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Tank vs Albert – The Results

Hello my friends.  Hope everyone had a most excellent weekend.  We all did here at the Hotel Thompson.  Us anipals got plenty of snuggles and rest.  Mom and dad completed the Tank vs Albert challenge and I’m here today with the results from them.  And just so you know, mom took daddy with her so that the results were not one-sided.  Do you think you know who won out in the competition of who is the most fun?  Do you think mommy gets treated differently when she drives the other vehicle?  You don’t have to wait any longer – here we go.

First up for the challenge – Tank.  Mom/dad went out riding in Tank on Saturday around the area.  Now, remember the challenge was to do the following:

  • Wave at two cars that are similar in make and see what people do.
  • Let two people in front of her at different times to see what people do.
  • Go through a drive thru and pay for the breakfast behind her to see what people do.

Mom saw another car right off similar to Tank on the boulevard.  She waved at the woman driver.  The woman driver did a double take as if who are you waving at.  So much for being friendly huh?  Later on, mom saw another car similar to Tank with another woman driver.  She waved.  The lady at least smiled at mom – no wave but a smile.

At a red light, there was a man coming out of a shopping center.  Mom stopped to let him out.  He came out like there was no tomorrow without even a glance back.  Later, another stop light and restaurant.  Mom waved to let the woman out.  Again, no acknowledgement.

Mom and dad then proceeded to a drive thru later on in the day.  The lady behind them was buying a Happy Meal for her child so mom decided to buy it for her.  Mom pulled up to see the woman’s reaction.  Nada.  Nothing.  Not even a wave of thank you.

Results in Tank – Okay not very friendly.  Mom did get a wave from another similar driver of a Chevrolet Equinox. Other than that, nothing.  How crappy huh?

Sunday, mom/dad decided to take out Albert for the test.  They drove in different areas than they did Tank the day before.  Now, Smart cars are harder to find on the roads here – not a lot of people have them so they had to really look.

After a while, mom spotted one like a great white in the ocean.  She moved towards it.  She didn’t even have to honk first – the guy did in his Smart car.  He beeped his horn and waved like crazy at mom.  Of course, she acted equally as crazy and waved back.

The next spotting was a two-for.  She was sitting at a light and a Smart car was coming out of a restaurant.  She not only let the Smart car out, but they waved like crazy, rolled down their window and shouted to mom, “We love your car!”  Go figure huh?

Later on in the day, mom/dad were sitting at another light and a car was coming out of a motel.  Mom motioned them.  Do you believe what they did – they waved and laughed.  Awesome!

Now the kicker – to do a drive thru and pay for someone’s meal behind them.  They hit the nearest drive thru, ordered their food and paid for the car behind them.  Mom pulled up a bit to see what would happen.  The car behind them pulled up, you could see the conversation taking place and then they started beeping their horn and waving.  SCORE!

So what does this challenge teach you… other than mom/dad have a lot of time on their hands to do random psychiatric testing on people that don’t even know it – snorts.  This challenge teaches you something that women have known for centuries – are you ready for this – SIZE MATTERS!  No really, think about it.  This works not only in cars but in real life with humans.  The smaller you are, the more accepting people are to you and go out of their way to be nicer.  You know it’s true.  It’s profiling at it’s basic power.  Think about it.   Until people accept that we are all individuals in all different shapes and sizes, this will continue.  Bullying is a powerful weapon that happens in all forms of life.  This is a time to make a stand my friends.



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Houdini’s Excuse For Everything!


Now Houdini has been here at the Hotel Thompson for almost a month now.  In that time, the sweet little chap has gotten just about all of us wrapped around his ever so tiny paws.  I mean really, could you say no to this 2 pound cutey?

I think not.  He is cute.  But with having a baby around the house, he does have a tendency to wear ALL of us out.  Yep, I said that.  Mom and dad both have been dragging in the past couple of weeks with the ‘new baby’ in the house.  They said they wouldn’t change it for the world.

 I’m not so sure –IMG_0612.JPG I need my beauty sleep – snorts.  But there’s one thing the little tyke has learned really quick here.  “If nobody sees me do it, then “I” didn’t do it.”  Yeah, right little man.  That only goes so far around these parts.  Don’t let his size fool you – he can be quite the little handful of trouble.

I think that’s why he has Grandma on speed dial with the house phone here – snorts!  Happy weekend my friends.


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HA! If You Thought *I* Was Big –

Now, compared to pigs and the miniature variety, I’m small.  I weigh a healthy 45 pounds.  Only small pigs at the Hotel Thompson – snort. 

Well, I was surfing the net last night cause mom and dad went out for a while.  I came across a pig that you can say is a big pig.  Are you ready for this?

Now, *THAT’s* a BIG pig.  I’m not sure if he would even be able to sit on my sofa with mom… or fit the hallways… or fit through the baby gate… or heck fit in my bed for that matter! 

My size is not too bad now is it?


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Snort – Not Anymore

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, I used to fit in this crate. LOL snort. I know. Not anymore! I have gotten a little bigger. My other crate in my room is like 5 times bigger than this… Thank goodness!

I didn’t really do much today. I was still a little full from yesterday. Not too full that I skipped any meals, but full. 🙂

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I’m Not Big – I’m Fun Size

Lot’s of people make comments that they think I’m big.  I’m not big.  I’m just fun size.  As you can see from this picture, I’m not that much bigger than my purr brother Hemi.  Mom refers to my size as that of a small dog.  I’m still manageable.  I only weigh 35 pounds.  That’s small compared to full size piggies – they can get way over 200 pounds!   As long as I can still jump and snuggle in mom’s arms, I’m never too big.  I still do this often.  I get all warm and cozy.  She pets my back and snuggles with me.  She tells me how much she loves me.  I’m 1 but I still like to have reassuarnce from my mommy.  How could you say no to this cute little face? 

So you see, compared in size, I’m still a cute little piglet. What do you think?




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