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Our Hearts are Broken

Our hearts are so broken here at the Hotel Thompson this morning.  We woke up to hear about the passing of our beloved brother Easy.  Please friends, join us in lighting a candle and sending massive hogs and snout kisses to Easy’s parents during this time.  Our hearts go out to them ❤


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Now *That* is a Dilemma

I need help.  Stop laughing.  I really need help.  I’m in a piggy dilemma.  Me and mom are both feeling the same way.  Have you ever felt hungry and wanted something but you just didn’t know what you wanted?  You have choices – lots of choices.  You pick one and afterwards you’re like ick.  It just didn’t stop the craving… not that you’re craving anything particular.

Mom and dad go through this scenario all of the time here at the Hotel Thompson.  It goes something like this.  Mom – “What do you want to eat?”  Dad – “I don’t know, you?”  Mom – “You want mexican?”  Dad – “Not so much, you?”  This back and forth of suggestions goes on what seems like hours.  And then dad will finally say, “I don’t care, whatever you want to do.”  This is usually followed up by mom saying, “Whatever you want to do.”  For Pete’s sake – can those two humans make a decision?  Snorts.

So then mom will toss a salad.  I’m good with a salad but then afterwards we are all like, “Hhhmm, that really didn’t hit the spot.”  This can go on for days!  What are we to do?  What do you do?   So you see, that’s why it’s a dilemma.

We are all foodies here at the Hotel Thompson.  We take our food serious.  Life is way too short not to.  Heck, mom is not one of those girly girls that can eat a Saltine cracker and be filled for days.  I’m proud of mom for being an eater.  But what do you do when you don’t know what will hit “the spot?”

I think personally we may have one way to solve this dilemma.  Go with me on this.  If we had a full time CHEF that was on staff here at the Hotel Thompson at our beck and call that fed us our meals, we wouldn’t have this back and forth what do you want for dinner situation.  Mr. Chef would just whip up his specialties and serve us.  We wouldn’t have to cook therefore it would be awesome.  Cause you know, food *always* tastes better when someone else cooks it.  Am I right?

And of course, we would ALL be happy – especially this oinker.  Because then I would have a 24X7 beck and call chef.  OH that’s right.  I already do in mom and dad – snorts.  But really, what do you think?  Wouldn’t it be totally awesome?

I wonder if dad would go for this?  hhmm – I gotta go leave some clues around the Hotel Thompson.  Maybe eventually by 2025 he’ll get the hint.

Happy Eating my Friends!!  P.S.  Whatta you having tonight for dinner?


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Shout Outs to Tybee Island

Can you believe I’m still discussing mom/dad’s trip to Tybee Island, Georgia?  They had so much fun there – as they always do.  Mom took so many pictures and I’m trying to share them all because they are really cool – and it might be the only way I get to the beach – snorts.

I’ve talked about a lot of things on their trip, places they ate and places they went site seeing but I haven’t discussed where they stayed for their vacation.

Mom and dad walked down the Tybee Island pier several times during their trip.  This is one of my all time favorite pictures that mom took.  It shows the water, the pier, the beautiful palm trees that they had up for the movie they were making and the pavillion at the end.  This is one side of the pier.  And, if you look all the way at the very end you start to see some of the shops they have on the island – wonderful shops might I add that mom/dad like to visit.

Now, if you go to the other side of the pier you get to see something delightful.

The other side of the pier mom took a picture of the hotel they stayed at – Ocean Plaza Beach Resort.  It is located at 1401 Strand Street, Tybee Island. The big window in the middle between the hotel, that is the Dolphin Reef Restaurant.  Mom/dad loves that place.  You can actually eat and look out at the beautiful water. It’s so calming at the restaurant!


The staff of the Ocean Plaza (John, Nicole and Casey) were so wonderful, polite, ever so helpful and full of Southern hospitality.  When they learned that mom/dad were down at the beach celebrating their anniversary, they even upgraded them to a 4th floor overlooking the ocean.  Thank you Ocean Plaza for taking care of my mom/dad!!  It was so very nice of all of you in helping make their stay memorable, fun and exciting!

So if you are ever in Tybee Island, mom/dad highly recommend this hotel.  If you check in, tell them that Bacon sent you.  They know all about me of course because mom passed out my business cards and told them about me – snorts 🙂


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