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Bacon and Nylablue Date Night

Date night *finally* got here this past weekend. I’ve been walking on a cloud every since my Nylablue at said she would go out with me. So much planning needed to be done. I wanted our first date to be something that she would always remember and dream about. My bud Speedy at graciously offered to help me out. I don’t know what I would have done without his help. I’ll tell you, for a little rabbit – he has some *super powers*!


Date night came quickly with all of this planning. Speedy jumped into his magic closet to travel and pick me up so we could flash to Canada to pick up my love. Let me tell you, traveling in buns magical closet was something in itself. Speedy is FAST. He picked me up like I didn’t weigh anything at all and we jumped in the tunnel. I closed my eyes so tight and the next thing I knew there we were in Canada. I should have put on my winter coat because it’s cold there! I don’t see how my love does it. But that’s okay, I’m here to keep her warm now ūüôā Introductions were made in real life with Nylablue’s mother, Sherri-Ellen. I promised to have our princess home at a decent time and not to tire her out too much. Then, we were off.


Speedy pulled the limousine around and picked us up in style. There’s nothing like a white stretch limo to make the girls swoon, huh? This one was fantastic! There was so much room for us inside to stretch out and partake in some of the goodies that Speedy had stocked up in the limo. Nothing but the best for my little Nylablue..



There was plenty of bottled water stocked and Speedy even remembered to stock some light snacks for us. There was tuna, crackers, shrimp balls and this fabulous aged cheese. It was all very delicious. But do you know what made it even more special? Having my sweet lady right there beside me to enjoy everything. We sat, snacked and talked about our lives while watching the landscape pass us by in the limousine windows. It was by far the highlight of my life so far. Nylablue stretched out on one of the seats and looked like the princess she is.


Our first stop in our magical journey was an ancient temple in Cambodia. You know I figured cats are curious and that Nylablue would love this. We all got out to investigate the temple and the grounds. It was like a magical moment trapped in time. Everything was so quiet and it was like just the three of us were the only ones left in the world. It had a very calming and healing effect I believe. I’ve never seen grass so green and believe it or not – it didn’t feel weird on my hooves which is something I normally hate. It was pigawesome. And Speedy, he was wonderful in telling us about other temples he had been to.


When we got done exploring, we went to the back of the temple and found a gorgeous lake. It was pure bliss that we all stretched out and let the warm sun rays envelope us. We stayed there for almost an hour in silence. No one really needed to say anything. We were all content and happy. We had each other, the sun and the beautiful day that we had been looking forward to so much. It was our little heaven. It was as close to perfect that we could ever plan.



After a while, my pot belly started to rumble. Darn that belly. But by that time Nylablue was started to get a little hungry as well. We decided to have a little picnic right there with the mountains in the background. Speedy had packed us a variety of different delights. There was a magnificent tuna spread, baked carrots, aged cheese and chicken. This was definitely the best picnic basket I’ve seen. We took turns trying different foods and yes we might have fed each other a bit. Some things need to remain at the temple ūüôā



Afterwards, we went walking in a field next to the lake that was filled with daisies and butterflies. Nylablue and I took turns chasing the butterflies and running through the daisies. It was an afternoon of carefree delight in doing nothing but having fun with each other. We even played tag for a while. Then we played hide and seek. Nylablue hid first and I asked her if I found her what would I get? She purred and meowed. I snorted, closed my eyes and started to count. All I can tell you is that I found her and a gentlepig never tells of his adventures. This was the best date of my entire life. So much so that I made my little Nylablue a video of our time together. I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed my day with her. And Speedy, thanks my man for helping us out with your talents. You are the best!


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Mom’s Birthday Lunch – WOW!

Today was a great and wonderful day for mom¬†with her birthday.¬† Daddy took her to one of their favorite restaurants called Fogo de Ch√£o¬†(pronounced fo-go d√®e¬†shoun) for lunch downtown Atlanta, Georgia.¬† This place is superdelicious¬†even from this oinker’s¬†point of view… not that *I* would know first hand.¬† For some reason, I don’t think they would be too accommodating for me to walk in and order lunch.¬† Then again.. they might if¬†*I* was lunch but that’s not going to happen okay! Snorts – I’ll just live vicariously through mom and dad with their fantastic lunch¬†date.


