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31 Days of Spook – The Italian Bride

Julia Buccola Petta died at age 29 while giving birth to her stillborn son, Filippo.  Julia was buried in her wedding dress and given the nickname of The Italian Bride.  According to legend, Julia’s mother, Filomena, began having dreams in which Julia was telling her that she was still alive.  Years after her death, Filomena received permission to have the grave opened and her daughter exhumed.  Her mother then took a picture of Julia in her casket which was then placed on the monument.  The picture is still there on her grave at the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois.

Story courtesy of FIND A GRAVE


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31 Days of Spook – The Italian Bride

Julia Buccola Petta died at age 29 while giving birth to her stillborn son, Filippo.  Julia was buried in her wedding dress and given the nickname of The Italian Bride.  According to legen, Julia’s mother, Filomena, began having dreams in which Julia was telling her that she was still alive.  Years after her death, Filomena received permission to have the grave opened and her daughter exhumed.  Her mother then took a picture of Julia in her casket which was then placed on the monument.  The picture is still there on her grave at the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois.

Story courtesy of FIND A GRAVE


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Things Overheard at the Hotel Thompson

Happy Monday my friends.  I hope you had a fantastic weekend.  We enjoyed Father’s Day and spent quality time here at the Hotel Thompson.  Spending so much time at the house, it got me to thinking.  What are some of the things that you hear around your crib that are hilarious.  I mean YOU know what they mean but if someone overheard it they would do a double take.

For instance last Thursday here at the Hotel Thompson, mom was in the other room working at her laptop.  Dad and us anipals were in the living room.  Houdini was running around the front room chasing Mouse Girl and pretty much hitting on her with kisses and such.  Out of the blue daddy stops what he is doing and says,

“Son, leave the girl alone.  She’s too much pussy for you.”

Now, us anipals didn’t think twice about that statement.  However, mom in the other room starting laughing and snorting so loud that daddy and us had to go check on her.  She just shook her head and said, “Thank goodness I wasn’t on live chat with someone or no one was at the front door.”

So that’s what I’m talking about my friends.  Has something like that happened in your crib that overheard would have been hilarious?


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Five Fact Friday –

Happy Friday my friends – we made it another week!!  YAY.  Let’s party!  Let’s eat!  Let’s play!  Let’s cuddle!  I hope you have a fantastic weekend doing what you want to do.  Whatever it is, be the best you can be at it sweet friends!  And here are five more facts about me that maybe you didn’t know 🙂

  1. One time, we had our neighbor over from next door.  When we have company, it means they are there to see me.  What?  When you have company, aren’t they there to see you?  Snorts – I thought so.  Also this means that I have to show off.  So I was running around the front room and thought I would sneak behind the sofa.  Mommy doesn’t like it when I go behind the sofa so she had placed a pillow at the entrance to block me off.  I wasn’t going to let a little pillow stop me from performing so I tried to jump the pillow to get behind the couch.  It didn’t work out so well.  This darn pot belly got me stuck.  All you can see was my fanny in the air and my feet peddling but not touching anything but air.  Mommy had to safe me.  It was so embarrassing.  Totally.
  2. The first time the pizza guy delivered to the Hotel Thompson, he almost peed on himself.  I answered the door with mom and snorted.  Let’s just say he wasn’t expecting a piggy to answer the door.  Now they know our address as the “pig house” and bring me extra food when mom orders.  It’s kind of fun.  Some of the carriers have had their pictures taken with me.  Hey, it’s a win-win situation.  They get a picture taken with their favorite piggy and I get leftovers 🙂  Who could ask for anything more?  But I will tell you.  Daddy is jealous – snorts.
  3. The mailman knows me now.  He delivered mail addressed to Bacon Thompson for a long time and finally got the nerve to ask was that really my mom’s sons name.  She said yes and asked if he wanted to meet me when he delivered a package to the door.  We are now on a first name basis.  How many mailmen can say they deliver mail to a real pig every day?
  4. I love football season.  Heck, some could say I love football.  First off, it’s in the fall and the weather is cooler.  Second off, this is dad’s favorite time of the year.  Dad watching football means snacks in front of the television.  Snacks in front of the television means daddy shares with me.  Cause mom has a steadfast rule here at the Hotel Thompson.  “Don’t eat in front of the pig unless you plan on sharing with the pig.”  With that in mind, are you ready for some football?
  5. The one thing that mom absolutely can’t stand that I do?  Did you know that there is one thing?  It’s really bad too.  When I get overly excited – like when she is popping popcorn on the stove for us – I start walking around her feet.  That’s not bad because the purr things do that too.  The bad part is that sometimes I step on her toes.  With my hooves.  That is very painful.  It’s like stepping barefoot on a thousand Lego’s all concentrated on your toes.  Ouch.  Sorry mom – my bad.  I just get excited.  

