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My Aunt Came for a Visit



So this past weekend, my Aunt Tina came home for a visit.  She lives near the the outskirts of Chicago in Illinois.  Right before she came home, they got a huge SNOW storm.  This is my cousin Sherlock Bones going outside to see snow and do his business.  First off, I can’t imagine snow this deep.  Heck, it’s hard for this little piggy to imagine snow period since I’ve never seen it.  Second off, thank goodness I have a wee-wee patch in my bedroom.  I just don’t see myself as a ‘going outside to tread through the snow to find grass to take a pee kind of oinker’.  I guess you could say that I’m a little spoiled like that.  Just a tiny bit.

So, Aunt Tina came home to get away from the cold and snow to find what?  Not snow but single digit cold.  PLOL (Piggy laughing out loud).  Way to go Mother Nature in turning a twist of bad luck.  It is funny though in one way evil twist of nature.  You see Aunt Tina used to live in Louisiana.  The only thing they had to worry about there were perhaps rain and hurricanes.  Now, well, I think this picture tells you everything Aunt Tina and her family think about this time of the year.



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