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That’s Where He Is During the Year!?


OMP – So *that* is where our little fellow Don Juan goes while he’s not causing havoc here at the Hotel Thompson during the holiday season – snorts.  Me and mom were driving around town in Albert the other day, just minding our own business.  Then BOOM – we saw this building.  We had to do a u-turn to get a picture.  What?  You don’t know who Don Juan is?  On one hoof, consider yourself lucky – snorts.

Don Juan is the Hotel Thompson’s mischievous little Elf on a Shelf that comes out the day after Thanksgiving.  He watches over us and reports back to Santa what bad things we are doing.  Well, that’s suppose to be the concept.  Don Juan though is shall we say special.  Don Juan gets into more trouble than Cat in the Hat.  In fact, you can read about Don Juan here on some of the antics he did at the Hotel Thompson.  And, can you believe he filled in one week for me on Dear Bacon?  OMP is all I have to say.  It was a close call on some of his antics.

So this picture tells us everything.  He hangs out in storage.  Cause you know, that elf doesn’t have any powers unless it’s the holiday season.  Did you know that the fear of elves is called Fayophobia?  If you have fayophobia, you might not want to read my blog next week.  It’s going to be contest time!  That’s exciting.  But stay tuned next week to find out the details my friends!

Oh, and you think Don Juan is sweet and innocent huh?  Okay, do you still feel the same after this picture?  Snorts – anyone for a cookie?


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