When you first get seated at your table, there is this round disc that is next to each plate.¬† Just like a stop light – flip it to green for “Come on Gauchos bring me some meat” or flip it to red for “Hold back cowboys – I need a moment” – snort.¬†

But, I’m getting way ahead of myself.



After you get settled and order your drinks, you can go visit their magnificent salad bar.¬† And trust me, I say salad bar but¬†mom and dad said it was a culinary experience.¬† There’s everything on that bar!¬† Aged parmesan, aged manchego¬†cheese, artichokes, fresh mozzarella, smoked salmon, shiitake¬†mushrooms, all kinds of different breads, potato salad, apple salad, tomato/cucumber salad and huge green and black olives.¬† Mom said they even had fried bacon strips on the salad bar.¬†I admit that this scared me for just a few minutes and had me shaking in my hooves.¬† Fried bacon – that would be me?!¬† But, mom calmed me down and explained that it wasn’t this type of piggy.¬† You know, the loveable, snuggable, huggable miniature pot bellied pig.¬† I’m not for eating – just loving ūüôā winks


After you get your fill of the ‘salad bar’, the wonderful gauchos will bring some awesome¬†side dishes to your table.¬† They include crispy polenta, garlic mashed potatoes and caramelized¬†bananas.¬† They also bring these delectable little cheesy rolls¬†they call¬†p√£o¬†de queijo to the table in little baskets.¬† Mom says they are heavenly.¬† She and dad went through THREE baskets of them.¬† I was shocked!¬† But, I told mom that it was her birthday and we *all* know that there are absolutely no¬†calories on one’s birthday, right?!¬† And I must admit, these rolls are out of this world.¬† Someone – looking around – brought this oinker¬†back one.¬† Now I understand why they had three baskets – oohh yummy!


Now it’s time to flip that little card to green and bring on the meat!¬† Gauchos start flocking to your table to carve meat right in front of you.¬† It’s amazing!¬† This is daddy getting one of his favorites called Picanha¬†(pronounced pea-CAN-ya).¬† Picanha¬†is top sirloin, so juicy that it literally almost melts in your mouth!¬† Daddy says it’s even better when there is a some ‘fat’ on the edges that are¬†caramelized from the heat of cooking over the fire.¬† They have all kinds of meat that are served.¬† They are:

  • Filet Mignon which dad says is THUD delicious – either bacon wrapped or without bacon
  • Beef Ancho (pronounced beef AN-cho) which is rib eye
  • Alcatra (pronounced al-CAT-ra) which is top sirloin
  • Fraldinha¬†(pronounced fral-DIN-ya) which is bottom sirloin
  • Cordeiro¬†(pronounced cor-DAY-roo) which is lamb.¬† You can get lamb chops or leg of lamb¬† Either way is succulent with a little bit of mint marinade on the side!
  • Frango¬†(pronounced FRAHN-go) which is chicken.¬† You can get chicken legs or bacon wrapped chicken breasts.
  • Costela¬†de Porco¬†(pronounced co-STELL-a gee PO-co) which is pork ribs.
  • Lombo¬†(pronounced LOM-bo) which is pork loin.¬† This is encrusted with parmesan cheese coating before roasting over an open flame.
  • Linguica¬†(pronounced lin-GWEE-sa) which is sausage.


And mom’s favorite is Costela¬†(pronounced co-STELL-a) which is beef ribs.¬† Mommy says this gaucho has the hardest job of all of the gauchos at the restaurant.¬† Not only does he have to carve the meat, he has to hold the cutting board as well.¬† That is some job – right?!¬† But mommy says it’s all worth it because the meat just melts in your mouth.¬† And, she loves the beef ribs with a side of horseradish sauce.¬† Yummy!





And then to top off the meal Рthey brought mommy birthday flan with happy birthday written on the plate.  So sweet, huh?  Mommy and daddy said it was so great Рnot too sweet.

So you see, mommy had a terrific birthday lunch.¬† I’m glad I could share the pictures and fun with you.¬† Mommy would be for some reason she is sleeping.¬† She said she ate too much – snorts.¬† The amateur – double snorts.


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