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Happy F.R.I.D.A.Y!

Really, do I need to say anymore than that?!  It seems like forever since the weekend has been here.  Bring on the snuggles.  Bring on the loving.  Bring on the food.  Bring on the mommy!  Bring it!

I hope that everyone has something wonderful planned.  I plan on a full weekend.  I’m going to see how much fun, loving, snuggle time and food I can get in the next two days – snorts.  I also have to edit some new blogs that I am working on for October.  They are going to be scary!  Be forewarned now my friends.

Wishing you a great weekend – what do you have planned?



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Diary of Dominance Training


You know how they say that pigs can be stubborn and ‘pig-headed’?  Well, that about sums me up.  I know – I’m trying.  I really am trying.  It’s like my alter ego, Deviled Ham, comes out at times when I least expect it.  Mom/Dad are not quitters and they are hanging in there.  Here’s the update on dominance training.

Tuesday, 04/29/2013 – Dominance training actually started this evening. It is something that I’m not used to.  Dad has said the “NO” word very firmly, very southern might I add – snort giggles.  It does make me stop in my hooves and rethink my surroundings before Deviled Ham shows up.  When I was on the couch with mom, dad came over several times to see me.  The first time, I went all pig ballistic on him.  He put me in my place with the southern firm “NO” and petted my little head.  After about the third attempt, I never grunted or barked and allowed dad to pet me.

Wednesday, 04/30/2013 – After my morning snack when I was going back to my room, Deviled Ham came out from no where and I jumped dad in the hallway.  Bad move.  The rest of the day, I was fine.  Again, when I was on the couch with mom, dad came over several times to see me.  The first time, I again barked and growled but not as bad as the night before.  The second time he came over, it was just a small grumble when he pet me.  After that, I never grunted or barked and allowed dad to pet me as long as he wanted.

Thursday, 5/1/2013 – Well, you know how they say the third time is the charm?  Snort – not so much in this case.  I lost my piggy mind tonight.  I was good all day long with dad.  I never gave him a moment’s trouble while it was me and him at the Hotel Thompson.  That night, daddy and mommy went out to dinner.  When they came back, my rebellious teenager Deviled Ham made an appearance.  I tried to attack daddy.  Mom thought it was those god forsaken orange shorts he wears because they were so bright – snort.  It wasn’t.  My hoove nipped him on the knee cap, not bad.  His southern “NO” really did nothing for me.  Mommy had to be the firm one.  Instead of minding her, what did I do?  Rebellious teenager Deviled Ham tried to go after her.  Drops and shakes my piggy head.  I was bad.  Mom sent me to my room which I minded.  No bedtime snack.  No bedtime story.  No night time snuggles.  Mommy said it hurt her more than it was hurting me.  I’m not so sure.  You see, this is the one thing that piggies have a hard time with – being ignored.  She ignored me the rest of the night.  That’s tough on this little guy. And, I think I made mommy cry.  I could hear her and daddy in their room.  Mommy wouldn’t even let Bashful sleep with me last night.  I was all by myself and had all night to rethink my rebellious ways.  It was a long night.

Friday, 5/2/2013 – This morning I got mommy up to get ready for the worky place and breakfast.  It was a new day with new ways.  Mommy fixed me breakfast and I just wagged my tail so fast when she was talking to me about last night.  We had our little prayer meeting and she put me back to bed for my morning nap.  Today, I am really, REALLY going to try to be good.  Wish me luck and think of me.  Mommy says that this weekend there will be lots of training.  I’m game. 


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Me and Mommy Time

Snort – how many people can fit on a love seat? The answer – that would be one mommy and one piggy named Bacon. There is no more room other than that.

At night time after dinner, I expect to have my mommy/piggy time on the loveseat. I wiggle up with mom on the sofa, we snuggle and watch television together. She rubs my back, my ears and tells me what a wonderful little piggy I am. It is strictly just “our” bonding time.

Sometimes though dad crosses the line and comes over into my territory. He knows better but he just wants to kick in to my action with mommy. Mommy took this video of daddy and I think it’s hilarious. Dad’s not doing anything but trying to love on me but it’s not piggy/daddy time – it’s piggy/mommy time. You get it?

Keep in mind, it’s all in fun. I would never hurt daddy, mommy or the purr things. I just miss mom so much during the day when she is at that worky place. I just want her all to myself for some loving. Dad takes it in good stride and doesn’t get upset. Thanks dad!



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Friday Love

This morning I just didn’t want to get out of bed.  I was all snuggled, comfortable and warm.  I even fell down on my job – “I” didn’t go off crying for my breakfast thus mom didn’t wake up at our usual time.  She had to come wake me up to eat which is very odd and doesn’t happen very often.  Mom told me that she hates it when I don’t wake her up.  Not that she’s mad because I didn’t get ‘her’ up but that it scares her when I don’t cry for breakfast.  She’s always afraid something might have happened to me in the middle of the night.  Sweet huh? 

