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I Be Running – Flashback

See, when I was younger (snort – like it’s been that long ago), I used to run around the house chasing the purr thing Hemi.  I still have my moments but these were the days running loose and fancy free around the Hotel Thompson barking at everything.  Hemi and I actually play chase up and down the hall.  He has an edge over me cause he can jump on the furniture and swing off the ceiling fans.  My pot belly denies me this but I do have the speed.  Hope you enjoy the memories.  Be sure to let me know what you think.  Hogs and snout kisses – Bacon.


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Piggy Down

Sometimes a pig just has to do what a pig has to do – land and take a little siesta. This little pig was running around so much playing… and getting into things as mommy added… that I got totally piggy exhausted. I think mommy said I slept a good solid hour. I was sleeping so hard at one time that she said she got on the floor with me to check my breathing. I was fine. I was just tired.

I kind of like the angle that mom used to take this picture too. It doesn’t show all of my great fat rolls and actually makes me look like a skinny piggy. Yep, I think I might use this picture for our Christmas cards here this year at the Hotel Thompson. Way to go mom.

And I know you are just wondering what kind of trouble I got into, right? Well, you know us pigs. We are really intellectual and learn things really fast. While mommy was cleaning up my bedroom, I learned how to open up the piggy gate that separates the front room and the kitchen. 🙂 two points for this oinker. I was able to roam freely into the kitchen, go up to the big ice box that keeps the food and open the freezer which is on the bottom. I was stumped after that though. All the food was frozen! What’s up with that? Why can’t mommy have the freezer on top and the good food on the bottom where “I” can get it? Then, I could fix my own snacks. Wouldn’t that be great? Darn – mom didn’t go for it either.


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Tired Bacon – Sleeping Bacon

Last night I played hard.  I mean really, REALLY hard.  After dinner, I ran through the Hotel Thompson like it was on fire!  Up and down the halls, through my room, the frontroom and even the kitchen.  I was running so hard that I was leaving skid marks and running into walls.  It happens at times.  I had to flex my piggy muscles and run like the wind.

Afterwards, I pulled my king size Egyptian blankie to the front room, in front of the couch where mom was and stretched out on it.  I had to be near mom because you know that way she could pet me and scratch my back.  It makes me feel good to know that she is close.



Mom was laughing at me running through the front room like a cannon ball.  When I tell you it tired me out – I’m not lying!  I think I stayed there on my special sheet for over an hour.  Of course, it didn’t hurt that mom was loving on me 🙂

Can you tell that I was tired from this last picture?  The look in my eyes should tell you everything – I was bushed!  I didn’t even stay up long enough to hear my bedtime story from mom.  That’s tired!


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I Absolutely Knew It Could Happen!

I’ve been researching the internet high and low for a certain something.  I *knew* it existed and I *knew* it could happen.  I know from personal experience that with enough thrust and run from my bedroom to the kitchen, I almost sprout wings and fly.  Really, it’s possible.  Pigs “can” fly.  You still don’t believe me, do you? 

Well, I guess the proof is in the picture.  Heck, this little fella is even flying over the water.  That would make landing a little easier, right?

See, pigs can fly.  So you know the old saying, “When pigs fly…”, well, you can scratch that one – snort oink oink.



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I Be Running

20130409-084410.jpgComing out of hibernation can be so hard!  I can feel the warmer weather outside and it’s starting to make me a little frisky.  Last night, I ran and ran throughout the house.  I like to treat the halls and rooms at the Hotel Thompson as my personal play ground and exercise gym.

There’s always a method to my play time.  There’s a fuzzy blanket in my bedroom.  I have to go in there first and stretch said fuzzy blanket across the floor.  It’s a king size blanket and when I stretch it, it almost touches wall to wall – snort.  Then I have to go into the front room and take my king size Egyptian cotton sheet and stretch it out across the front room floor.  Then, it’s game time!

I run down the hall, do a lap around my room and high tail it back down the hall to the front room.  Once I’m in the front room, I do an about face and high tail it back down the hall to my bedroom and repeat the process.  I go back and forth and forth and back usually about five to six times.  Then when I’m tired, huffing and puffing, I jump and slide across my blanket rolling myself up in it.  I rest for a few and then repeat the process in my bedroom. 

Mom caught this picture above on my final tromp throughout the Hotel Thompson.  I was so tired that I threw myself down on the floor breathing like there was no tomorrow.  Mom actually thought I was going to have a little piggy heart attack.  She stretched out on the floor with me and started talking to me trying to calm me down.  I was talking to her too.  It’s hard coming out of hibernation from the winter!


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Snort – I’m *ALMOST* Like This


I saw this picture on the net and started snorting and chuckling to myself. It reminded me of someone. I was really thinking about who it was and couldn’t put a hoove on it. And then it all came back to me.

