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31 Days of Spook – Day 5

Hello my frightful spooks, ghosts, goblins and creatures of the night.   Count Baconula here –

Today for Day 5, let’s go down another road that I think will get your feathers all in a ruffle.  One word – sharks.  That puts the fear into you doesn’t it?  Sharks are scary.  They’re big.  You never know what they are up to.  They slide around in water.  And, they can probably eat most of us in one bite – gulp.  That’s scary.

So if you dare, check out this video.  I’ll think twice about hitting that slip and slide, washing the car, taking a bubble bath or getting in the water come summer time if I was you.

And just for a little bit of fun, why don’t you meet Shark Cat.  Shivers – I’d hate to meet him in the kitchen late at night with no lights on.  You?


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