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Happy Last Day of the Month


Today is the last day of September and the spooky month of October starts tomorrow.  I wanted to give you a heads up about October.  October is going to be a busy month for this little piggy.

I Skyped a witch and she even saw me in her crystal ball.  Even she knew I was up to something before mom and dad did.  You see,  I’m going to have 31 days of Spook on my blog.  I’m personally going to highlight scary movies, television shows, legends, monsters and other things that go bump in the night.  I might even quiz you on some of them so be prepared.  Start brushing up on your trivia.  I hope it will be fun for everyone.

So, happy last day of September my friends.  Welcome to Spooky October – Evil snort

And my friends, please feel free to share these stories of intrigue with your friends on your blog, Facebook and other social media.  And if you make it through the entire month with me, look for your Ghost Badge 2016 to share on your blog.


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Squeals – It Happened AGAIN!

Go ahead – ask – ask what happened again.  I bet you can’t guess.  Oh my pigs – squeals.

That’s right.  We got to talk to another blogville friend.  Someone that we have talked to for years but never via phone.  And it happened today!  And not only did we talk, we got to see them via Skype.  Okay – I know.  This little piggy needs to slow down and tell you WHO – snorts.

It was Michelle from Three Moggies.  And we got to see Archie and Oscar – squeals – they are ALL so adorable.  And talk about cute little accents.  It’s so neat that we got to see them and talk to them all the way in the United Kingdom.  It was the neatest Skype call.  Much love to Michelle and the gang.  We have to do it again really soon!

Now the question remains.  Who will be next?  Will it be you?


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Be Forewarned –

As you know,  mom/dad are leaving me going on vacation this Saturday.  The packing has started a little bit here/there for the beach adventure.  They have secured me a “pig sitter” – a beautiful person named Hannah.  All of the stars have lined up and they feel everything is fine.

But deep down in my pot belly, I just don’t feel so good.  There’s a weird butterfly feeling that keeps bugging me.  Maybe it’s mommy separation?  Mommy left me for a few days when I was around six weeks old but I’m two now.  It’s been a long time since we’ve been separated.  She says she will call and skype.  But, there’s that feeling in the depth of me belly. I can’t put my hoove on it.  It’s strange.

So friends, be forewarned.  I have some of you on speed email.  If a problem arises, you will hear from me.  I don’t want to worry mom/dad on their trip.  I just have a feeling.  Do you know what this feeling is?


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Bashful Has Met a Few Friends

That Bashful – he has really adapted to living at the Hotel Thompson. He has also learned how to use my laptop and get on Skype. His favorite past time these days is his little chat group that he belongs in called the Rock Clan. Rolls piggy eyes – he stays up late sometimes at night chatting along with them. But, he’s met a lot of friends and that’s good for the little booger.

This is Pinky Rock. When I tell you that she is definitely a girl, that is not lying. She talks and talks and talks and talks. And her laugh, OMP (Oh my pig), I tell you it can shatter glass. She is the reason that little Bashful now has a curfew at night to get off of the Skype and go to bed.

But on the other hand, she is a very sweet kid and very caring. She really is good with Bashful and listens to his constant banter.


And you know there is *always* that friend that knows everything. This is Einstien. He always has to put in his 2 cents worth on anything and everything.

Deep down, he is a good kid. He just needs to step back sometimes and listen more than telling advice.


This is Wolfy Rock. He’s just like your kid next door. He’s always willing to help Bashful with his homework and answer any kind of questions about growing up. He likes to play video games with Bashful too – they are constantly competing with each other.

They like to play Frogger, Donkey Kong and their favorite – Pac Man. Which is funny because some of the games are mom’s favorite as well. Cool, huh?



Then you know there is always that one rocker kid that you just shake your head at and wonder why. This is Rocker Rock.

She’s a little out there and looks scary but really has a heart of gold. Remember, it’s what is on the inside not the outside that matters.

So, you see I’ve had my hands full just a little bit lately with Bashful and monitoring his computer. He likes to push the buttons sometimes to see how far he can go.


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