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8 Pictures of Happiness

Oh my friends – I have been so inspired by everyone posting their 8 Pictures of Happiness.  I thought I would *finally* join the bandwagon and share my 8 Pictures of Happiness.  I hope you enjoy them my friends 

1st Picture of Happiness

The purr things here at the Hotel Thompson.  Surprises you huh?  Well they do bring me happiness because we are all family, right?  And you gotta admit that this picture would make you smile and happy.  You see, those two purr things can be called more spoiled than this oinker.  Why do you ask?  Well look at them. They don’t thing they can drink from a regular bowl. Oh no, they have to partake at the fountain that mom likes to call the bathroom sink – snorts!

2nd Picture of Happiness

My mom/dad on the day they got married and was cutting their wedding cake.  Of all of the pictures from their special day, this is the one that I absolutely LOVE.  Aren’t they cute?  They had a beach themed wedding.  Their wedding cake was three tiered heart shaped with chocolate Godiva seashells all around the cake.  There was even ‘sand’ around the bottom in the form of brown sugar.  Dad says it was good that day and even a year later when they brought the top tier out of the freezer on their first anniversary 🙂

3rd Picture of Happiness –

This is the first day that I came home to the Hotel Thompson.  Me and mom’s first picture together.  I was three weeks old and weighed only ONE pound.  See my cute little snout?  When mom and dad first picked me up, believe it or not but mom had not seen me in person and had never held a piglet.  After my surrogate mom passed me to my mom, I crawled up to her neck, smelled it and went immediately to sleep.  My surrogate mom said that was a great sign.  I love laying on mom’s shoulders and smelling her neck.  You’ll see me do a lot of that in pictures,.Don’t you just recognize and love the smell of your human?  I can’t get enough!

4th Picture of Happiness

This is the very first picture that mommy ever saw of me that made her fall in love with me.  This was taken about a week after I was born on the farm with my real mom, Bertha, and my real dad, Champ.  My surrogate emailed it to mom and mom said it tugged at heart like no other.  Every since then, I’ve had mom wrapped around my little hooves.  What do you think?  Would you have fallen in love with me in this picture ❤

5th Picture of Happiness

Okay this picture is one of my mom’s all time favorites of me – me in the bathtub for bath time. Contrary to popular belief, piggies are actually very clean animals.  I don’t stink…partially because I don’t sweat – snorts.  Mommy does put her foot down though and makes me take a bath at least once a month.   She says to make me smell like a little powdered baby.  But I let her cause she likes those times.  In this picture, I was stomping around the tub and blowing bubbles in the water.  It was pretty fun.  Mom thought she was going to take some pictures and videos.  In the video, right towards the end I had enough.  That’s when I learned how to fly.  I jumped out of the tub.  Poor mommy, she didn’t know whether to drop her cell phone or catch me.  Hilarious keeping her on her toes.

6th Picture of Happiness

Me and my mom.  There is no place that I would rather be than in the arms of my mommy.  They are safe arms.  They are loving arms.  They make me feel protected and I love them.  In this picture, notice my face.  Daddy was trying to make me get down.  I don’t know why it was bothering him.  Me and mom were just fine and happy as could be.  It’s okay.  Daddy finally backed down and left us alone.  See, I can be as stubborn as… as… well as a pig.  There you go.  Snorts.

7th Picture of Happiness

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of moi.  I took it from the camera on my laptop.  It’s also here on my blog as my picture.  I was sitting there pounding on the keyboard and I took it.  It came out fabulous and I love it.  What do you think?  Do you like it too as one of your favorites?

8th Picture of Happiness

Another one of my piglet baby pictures – mommy holding me.  See, I was terribly small when I came to live with mom/dad here at the Hotel Thompson.  I was the runt of my litter and they didn’t think I was going to make it.  But look at me now – I made it!  Daddy says that for the first six months of my life, he didn’t know that I could even walk because mommy carried me everywhere.  Silly daddy.  Of course I had legs.  If I didn’t, I would be called ham – right?  Snorts with piggy laughter.

So there you are.  My eight pictures of happiness.  I hope you enjoyed them as well my friends.  ❤

Oh and squeals… maybe I should make this NINE pictures of happiness.  I almost forget about someone that I need to add.  Someone that does bring me happiness – especially when he’s not swinging from my piggy tail.  You guess it… Houdini.  He does bring a smile to my piggy face.  He’s so full of energy!  So here you go – 9th Picture of Happiness


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Bacon’s Show and Tell

YAY – Welcome to February’s Bacon’s Show and Tell.  This month my brother Easy suggested to share the story about the day you (or your humans) were born.  This time around, I’m going to talk about the day I was born.  Alright my friends, bundle up around the keyboard for an adventure.

“It was September 15, 2011.  My mom, Bertha, was in the barn in Bruxton, Georgia.  I remember the world being dark and then all of a sudden there was light. I felt hay underneath me and I could feel my mom.  Her tongue started lapping at me and when she did, I let out my first squeal.  I was the last born in what they call our liter.  That was my first thoughts of being in the real world.

As a couple of days passed, I realized that my mom had her hooves full with my brothers and sisters.  And those brothers and sisters, they looked so much bigger than me.  They bullied me around and I learned real quick last one that saddles up to breakfast is the loser.  And unfortunately my little piggy body didn’t have the strength as the others.

