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Pigomon NO!

So here I am this past weekend listening to the news on television about this Pokemon Go craze.  I’m just shaking my head about some of the stupid things that people are ending up doing just to catch a Pokemon.  I don’t get it.  I really don’t.  I overheard mom/dad talking about the craze and they were just shaking their heads too.

So knowing that mom/dad thought it was crazy, I acted like any other kid in America.  I had to try it myself – snorts.  So mom put me to bed last night.  While she and dad were getting ready for bed, I downloaded the Pokemon Go app to my iPad.  Now this is where I have my first issue with Pokemon.  Why don’t you have animal players?  Why do you have to have either boy or girl.  Shame on you.

I finally settled with a boy and of course named myself BaconPigLove.  What else would I name myself, right?  So then I listened at my door intently waiting for mom/dad to go to bed.  In the meantime, I looked around my room.  Nope – Pokemon Monster Free just like I like it.  I snorted – stupid game.

Then I heard mom/dad walk down the hall – awesome.  Now was the time for me to make my move.  I silently pushed open my bedroom door and went down the hall holding my iPad.  Now I was so intent on getting to the doggy door that I didn’t see the stupid monster before I got right on top of him.  This stupid Rattata appeared out of nowhere.  And trust me friends, it’s just like it sounds – a stupid rat of some sorts that’s been eating too many science projects left in the fridge for too long. I didn’t know whether to squeal or take a snort or what.  So I flung this ball at it and it said I captured it.  Thank goodness because that thing could have carried Houdini off.  And speaking of which, I was trying to be quiet so I wouldn’t wake him up so he would yip-yap and give me away.

I got to the doggy door and scooted through… okay okay – I wedged my pudgy piggy butt through the door.  And then there I was in my magical backyard.  Surely, nothing would be found in my magical backyard.  I started walking around holding my iPad up looking for these supposed monsters.  Then I saw this thing happened on my iPad like something was jumping in a bunch of leaves. It was weird so of course I carried on towards it.  Slowly I tiptoed on my hooves and then this stupid bird like thing jumped out at me.  I think it said it’s name was Pidgey.  Trust me.  That’s not what I called it.  I caught it with my ball and scored some points.

By this time, I was deep in the woods.  Did I mention all by myself?  Then I saw the leaves moving again on my iPad.  This time it was further back in the woods near the tree line.  So again I tiptoed down the woods silent like the hunter I am – quit laughing.  I turned the corner and jumped out to get what only God knows was next.  That’s when this kid yelled louder than I was squealing.  OMP!  I peed on myself right there in *my* backyard… in *MY* woods and this kid was back there hunter Pokemon too. He yelled pig and I yelled kid and we both took off running in opposite directions.  Trust me it was so much easier getting back into the house through the doggy door.

I’m never going Pokemon hunting again…ever.


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I Snore – Surely You’re Joking

First off, I don’t think this is me.  It may look like my snout wrapped around mom’s legs but I have my doubts.  All I know is that I was comfortable with mom on the couch watching television.  The next morning I wake up and everyone is laughing about the great video daddy took.  I was mystified so I watched.  Me – snoring?  You’ve got to be kidding.  Do you think it’s me?  Judge for yourself and let me know what you think.


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I Be Running

20130409-084410.jpgComing out of hibernation can be so hard!  I can feel the warmer weather outside and it’s starting to make me a little frisky.  Last night, I ran and ran throughout the house.  I like to treat the halls and rooms at the Hotel Thompson as my personal play ground and exercise gym.

There’s always a method to my play time.  There’s a fuzzy blanket in my bedroom.  I have to go in there first and stretch said fuzzy blanket across the floor.  It’s a king size blanket and when I stretch it, it almost touches wall to wall – snort.  Then I have to go into the front room and take my king size Egyptian cotton sheet and stretch it out across the front room floor.  Then, it’s game time!

I run down the hall, do a lap around my room and high tail it back down the hall to the front room.  Once I’m in the front room, I do an about face and high tail it back down the hall to my bedroom and repeat the process.  I go back and forth and forth and back usually about five to six times.  Then when I’m tired, huffing and puffing, I jump and slide across my blanket rolling myself up in it.  I rest for a few and then repeat the process in my bedroom. 

Mom caught this picture above on my final tromp throughout the Hotel Thompson.  I was so tired that I threw myself down on the floor breathing like there was no tomorrow.  Mom actually thought I was going to have a little piggy heart attack.  She stretched out on the floor with me and started talking to me trying to calm me down.  I was talking to her too.  It’s hard coming out of hibernation from the winter!


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