There you go.  I hope you learned something new about me today.  Have an awesome Friday and weekend my friends.  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do – snorts!


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Being the Responsible One

20130321-223227.jpgI feel the humans now – it’s hard being a good parent!

Mom says for me to hang in there and once Bashful gets his ‘baby phase’ behind him he will be better.  I’m not sure that’s possible.  And what if I’m doing this all wrong?  What if he turns out like his dad, a rolling stone, or gets involved in a bad rock band? 

Sometimes I feel like I never get enough rest.  Having kids is hard!  I feel like a zombie pig on same days and just go through the motions so I can finally get back in bed.  It does get better, right?

I’ve been so tired lately that I even gave mom a hard time last night.  I was being fussy with her and she understands.  She sat me down and we talked about it.  It’s all about love.  I feel better after our talk and took a nap.  Mom helped out with Bashful for a little bit and took him for a walk.  He was a lot better afterwards too.  I guess she wore him out because when they got back, he was out like a light and slept a solid 8 hours for a change.  That was such a relief!

Bashful is doing better.  He’s gotten accustomed to living at the Hotel Thompson.  He’s practically house trained now and doesn’t have any accidents.  He rolls around the house and plays with the purr things a lot.  Sometimes he gets a little rough and I have to break things up.  He got into the cereal the other night and ate an entire box of Fruity Pebbles.  It was all over the floor.  But this little hoover cleaned everything up before mom went into the kitchen.  The hard part is trying to keep him on a schedule.  And, dad has taught him Rock, Paper, Scissors.  Shakes head, he always picks paper for some reason.   

So my friends, help me out here.  Any words of encouragement for raising Bashful to be the best “s t o n e” he can be?  Thanks my friends – XOXO – Bacon


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My Surprise is Revealed – Our Newest Member at the Hotel Thompson

Do you remember the post I did on March 4, 2013 stating that I wanted a pet too.  (You can find the post here at )  I mean, really everyone else in the house has someone to love and cuddle and I want that too.  I want to have something I can take care of and play with that’s all mine.  It makes sense, doesn’t it?  Mom has me.  Daddy has Princess Mouse Girl.  Hemi has us all.  Who do I have – tears.

Well, all of that ended last night – jumps for joy and wags tail fiercely.  After my posting on wanting a pet, I surfed the net high and low for a couple of days searching for something to be mine.   I sent an email from my own email address of to a company called Rockin the Box Productions. 

I told them who I was, shared my post of wanting a pet and inquired if they would be willing to donate me a pet all my own.  A couple of days later, mom got a reply from Drew with the company.  Drew felt the compassion to make this little piggy’s dream come true!  He got the details from mom and then the wait began.


Yesterday, the mail carrier came to the door with this box addressed to me!  I’ve gotten mail before but never a box.  Daddy showed it to me but told me I had to wait until mommy got home to open it.  During my 3:00PM call to mommy, I kept snorting and touching the box with my nose telling her all about it.  I was so excited!  And of course, I was on extra good behavior with daddy because of my package. 

Finally mom came home – it was the longest afternoon of my entire piggy life!  She made me eat dinner first and told me that afterwards we would open the box together. 

