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Spaghetti for Dinner Anyone?

Saturday night mom was in the kitchen cooking something that smelled absolutely wonderful.  It was driving me crazy.  I kept going into the kitchen and trying to find out what it was but she wouldn’t tell me.  She fed me my usual dinner and then I had me time in my room while mom and dad cooked. 

After their dinner, dad let me back out and I could still smell that amazing aroma.  I went into the front room and what did I see on my feed station?  This wonderful concoction of noodles, meat and tomatoes.  I thought I was in pig heaven!  Mom called it spaghetti.  I called it awesome deliciousness.  I couldn’t help but to smack it down. 

Now, this is definitely not something I get on a regular basis but just this time.  Enjoy the video – you know mom.  She video tapes everything!

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