Yeah, that’s *almost* how I act when I hear mom starting to pop popcorn on the stove. Usually, she sneaks in the kitchen when I’m in my room hanging out and watching television.

I’ll hear the pan go on the stove.

I’ll hear the kernels hit the bottom of the pan and the shaking commences.

That’s the part where I burn rubber out of my room, down the hall and fly into the kitchen.

I love – I can’t stress this enough – LOVE popcorn. Mom took this picture of me not too long ago. I thought I would share with you.

What do you know – it’s Friday. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get some of that wonderful popcorn tonight.

Enjoy – XOXO – Bacon


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I Be Running – Flashback

See, when I was younger (snort – like it’s been that long ago), I used to run around the house chasing the purr thing Hemi.  I still have my moments but these were the days running loose and fancy free around the Hotel Thompson barking at everything.  Hemi and I actually play chase up and down the hall.  He has an edge over me cause he can jump on the furniture and swing off the ceiling fans.  My pot belly denies me this but I do have the speed.  Hope you enjoy the memories.  Be sure to let me know what you think.  Hogs and Kisses – Bacon.


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Weekend Fun

20121105-070438.jpgThis past weekend was a blast.  I spent most of it curled up on the couch with mom watching television.  One time, we both fell asleep and dad laughed.  He said he didn’t know which one of us snores the loudest.  It was so funny!

I also played around a lot with my toys, even my human toy called mom.  I would walk up to her and touch her legs with my snout wagging my little tail.  She would talk to me, “Bacon, you want to play?”  She would then get up and chase me down the hall.  I would chase her back up the hall from my bedroom.  We would do this for long periods of time.  So much so, that we would crash together on the couch and take a little rest.  Then, we would do it all again running up and down the hall.  She’s a lot of fun like that.  Even the cats were trying to crash in on my fun times.  They were running with us playing tag.  She’s the best mom!

Mom and dad went out a lot on Saturday doing what they called grocery shopping.  I think they were filling up the ice box where they keep my food.  I like that.  Food makes my happy so they can go shopping like this anytime.  I stayed in my room and was a good piggy waiting for them to come back home. 

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?  It was beautiful here this weekend as well.  Mom said it was somewhere in the 70’s.  That beats the cold nights we’ve been having. 

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Running – I Be Running!

Last night was a great night.  Every once in a while, this wildness comes up in me and I have to run.  I run through the house like a mad pig.  Up and down the hall, through the front  room, throughout my room and if I’m lucky, the purr things will play tag with me.  Mom was on the phone last night talking to Nana and I started up.  Nana got to hear me ‘barking’ and running through the house.  I went on for a solid five minutes!  That’s a lot for me.  This is definitely not the body of a runner but when I get going I have enough thrust that I think I could almost fly!

After I get done running, I’m usually so exhausted.  Normally, I will jump up on the couch with mom and stretch out to sleep while she pets my belly and rubs my back.  Last night was no exception.  Mom was ready for me.  I cuddled up beside her, stuck my body under my blankie and dozed off watching television.  Mom stayed with me the entire time.  I feel safe and comfortable when she does that.  As long as she sits with me, I will stay right there the entire time.  Only exception is when I have to go potty.  Then I usually go and then come right back.  Here lately, mom has been letting me stay up with her until she goes to bed for the night.  I love it when she does this.  I’m getting older.  My bed time should be later now.  Don’t you agree? 

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Me and the Purr Things – Is it Friendship?

20120716-003207.jpgA lot of people often ask mom and dad if I get along with my purr things, Hemi and Mouse Girl.  Of course I do.  Snort

Now, Mouse Girl, she’s the only girl in the house besides mom.  She is a little princess in daddy’s eyes.  I mean come on, what little girl isn’t you know.  She does no wrong.  But let me tell you something about Princess Poo Poo, she has an evil streak.  Dad may not see it but I have.  We pick on her but believe me, she gets even and 9 times out of 10, she gets away with it because no one thinks she would do anything like that.  But I know.  I have her ticket.  Uh huh – I sure do. 

Now, Hemi, he’s in the picture with me above.  We are playmates.  Hemi likes to play what he calls tag.  He will slap me in the hiney with  his huge hemingway paw and trust me, that extra digit matters.  It hurts on my fanny.  One time, he slapped me across the face.  He hit so hard, I shook my head.  That’s a powerful slap friend.  After he slaps me, he then runs away and I chase him.  This goes back and forth for hours.  We run all through the house, down the halls, in my bedroom, across my bed, everywhere!  We’re just playing.  You’ll find us sometimes curled up sleeping together.  Us men have to stand together. 

So, yeah, we get along just fine for the most part.  We’re running buds.  Me and Hemi, we’re just thinking of ways to take over the household for good.  We’ll keep you posted on how that works out for us.  🙂


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