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Hemi Is Under The Weather

Poor Hemi –

He’s got the sneezes.  I’m not talking one or two achoo’s and that’s it.  I’m talking six to seven achoo’s at a time.  Other than that, he feels fine.  He’s been playing with me around the house and swatting my butt, as usual.  His veterinarian said it would pass but in the meantime he is driving me crazy with his spray of yucky cat snot. 

Mom and dad are tending to him and he is still sleeping with them at night in their bed.  I can hear him in there sneezing away.  And then a few minutes later, you will hear dad talk about his spray of yucky cat snot.  I do really feel for the little guy.  I even let him get on the couch with me and mom this weekend for snuggle time.  He actually slept on top of me for a while. 

See, I do have a big heart.  I feel for the little guy.  He may be the king of the Hotel Thompson but he is also my little friend.  I hope that he gets to feeling better really soon.  Then, we can really play throughout the house playing tag!



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