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31 Days of Spook – Devil’s Pool

Squeals!  I have another guest submission today from my Auntie Sharon who lives in Australia.  Oh my friends – this is definitely a scary one.  Will someone hold my hoof please?

An Australian Ghost Story.

Aussies are not known for their timid nature or of being easily scared. When you share your home and garden with flesh eating spiders and snakes that can kill in several minutes one tends to get a bit desensitized to the horror side of life.

However there is a place in Australia that the thought of gives me the creeps. There are signs every where advising people not to swim and even have signs with pictures showing how people could drown if they swim.

Alas some people seem to see the “do not swim” because you will get drowned or eaten as a challenge.

Which brings me to the many mysterious deaths at Devil’s pool. Wouldn’t you think a water hole called Devils Pool with signs everywhere would deter people from swimming there? No! People go there in droves and unfortunately, not every one leaves. There is talk of people drowning there WHO WERE NOT SWIMMING at the time??

This story goes way back to the story of our ancestors before European settlement and it seems Devil’s Pool is haunted by a young native girl called Oolana who lures young men to their death as she tries to find her lost love.

The story may or not be true but the drownings are very true.

Tell me, would you risk it a have a swim on a red hot day in this pool?



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John J Crapper

 Mom/dad went to a local restaurant last night.  Mom asked where the bathroom was and was shown this sign.  Oh dear piggy heavens.  Some people have a better sense of humor than us here at the Hotel Thompson – snorts!


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This is the *best* advice I have ever found on the internet.  I’m not sure where this sign is or who took the picture – whoever and wherever – this little oinker bows to you.  Way to go!!  I’ve always distrusted and disliked clowns. Shivers!


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I’ve Seen It ALL Now


Really – I’ve seen it all now.  We see missing posters throughout the neighborhoods and grocery markets all around us.  But this missing notice – it’s the tops.  I think it should be more like a BEWARE notice.  This could mean trouble.  I mean who are we gonna call if we see this missing person?  Snorts and rolls with laughter.  What is the funniest missing poster you have ever seen?IMG_0404.JPG


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Dear Bacon



 Dear Bacon,  My friends say I catch like a girl.  I don’t get it.  What would make them think that of me?   My owners are always throwing stuff at me.  I look at it as fun and games.  Do you like to play like this?  Signed Eeekkk

Dear Eeekk – Oh my friend.  I have no idea why your friends would say something like that about you.  I have no clue.  Your paws up in the air like that are just so darling – did that big bone get you by surprise?  Snorts.


20140717-071313-25993816.jpg Dear Bacon,  What?  I didn’t do this to the front room.  No sir I didn’t.  I walked in the front room and it was like this.  It wasn’t me.  Look closer at the picture – it was that flea ridden dog – he was the one that did this.  He is the one that is trying to frame sweet innocent little old me.  That’s the truth.  Cat’s honor.  Until they get paw prints taken, I am innocent my friend.  Signed Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Dear Innocent Until Proven Guilty, Well my friend I do see the pooch in question in the picture.  You do realize that technology is so advanced these days that they can take paw prints and saliva to figure out who did these things.  I’m just saying that if the dog did do it … cough cough… there would be some dog slobber somewhere.  If not, then things can get turned your way really fast.  So knowing this… perhaps you need to go and have a talk with poochie before the humans get home?  Just sayin’.

P.S.  Well played in your destruction.


Dear Bacon, I’m totally a rule breaker.  This sign says Keep Off.  Guess what?  I’m not down with that.  That sign was just begging for this little pug thug to get up on it and take a picture.  BAM!  That’s what I say.  Signed Thug Wanna Be.  P.S.  Can you help me off of here now?

Dear Thug Wanna Be, okay that’s almost too funny for words my talented little pooch.  I hope jumping up there didn’t stunt your genealogy line for the future.  I do admire your tenacity of breaking the rules.  You’re my kind of guy.  Don’t worry.  I called Triple A.  They should be out shortly to help you down from your pedestal gracefully… soon I hope.  Until then, can I get you anything?  Coffee, tea, blanket, pillow?


20140717-071312-25992592.jpgDear Bacon,  Everyone likes to play in the water… my asses aren’t any different.  Really, you should be getting your pool out and ready soon.  Have fun our little friend.  If you get a chance, come join us – there’s always room for more fun.  Signed Mommy Donk

Dear Mommy Donk, You know when I first read your comment I thought, “WOW, you really hate your kids.”  Then dad explained all to me.  Smiles and grins – love your play with words totally.  This oinker would love to join ya’ll the next time I’m in town.  Until then, keep playing and having the time of your lives!

Remember friends – Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU.  Please keep emailing your pictures and questions to me.  ❤


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Snorticles – Men Twerking

Yep – I said that and you read correctly – Men Twerking. I know my buddy Fozzie is going to laugh when she sees this sign that me and mom saw in our adventures.  Someone added a few letters and now men are twerking – snorticles and rolls around laughing.  I wonder if the guys knew why people were pointing and laughing at them as they drove by?  Maybe that explains why some of their pants were so low you could see sunset crack?  Maybe – just maybe – the guys were the ones that did this to the sign.  No Fozzie – it wasn’t me honestly.  Looks innocently around.  Really I was in the back of Albert, mom’s Smart car.  I wouldn’t do that. Snorts and squeals.



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Open House?

Sometimes you come across a sign that makes you go hhhmm, say what?  This is one of those times  Mommy drives by this cemetery on the way home from the worky place every day.  A while back, she got stuck in traffic right in front of it.  She looked over at the grounds, saw this sign and burst out into laughter.

She was able to snap this picture.  So, I have to ask.  “Open house” at the cemetery huh?  What exactly does that entail?  Do you serve ‘finger’ sandwiches?  Do you serve punch?  Is it like buying a condo/apartment or a house, do you get to try out the coffins and look at your surrounding resting place?  Do you get to meet your future fellow neighbors?

I know… I know.  Sometimes I take these things a little too far.  But, you know you are probably thinking the same thing.  Am I right?

P.S.  Please feel free to add your thoughts on what is going on at the “Open House”.



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