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Food Porn – To Twist or Not To Twist That is the Question

    Here in this picture we see shrimp pasta – does’t it look delicious?  This comes from one of mom/dad’s favorite restaurants called Red Lobster.  They just love their shrimp pasta.  They were sharing this dish and I was looking at it when it dawned on me about something.  Look closely at the picture and kind of lean your head to the left.  You see there are two forks.  Now let’s talk about techniques in the eating of pasta shall we.  I’ve learned that this is a treacherous position to take with some folks but I’m up for the piggy challenge.  Are you?

Now, personally, I would just chomp that fine looking shrimp pasta all down without coming up for air.  It looks great to me.  But humans, they use forks and manners which dad reminds me of often that I don’t have.  Hmmpphh – so says the man who burps the alphabet huh?

Dad believes in the fork straight down and twist to get all pasta in one giant happy scoop.  Mom is not a twist kind of person.  She believes in ‘cutting’ the pasta and then scooping it up to her awaiting mouth.  Why does she do this?  She says because as a child her dad would play tic-tac-toe with her on spaghetti night.  Come again mom?  Have you been drinking the vodka today already?

Really, she says that spaghetti night was hard for a kid to learn the twist thing.  So her dad would make a tic-tac-toe chart on her plate breaking up the spaghetti and ‘cutting’ it into the pattern.  He would then challenge her to the game and eating it.  Thus, this is why she cuts it.  Does that make sense?  A nearly fifty something still playing with her food.  And mom/dad fuss at me for playing with mine.  Some things are just not fair.

So the question is my friends – to twist or not to twist.






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