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Bacon’s Tales of Terror

 Welcome my friends to another Bacon’s Tales of Terror.  I hope the spooks and goblins haven’t been chasing you down… too much – snorts.  Today we have a situation that could happen to the best of us.  Something that would scare most of us… or would it?

 Here you are walking down your street minding your own business thinking of pleasant things.  Perhaps thinking of what to have for dinner or visiting a friend ‘just down the street’.  Then all of a sudden the wind picks up, the trees start to sway and out of the blue the clouds start to come over head.  You pick up your pace a bit because you know all heck is to break loose overheard.

Then that’s when you hear it.  After every step, you hear a step behind you.  You quickly turn but there’s no one there but the wind and leaves swooshing about.  It gets darker.  Then you pass a drainage hole in the sidewalk and you look down.  Oh my piggy heavens… is that a hand coming out?  What do you do?  A double take at the ‘hand’?  Do you pick up your pace hearing the steps behind you getting closer?  Do you scream?  Do you run?  What do you do my friends?


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