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Spend the Night Party


 Hello sweet friends!

This past weekend, mom/dad had to go out of town.  You know what that means, right?  I got to go and spend the night with Nana – barks with puppy excitement.  And we *all* know what that means.

What happens at Nana’s, stays at Nana’s!

You do know what I’m talking about, right?  Nana loves me and I love nana.  And you know what else is at Nana’s… besides yummy food?  My cousins – Dingo and Tinkerbell.  Now Tinkerbell is small like me and older.  She doesn’t like to play much.  Pretty much – her basic fun thing to do during the day is sleep.  But she’s a girl and you know some girls have cooties like that.  Then there’s my playmate Dingo.  He’s younger than me and we have a ball together.  We play, we run, we eat and then we sleep.

Usually when I come home from Nana’s, I’m totally exhausted.  This time was no different.  I barely made it in the Hotel Thompson, said hey to Bacon and Hemi and passed out on the sofa for a nap.  It happens every time.  There’s just so much to do at Nana’s.

Do you get to spend the night with your friends?  Tell me all about it – Houdini ❤






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