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It’s ALL a Conspiracy Theory

That’s it!  I’ve totally figured it out my friends.  It’s *all* a conspiracy theory.  It really is.  I finally know after all these years.  I know I’m rambling but I get that way when I’m overly excited.  Okay – let me breathe.

Alright here it is – I’ll explain it to you.  Samsung has come out with a refrigerator that allows you to see inside of it without opening the door.  It’s kind of like a piggy porn movie.  No really it is.  I can see all of the lovely stuff inside but I’m stuck behind an iron gate and can’t get to it kind of situation.  But, it gets worse.  Some of these refrigerators allow you to access them from your cell phone to see what is inside of them.  Yep, no joke.  You are doing your grocery shopping and you are wondering, “Do we need eggs?”  You can access an app on your cell phone to look inside of your refrigerator to see how your egg status is.  Now what about that?  Scary huh?

It explains everything.  You still don’t get it?  Okay let’s further explore Samsung.  My television in my bedroom is Samsung.  It’s a flat screen.  Now let’s just think about Samsung.  If they now have the technology to put a camera in a refrigerator to check out what is in the refrigerator who is to say they didn’t have this type of technology years ago and was secretly testing it in televisions.  Hey it could happen.  I mean it really makes sense.  How else would mom know at times that I’m not asleep in my bedroom and I’m playing.  My Samsung television is secretly watching me, taking my pictures and sending them to mom’s cell phone.  I’m telling you her cell phone is powerful!  Because when I get up in the middle of the night, it’s like mom knows!  She always tells me, “Go back to sleep Bacon, no playing.”  How does she know?

Even better – daddy’s cell phone is a Samsung.  Now this is even scarier.  Sometimes mom leaves daddy what they call a honey do list during the day when she goes to the worky place.  At times mom calls home to ask daddy if he has done something.  Of course, he tries to snow her over and say yes.  But she always knows.  How is that possible?!  I do believe daddy’s Samsung cell phone is telling on us and what we do when mom is away.  It has to be.

So you see now you understand what I mean when I say it is all a conspiracy theory.  Samsung is out to get us all.  Do you have Samsung products in your household?  If so, now you know!   Personally, now I’m off to look for hidden cameras around the Hotel Thompson.  They have to be here – I just know it!


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