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Hello Cousin!

20130113-150618.jpgThis is my cousin, Sherlock Bones. He lives in Louisiana with my mom’s sister. Can you believe that only a couple of days separate us in age?

He loves his toys as well and sometimes his little squeaky toys don’t make it either. He’s going through a stage now where he likes to see them blow up all over the room. Don’t worry Sherlock – a couple of mine, as well as my beds, have done that in the past. It’s like snow everywhere – so festive! We enjoy the activity and the pretty stuff going all over but the humans not so much. Go figure. Maybe they need to try it before they so no. Just a thought.

Keep up the great work my cousin. Can’t wait to hear your latest tricks. Can you image if we lived closer what kind of turmoil we could get into? We need to hit up on some Facetime soon to discuss the possibilities.


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