the Paris Airport.  Crowded huh?  Also below is a picture of a coffee shop.  Coffee in Paris is different than in the States, not only by taste but size.  In Paris, the largest cup size that is offered is smaller than a Starbucks tall.  What a difference!


Finally, it was time to board the plane for our final connecting flight to Tel Aviv which would take us over 5 hours.  Again, with free wine and great food – we were set for the destination of our travels.  Please join us next Wednesday for more in my travels to Israel.






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My New Mom – :)

This is my mom – pretty huh? She has long hair and she said that it was H.O.T., especially in the summer. She’s never had it this long before. Every morning when she washed it, then proceeded the drying part that took forever. In fact, it took time from my morning mommy/piggy time it took so long to dry. And well, you can’t see those pretty eyes or face with it being so long. And most days, she would pull it up in what she called a pony tail. Why have long hair if you are going to pull it up in a pony tail all of the time, am I right?



So she decided to go get her hair cut. She wouldn’t say what she was going to do. She sent this picture to dad with a message that stated, “This was my hair?!” Dad showed it to me and we both were awestruck. What did mommy do? Did she finally cross over the fine line of insanity? We were worried for a while. She’s threatened in the past to get it ‘all cut off’. Did she finally do it? Me and dad were both on the edge walking the floor back and forth waiting for mom to get home. And you know of course, however mom got it, we were going to love it but in the mean time, we were scared.

So mom finally called and said she was finished and on the way home. The anticipation was so stressful. Then, my mommy walked through the door. AAAWWW – it was cute. I can see mom’s eyes and face. She likes it because it doesn’t take long to dry or fix. And dad, well dad loved it! He immediately ran his fingers through it – it was so soft and manageable.

What do you think? XOXO – Bacon



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20121218-074843.jpgMornings, mornings, mornings – why must we meet like this?  I’m all comfy and snug in my bed and what happens?  Morning comes and slaps me in my face.  Why are you so mean to me?  What have *I* ever done to you?  Look at me.  No, no look closer.  I’m all innocent and everything.  I need my beauty sleep.  I need my down time.  You think it’s easy maintaining this beautiful face of mine?

Mornings if you can’t behave and come at a decent time, I’m going to have to turn you in to Mother Nature.  No one messes with Mother Nature.  Consider yourself warned.

XOXO – Bacon

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