Finally, the time came.  She would pull the tape out a bit and I would take my snout and mouth pulling the tape off.  It was tiring but I was so excited to see the contents of what was inside of th20130319-083627.jpge brown box.

Then the box was open – faint!  Oh my goodness – I started running around the front room.  It was alive!  Notice the holes in the box.  That’s for air so my new pet could breathe.  I was rubbing up against mom’s legs because I couldn’t wait to see my new friend.  But according to the colorful box,  we had to read the instructions first to make sure we took good care of my new baby.  Mom helped with the reading of the booklet.  





Page 1 – Instruction Book for The Pet Rock

Because you know it is very, VERY important in taking care of your pet.  All pets should come with instructions…. and perhaps some humans too. 

I’m very thankful that the company sent this.  I’m a first pet kind of piggy.  I need to make sure that I do things right so my new friend will live as long as I do.  I mean, I want him to be happy with me.  I don’t want him to feel like he has to run away from the Hotel Thompson or anything.  That would be sad. 


I’m so grateful that the company left me their email and everything.  You know just in case.  I have a piggytrician on call for my needs.  My new pet has a rockatrician – so that’s great!  Just in case he gets sick or something.

So my pet rock’s birthday will be the date that I received in the mail… that’s going to be March 18, 2013.

While my pet was still in the box, me and mom stopped and sung it happy birthday.  I swear, I think I saw the box move.  It was so touching!



This was the hardest thing.  Me, mom and dad all put on our thinking hats and thought about a name that would be so fitting, so on the spot.  I want him to be a good listener so this was very important.  We decided to keep reading so that we could fully focus on a name before putting him to bed for the night.

I think I’m going to teach my pet two languages so that it can be bilingual.  I’m thinking human and pig.  That way it will know what I’m saying and what mommy is saying.  Mom agreed to this and thought it was a fantastic ideal.

20130319-090507.jpg   I’m hoping that my pet rock behaves just like me – always good – snort – don’t laugh!  I can see you. But if not, I’ve been raised by the best parents so I really hope that passes down in the way I raise my pet.  Hopefully, he won’t be bad too much.  And notice that I gave my pet a ‘he’ gender.  I think having girl pet rock would be weird.  I’m mostly at the age still that I think they have cooties.  Except for mom.  Mom doesn’t have cooties.  And dad said absolutely no girls in my room alone right now so it’s going to be a boy.



This is great news to know!  I want to make sure that my pet rock gets plenty of exercise.  I don’t want it to become a couch rock and getting fat.  That would be terrible.  It has to be able to keep up with me, especially when I run through the20130319-083658.jpg halls at the Hotel Thompson. 

And, thank goodness – this wonderful company Rockntheboxproductions sent me a leash for my new love.


So finally, all of these instructions were behind us.  It was time to finally take my new pet out of the box.  I had been sitting on the couch beside mom with patience wondering to myself what it looked like.  What color would it be.  What shape would it be.  Would it be small.  Would it even like me?

I looked at the box.  Mom looked at the box.  And still I swear I thought the box move. 


Then mom opened the box and we both peaked in.  I was instantly in love.  It looked just like me!!  It couldn’t have been a better fix.  I stuck my snout in the box and I swear it hugged me and said I love you.  My very own pet!!

Mom put us in my room for some bonding time.  It was a little shy at first but starting talking to me.  He said he felt so lucky to be with someone who loves him – aaww touches my little heart.  Now I know what it feels like to be a parent. 


I welcomed him into my life and we sat down some ground rules.  He’s a little quiet and I’m sure that will pass.  He does mind awfully well though.  He knows how to sit.  He knows how to be quiet and listen.  We came back into the living room and I introduced him to everyone in the house – mom, dad, Hemi and Princess Mouse Girl.  He even played with daddy – daddy taught him how to play dead.  We thought that was so funny!

So, I decided to name my new friend Bashful!  I thought the name was so fitting.  I can’t wait to take him places and show him off.  I think you are going to see a lot of him in my posts in the future!

Mr. Drew I am so excited about my new friend.  I could never thank you enough!! Hogs and Kisses – Bacon


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