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Paw Time with Houdini

 Welcome my friends to another week with Paw Time with Houdini.  Last weekend, Nana got a new puppy named Dingo.  He’s a shepherd mix.  Very cool to have a bigger uncle.  I say bigger because this guy is bigger than my brother Bacon.  Can you believe that?  Well, he’s taller and has LONG legs like a giraffe.  Okay, maybe not as long as a giraffe but they are super LONG.

 Mommy took me up to see Dingo in a meet/greet session.  You know so we could get used to being around each other.  This picture to the right is of Dingo when mommy came in to Nana’s house.  Mom says he had kind of a “what the heck is that thing in your arms” kind of look.  She wanted to make sure Dingo knew I was a friend and not a two piece snack.

So mommy sat down with me in her arms and we all had a conversation together.  Mommy introduced us to each other and told Dingo we were all family.  We don’t hurt family.  Mommy then explained that I come up from my house every once in a while to spend time with Nana.  And although Dingo had the job of keeping Nana company and protecting her now, I still have a job too.  We all have to do our parts.  Mommy then let us say hello and sniff at each other for a bit while I still sat in her arms.

 Then she put me down and of course I jumped over to the other couch where dad was sitting.  Dingo came up to me and I said a few words to him to let him know I was welcoming him to the family.  I also told him that I had plenty of toys up here at Nana’s and he was welcomed to play with any of them.  I also told him that we had a big back yard down at the Hotel Thompson and he could come down and play with me from time to time too.  And, that we could go on walkies around the neighborhood together.  He couldn’t fit into my stroller but he could walk beside me and protect from other dogs – that was part of his job now.  I think he understood everything I was telling him.  Especially about the part of taking care of Nana.

 Then he told me that he would take care of things up here at Nana’s and that I didn’t have to worry about that.  He also told me that he would protect me because he said I would look like shark bait walking the streets by myself.  We exchanged cell numbers and told each other we would Facetime each other to keep each other posted on what was going on with each side of the neighborhood.

I have to say that I think he’s a pretty cool guy.  He still has a lot of puppy in him he said – he’s only 4 months – so that makes me the oldest by 6 months.  I think we will both have a long time of growing up together and playing.

I told him I would be up on Tuesday.  That was our scheduled spa day and he would absolutely love spa day.  We get the works then when the groomer comes out and makes us all pretty for our humans.  Humans love that.

Well my friends, I hope you had a great time visiting with me this week.  Until next time, have an awesome weekend!


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Houdini Update


Oh my friends – this *you* have to see.  Little Man Houdini in his walking stroller.  It’s okay – you can roll your eyes here.  Snorts.  Mom has been telling daddy that she wanted to set Houdini a stroller.  But all that she has seen has been outrageous in prices.  But don’t worry because we all know my mommy is the shopping Queen.  She found this stroller for $20.00!  That’s right $20.00!  WIN-WIN-WIN!  If you look closer at the stroller it zips around so the little guy can’t hop out and nothing can get to him.  It also has cup holders and a hidey hole on top for keys, mom’s phone, etc.  Awesome deal huh?

Mom and Nana took Houdini for a walk the other night.  He ❤ it!  He sits in his stroller and looks around while they are walking.  Then one night, Houdini was driving mommy nuts – which I was kind of enjoying watching.  He kept trying to nip at her, jumping on her and bugging her.  Then she said, “Okay, that’s it.  Let’s go for a walk”.  It was like that was what he wanted. He immediately went to his stroller and waited for her.

Then off they went for their little walk.  It seems to wear him out.  Not that he walks but he does get the fresh air and gets to go out with mom.  I think it’s the fresh air that helps him settle down for the night.  Mom has been trying to walk him before bedtime every night.  But you gotta admit it – he does look kind of cute in that stroller doesn’t he?


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