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My Typical Day at Hotel Thompson, Part II

Continuation about my life at Hotel Thompson. I hope you are enjoying this so far!

  • 5:30PM – HAPPY TIME! I can hear mom’s Smart car pull up in the driveway and I come running into the front room to greet her at the door. Before she even puts down her purse, she bends over and scratches my head. I talk to her all chatty and follow her around the house like a puppy. Daddy is always telling us that Mary had a little lamb but mommy has a piggy! I’m so excited that my mommy is home. I rub up against her legs and lick her ankles. I wait patiently for her outside of her bedroom door while she changes into fun clothes. Then we go into the kitchen together where she starts dinner and puts my plate together. I always have piggy chow and a salad. After I eat, I come back into the kitchen to be mom’s piggy sous chef. This is my favorite time of the day! Whatever mom is fixing for her and daddy to eat, she always gives me a taste. Hey, someone has to be the official taster at the Hotel Thompson. I have her trained now that I can open my mouth and she will pop some delectable in there for me to try.
  • 6:00-6:15PM – I go to my room for meditation. I do the downward pig position and chant to get in touch with my spiritual side and distress. You ask yourself what a pig has to be stressed out about. See, nothing because I distress every day. During my meditation time, mom and dad eat their dinner together.
  • 7:00PM – After I get done with my mediation, I come out and help supervise mom washing the dishes and putting things away. I sit on the kitchen floor and watch her. Sometimes, I go in and out of her legs swishing against her ankles while she washes the dishes. I’ve seen the purr things do that and I thought it was funny. I’ve been doing here and there because it seems to please mommy. When she gets done cleaning the kitchen, she cuts me up a banana or an apple for my bedtime snack. Isn’t she the best?
  • 8:00PM – After I eat my snack, I jump on the couch to sit with my mommy. Sometimes, she brushes me or she gives me a piggy massage all over my back. I love these! Other times, she rubs my belly while I watch television with her. She will usually check her mail, messages and Facebook page while we watch television together. Daddy usually plays Angry Birds on his iPad. Sometimes I can sneak dad’s iPad away and blog. Other times, I have to wait until I go to bed to get on my laptop in bedroom. I don’t know about you but I love to blog while I’m watching my television lying in my bed. It’s so comfy!
  • 9:00-9:30PM – This is what time I usually go to bed. Mom tells me it’s time to go get ready for bedtime and she also gets ready for bed. She then meets me in my room. She picks up my toys and puts them in the toy box. Sometimes I help her. She puts my bed together and we sit on the floor. She tells me a story from one of my story books or she sings to me. Sometimes we even watch a short cartoon from my Netflix account. It just depends on how tired I am. Mom also hides food around my room. This is so much fun! She lets me go around the room rooting for snacks in the middle of the night if I can’t sleep. See, even when she is sleeping she is thinking about me. You gotta love that woman for that! I have the bestest mommy.

This ends the day and repeats all over the next day. The weekends may change up a little because mom and dad have to run errands but it’s basically the same. On the weekends, I also try to help mom clean up the house and do laundry. I’m great at folding clothes, especially when they come straight out of the dryer.

There you go – a life in the day of Bacon. All you ever wanted to know about me, the miniature pot bellied pig at the Hotel Thompson.

Hogs and Kisses – love you


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Routine Interrupted

Yes, I have my routine in the morning.  During the week, I wake mom up for work.  She gets up, fixes my breakfast and I eat it.  I do my business and then it’s snuggle time with mom.  I consider this ‘our’ time… just us.  We watch the morning news together, she rubs my tummy and I snore.  We’ve been doing this for almost 11 months now.  It’s *my* routine during the week.  I always wake up with mommy. 

This morning, dad got up with mom.  Shaking my head.  He just doesn’t get the routine.  He delayed mom in getting my breakfast because he was in the kitchen.  Mom can’t shut the kitchen gate until he gets out or he gets stuck in there… which might I add would have been a good thing this morning.  Mom late with my breakfast doesn’t set well with me.  I’m pig headed about that.  He finally got out and shut the gate. 

Mom went to get me and when I came flying down the hall to my feed mat dad was in the hallway.  He almost got mowed down by this little pig doing 90 in the hallway.  He fussed.  Get over it – you’re not suppose to be in the hall dad.  snort

I ate my breakfast, did my business and came back into the front room looking for my mom to be on the couch waiting for me for our snuggle time.  She wasn’t there.  I looked around and dad had her attention fixing his breakfast.  What is this?!  She finally got to me for our time. 

But hey what’s this on television?  It’s not our normal news.  Dad is watching something he wanted to look at.  And, instead of me snuggling with mom for our normal 30 minutes, it was cut to like 20 minutes because she was running late for work.  Running late for work why do you ask?  Because our routine got side swiped.  Sigh – it’s going to be a rough day for old pops…. off to make plans for him now.  🙂

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