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We May Have a Problem

This morning started off normal.  I got mom up for breakfast like I do around 6:30AM.  I ate and mom she was a little different.  She didn’t fix her cereal and eat with me.  That was odd.  Then it happened.  Mom went into the fridge to get cream for her milk.  That’s what started the uh-oh we have a problem situation.  Instead of putting milk into her coffee, she put orange juice in it.  I tried to tell her but she had her eyes closed.  Very strange.  But don’t worry.  Once she tasted that coffee, they opened up pretty quickly.

Then, after she remade her coffee, we went into the front room to cuddle and watch the morning news.  Usually we do this for about 20-30 minutes before she starts to get ready for work.  But today, mom fell asleep.  Okay – don’t fuss.  I fell asleep too.

So there we were, asleep on the sofa.  All peaceful.  Dad was asleep in the bedroom still.  We were all in sleepy land until this awful ringing started.  It was mom’s personal cell phone.  She got up to get it and in her dazed state, she answered by saying the name of her work.  Snorts.  It then dawned on her where she was.  Assure me that your humans have done this too.

Thankfully mom’s cell phone rung because it was now after 8:00 AM and mommy has to be at the worky place at 9:00 AM.  WOW – talk about a race with the clock.  I’m not sure I have ever seen mommy move this fast.  She raced to the bathroom for her shower and I went and got daddy up.

Getting daddy up is always a treat for me.  Just imagine and let me paint you the picture.  Your asleep in your bed, snoring and dreaming of delightful things.  All of a sudden a little pig walks into your room snorting.  I walk over to the side of your bed in full force bunting you with my snout and pulling at your blankets.  Yeah, I know.  Snorts – it’s not dad’s favorite way to wake up.  He kept asking me why I was still up?  Cause you see, after breakfast mommy usually puts me back down in my room for a early morning nap.  With me getting daddy up, he knew something was wrong.

He put me down, mom raced out of the bathroom like she was on fire and sat at her vanity.  The next thing we knew, mom the tornado left for work.

But I’m telling you.  We may have a problem with mom at work.  She didn’t start off too well this morning.  I just bet you that she is working really, REALLY hard right now at her desk – NOT.



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