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Let’s Play a Game

Okay my friends – Let’s Play a Game.  Mom/dad went out to dinner the other night to a local hamburger place.  They sit at a table and mom always faces the door and looks around like a sniper – hilarious.  She sees this older gentleman – probably in his 60’s – sitting at a table across from them.  He has older clothes on, he has a beard and mustache, long hair and he’s using an iPhone.  Now mom said that picture didn’t look right in itself.  It was like he was trying to ‘look old and out of place’ but yet he was hip enough to have an iPhone.  That was what caught mom’s eye.

Then, mom saw him tell the waitress that he was leaving his briefcase on the table, he was going to the bathroom and would pick it up on the way out.  Now look at that briefcase.  Really?  Awkward looking huh?  Clue two that caught mom’s eagle eyes.

Mom watched the guy go to the bathrooms, come out and walk right beside his table, look at the briefcase and proceed to pay his bill at the register.  Then, the man left the restaurant.  He walked right out the door and left…. without the briefcase.

Did you hear the bells going off in mom’s head then?  Odd – very odd.  Of course mom is giving dad a play by play of the activities.  Mom calls the waitress over and tells her that the guy left and to bring the situation to the manager’s attention.  You would, right?  Mom sees the waitress walk over to the manager, tell him something, the manager laughs and then the waitress comes back.  The waitress says that the manager was going to give the guy a couple of minutes to come back.  W.T.H.  Really?  Then the waitress says, “He looked like a nice guy”.  DOUBLE W.T.H.  Nice guy?  Well heck Ted Bundy looked like a nice guy too.  And??

So by this point mom is shaking her head and ready to call in the bomb squad herself.  Then something more mysterious happened about 15 minutes later.  This woman came into the restaurant.  She was holding one of those huge refillable drink cups like you would get at 7-11 or some gas station.  She stops the waitress and asks her to fill it up.  The waitress does it and gives it back to her.  On the way out of the restaurant, this lady picks up the briefcase and leaves.  This woman is walking – she didn’t drive to the restaurant.

Now you tell me what this is all about.  With everything that is happening in today’s society, what could this had possibly been?  AND to top it off, the management here didn’t have a care about it.  So let’s discuss – put on your investigator hat and let’s play a game of what (A) was in the briefcase and (B) what was going on.


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