I remember the farmers coming in the barn and watching a lot for the first couple of days.  They would whisper and point at me so I knew they were discussing what would happen.  The lady farmer finally said she had enough and took me into what she called the big house.

The big house was awesome.  The lady farmer was so nice and would feed me with a bottle some mushy stuff.  I assure you – this kind of service was a lot better than fighting with my siblings for the breakfast buffet with mom.  As the days passed, they said I got stronger and stronger.  I even adapted to living indoors and being held.  At that time, I even thought I had it made.

But everyday the farmers would come in and say that my siblings were being adopted out to families.  All except for me.  They kept calling me a runt.  I wasn’t sure what that was but sometimes it didn’t feel like it was a good thing.  The lady farmer kept saying there would be a day that my forever family would come for me too.  We just couldn’t give up hope.

Then one day, the lady farmer got a phone call.  It was some woman inquiring about piggies.  The lady farmer told the woman they only had one left that was a runt – but the piggy was so cute and loving – but looking for their forever home.  The woman asked the lady farmer to send her a picture and she did.  A short time later, the woman called back and I could hear her voice and how she oohheed and awweed over the picture.  After they hung up, the lady farmer told me that my forever family was coming for me the next day.  Who would have thought?!  I was the last to be born and the last to be adopted but I was going to have a family too.  But then I stopped with the excitement.  What if they didn’t like me?  What if I didn’t like them?

I hardly slept at all that night – part in anticipation and part regretting having to leave my first home.  Then, the moment came.  The woman on the phone showed up and I recognized her voice.  OMP!  As soon as I saw her, I was in love.  The lady farmer showed her how to hold me.  Once I was in her hands – it was like heaven and coming home.  I crawled up to her neck, breathed in a deep smell of her and gently went to sleep.  The lady farmer told my new mommy that meant I loved her.  And, we have never looked back again.


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I Can’t Do That Again For A While

 WOW – Big mistake.  I just can’t do this again for a while.  Yesterday while mom was off from the worky place, she let me pick the movie for movie night.  I know we’ve seen this I can’t tell you – a hundred times.  But, it *never* gets old… until yesterday.  You talk about crying.  Mommy started crying on the couch, I started whimpering and dad just had no clue.  This movie really movies us.

Charlotte’s Web was written by E.B. White and published in 1952. I picked the Dakota Fanning movie to watch yesterday.  WOW – I can so see myself in that movie.  The movie starts off with a mommy piggy having babies.  There is a runt – swallow – that the farmer doesn’t believe is going to make it so he is going to slaughter him until his daughter Fern adopts the little runt and names him Wilbur.  See, I was a runt.  What if they had done this to me?  I’m so glad mommy adopted me early in my life.

Wilbur grows up quickly and Fern has to let him go to live across the street in the barn at the Zuckerman farm, which is Fern’s uncle.  Little Wilbur is so alone and no one wants anything to do with him.  That is, until he hears a voice.  A kind and sweet voice from above.  Wilbur learns that the voice is actually Charlotte A. Cavatica (Charlotte for short) who is a spider.  They begin a friendship and some of the other barn animals let it out that a spring pig doesn’t get to see the winter snow.  Wilburn learns that his ultimate escape from being slaughtered at birth is something that is coming back to haunt him once again.

Charlotte comes up with a plan to write words in her web to show how much of a special pig Wilbur really is.  Charlotte gets Templeton (the barnyard rat) to help her out by gathering inspiration for messages in her webs.  This all leads to Wilbur being entered into the county fair in hopes of winning so he won’t be – gulp – slaughtered.  Charlotte and Templeton go with Wilbur to the fair and Charlotte does another amazing web.

This is the tear jerker part.  Charlotte is carrying babies.  She does this one last thing for Wilbur because she promised to help him.  She crawls up in the rafters and lays her egg sac which has her unborn off spring.  She dies and it’s up to Wilbur and Templeton to get the babies and bring them back to the barn.  OMP (oh my pig).  I’m crying as I type this.

 Wilbur is spared being slaughtered but is so disheartened at the loss of his great friend Charlotte.  As time goes by, the babies hatch from their egg sac – 100’s of them.  They all fly away except for three that are named Joy, Nellie and Aranea.  The movie leaves off with Wilbur telling them about their wonderful mother Charlotte. my friends.  This movie is so touching.  One of my favorites.

Can you imagine if I had a Charlotte in my life?  What would she write about me?  What would you write about me to save my life?  These things went through my mind and I just cried.

Mommy said she would write “Some Bacon” in her web for me.  aaww – very sweet.




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Down Memory Lane…

I’ve gotten some new fans lately that haven’t seen the cute little ole me from way back when 10 months ago.  Isn’t it funny how time flies by so quickly?  This is a picture of me when I was around 5 weeks old.  So small but yet so powerful in the cute department.  I was a little tyke.  I came to live with my adopted mom when I was only a mere 3 weeks old.  I was a runt having to be bottle fed and since mom had history in that department, they let me adopt her.  It was the best decision in our lives.  I didn’t find just a home.  I found an overwhelming pot full of love at the end of my rainbow.  Who says dreams can’t come true?



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