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Time to Decorate

We finally got everything together here at the Hotel Thompson and finished decorating for the holidays.  We don’t put up a tree here for obvious reasons – two purr things, a pig and a dog now.  That tree wouldn’t stand five minutes being decorated in our living room.  Trust me on that.  Between the purr things climbing it and exploring, the dog watering it and chewing on the bottom branches and well me – looks innocently – head bunting it, it would get tired and fall down to sleep.  I’m just saying and being realistic here.  It’s a good thing mom and dad agree.

So no tree here.  But don’t frown.  We have a Mickey Mouse lamp pole.  That fits in perfect here at the Hotel Thompson.  You know my mom LOVES that mouse with the gloves and we still get the pretty lights from the pole.  And the pole is sturdy.  I mean really sturdy like 20-25 pounds.  Hey, it’s gotta be sturdy to hold that huge Mickey Mouse head – snorts.


We also put out my stocking for Christmas.  What?  You think it’s too small?  I told mommy I needed a bigger one.  One can never be too big for all of the goodies that dear Santa might leave in my stocking.  You know – like fruits, vegetables, Gold Fish and Animal Crackers – snorts.

I just have to find the perfect place to hang my stocking.  For some reason, daddy says we can’t put it on the fireplace mantle this year.  Something about it pulling down on the mantle last year.  One heavy stocking and your scarred for life huh?  Bummer daddy.

So I have to find a place for my little stocking.  I’m thinking on the back of the front room door.  That would surely be a nice place to put it.  And also Santa won’t miss it, right?  What do you think.  Any suggestions?


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Time to Decorate


Okay friends – it’s time.  Let the decorating begin!  This is nana helping me get out my Christmas stocking to hang by the fireplace with care – snorts.  I’m thinking I might just need a bigger one this year.  I’ve been really, REALLY nice.  Heck, no naughty here for at least what the past couple of weeks 🙂

But seriously, it’s time to get things going – start making lists and visiting the big guy.  I wonder if I can go to the mall to get my picture taken with Santa Claus this year?  I’m going to have to ask mom about that.

Are you decorated yet?  Lights outside?  I’m thinking I need to do a runway with lights so he doesn’t miss me.  I wonder if I can get dad outside to do that for me?  Ohhh daddy ….

Have a great day my friends!  XOXO – Bacon


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