She told me that we just had today to get through and then we would have snuggles this weekend.  I’m so glad because it’s been a long week here at the Hotel Thompson keeping dad and the purr things in line.  I so need a break.  I was all excited about this weekend until mom said the B word.  You know the B word – bath.  I’m not opposed.  I love a good bath once I’m in the water.  It’s just getting in the bath that gets me a little fussy.  Mom has to pick me up and put me in the tub and well my pot belly gets in the way sometimes.  Don’t worry, as you’ve seen I can jump out.  It’s just the jumping in part that bothers me.  And lately when mom gives me a bath in the tub, she throws in treats like carrots, celery or cheerios.  Hey, where there is food, I am so there!

I hope everyone has a fantastically long weekend.  Stay warm and loved –

XOXO – Bacon


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Snoring Piggy – LOL

Of course, leave it to my mommy to video tape something so personal – rolls piggy eyes.  She finds me fascinating, can you tell?  There I was minding my own business on the couch last night.  I had positioned myself around mom and had my snout warmly snugged on her legs.  There’s nothing like contact body heat.  I was a warm piggy and so content. 

Mom and dad were watching television and playing their respective iPads.  Mom thought she heard a noise outside and told dad to mute the television.  That’s when they heard it and the soft laughter began.  They didn’t want to wake me up because mom – always with her camera – started video taping the situation. 

Watch the video which mom has already blasted all over You Tube – thanks mom.  Shakes piggy head, absolutely NO privacy here at the Hotel Thompson.  You will see mom’s legs – ha back at you – how you feel now mommsy – Snort!  Bottom right hand corner you will notice my snout.  Make sure your volume is turned up.  Hope this brings a laugh to your day my friends.  Happy Friday!  Hogs and Kisses – Bacon 


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See – I Can Be Nice

20121227-081024.jpgI read this beautiful saying and looked at the picture and my little heart glowed. I know I talk about my brother, the purr thing Hemi, a lot. How he thinks he is in charge. How you have to bow down to Master Hemi or suffer the great wrath of him. How he slaps me on the butt with his huge hands. Well, you get the picture.

But on the toss side, I do have a heart. I do, at times, show a little love towards the purr things besides trying to eat them – I’m joking. They don’t taste anything like chicken at all 🙂 but they say I taste like ham – weird huh?

But over the long holiday weekend, I was actually feeling a lot of different feelings in my heart. I think I have finally found a peaceful in between in the household with the purr things. Me and Hemi have bonded… bonded to an unbelievable point in our lives. I could continue to explain it but I think it’s best to show you our new found bond. Well, I hope you are ready for this. I know it took mom back too. Okay, steady yourself… here it comes.


I know. I was as shocked as you were in seeing this. Mom said that he crawled right up on top of me which is highly unusual, snuggled down and started purring. I was so warm with his little body on top of me.  Mom said that we slept like this for over an hour.  She sat right beside us and watched us while she was watching television and doing stuff on her iPad.

So this proves without a shadow of a doubt that I do love my purr things.  I grew up with them and they are my family.  When mom adopted me at 3 weeks, she started mixing us together so we would get used to each other. 


Sometimes the purr things sneak into my room and we all get in bed together to watch my television shows.  I know – unbelievable isn’t it? 

Mom says that this second picture of me and Hemi, it actually looks like Hemi is hugging me.  I knew that little butt kicker loved me.  I don’t care what he says.  In fact, I think he likes my bankie as much as I do.  I’ll share it with him… for a while 🙂

Everyone have a wonderful Thursday.  Mom says that the end of the year is almost here.  Not really sure what that means yet.  I’m sure she will explain it more to me later. 

XOXO – Bacon


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Hey Lady – Snout Cold Here!


After breakfast in the morning, I have to snuggle with mom.  Yeah, part of it is a bonding ritual.  They other part is just simple, my snout is cold.  I usually put it right on mom’s thigh or behind her knee when we snuggle.  Yeah, she fusses a bit but it’s all in play.  Who doesn’t like a cold wet snout against their leg in the morning? 

I just look at it like I’m helping mom wake up.  She doesn’t fuss much and when she is, she’s laughing.  She’s the momma.  She doesn’t mind as long as her little pookie is happy.  Oh wow – I just channeled mom in saying that – LOL!



After it gets all warm and snuggly, I take my snout off of her and sleep.  She usually rubs my back and gives me a piggy massage to relax me.  You know, because I have a lot of stress in my life.  It’s a hard life as a pig.  You know, eat, sleep, poop, eat, sleep, pee, repeat.  It’s hard being this cute.


After I get all relaxed, mom puts me down for my morning nap in my room while she goes off to the worky place.  After she leaves, then daddy is on duty.  He takes care of me at Hotel Thompson while mom is gone during the day.  Isn’t that nice of him?




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Me and My Mom

I know – you’re probably saying to yourself, “Self, more pictures of that pig and his mother – geez.”. But, you gotta see how much I have her wrapped around my hooves. Snort

At night, it all about getting my love on with mom. When I’m not sleeping in her, she is usually holding me. Like this morning after breakfast, she laid back down before getting ready for work. (poor mom – she’s tired this morning). Well, I crawled up behind her and snuggled down in her shirt. She was warm and got me all snuggly sleepy too. 🙂

Yawn – well in going to finish up and take me a nap. Oink oink out.

Pictures are my mom holding me. Me warming up my snout in moms shirt and my what you looking at me picture.


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