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Bar Dog Can Talk


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Sorry We Are Staying In the Rest of the Day

 There you are, on your way out the front door to run some errands or go to dinner.  You drop your keys on the ground.  You look down to retrieve them.  That’s when you see your new best friend that wants to say hello.  What do you do?  Personally, my little oinker butt can’t get back into the safety confines of the Hotel Thompson fast enough – Mr. Snake can have the car keys.  Oh what’s that mom?  The house key is on the chain too?  Snorts.  The top of the house sure looks like a great waiting spot then.  Don’t tell me piggies can’t climb.  What would YOU do my friends?  Anyone want me to save them a spot next to me on the roof?


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Goats on a Roof

IMG_0034.JPG No my friends.  You did not read that wrong – Goats on a Roof is a real place – snorts.  I can say for one time that it doesn’t say Pigs on a Roof – shivers.  If it did, mom would have me on a side show – double snorts.

This past weekend, mom/dad took a day trip to the mountains.  They have seen this place in Tiger, Georgia so many times in the past but have never stopped to check it out.  They decided to stop and that’s when the comedy started… well we are talking about my mom/dad.  There’s always comedy when those two go out unchaperoned.

First they pulled in and saw this sign to the left, “Old Farts Parking”.  Since mommy had daddy in the car, she parked there – HA!  Now just to show you that I’m serious about this actually being an establishment, I’m going to link their web page here.  Check it out – then you will know I’m telling you the truth.


Now you are probably asking yourself, “Self, why are there goats on the roof?”  And I’m glad you are talking to yourself and wondering… and that you are not getting answers because then that would be just scary.  Supposedly Rabun County’s goat whisperer Uncle Buck talked to the goats once upon a time.  They believe… come closer I don’t want to say it too loud… they are descendants of Aliens.  What?!  Really?!  Aliens?  Okay.  Sure… walks away slowly from the goats.

When you are at this business, you can even feed the alien goats some goat chow.  After buying some of course, you walk up some stairs where there is a little pulley system rigged up.  You put the goat chow in a bucket and then pull the pulley system until it gets to the other side of the building where the alien goats are waiting ever so patiently for their mother ship of the goat universe to come down (their words not mine – snorts).  The bucket dips and the goats get their food.  Yay!  Something to keep them occupied until the next “mother ship” makes it back.

IMG_0056.JPGNow, it’s a neat place to go and visit.  Mom even got to try some delicious food that you just won’t believe until you see the pictures.  The pictures will be on her blog here today as well.  Good tag team today between me and mom huh?

Now here’s something that is crazy.  Mommy snapped this picture to the left – notice the two goats on top of the building.  As soon as she finished, one of the goats fell off – WHAT!?  I’m not sure if the other goat pushed it, it tried to bungee jump or an invisible alien came down to visit.  But the goat fell off the building onto the ground.  Now the place is called GOAT on the Roof.

Snorts.  No really the goat is fine.  He got up, brushed himself off, looked around and then started begging for more food.Goat is good.



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Awesome – More House Problems?

WOW friends – you’re not going to believe this.  I guess we are having problems with the roof again.  Mommy set up a pole in her bedroom.  I guess she thinks the roof will cave in or something. 



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What Goes Up Must Come Down


Let’s all remember a very important thing in life.  What goes up, must come down.  It’s hard life lesson to learn.  Remember a while back and I was talking about the leak at the Hotel Thompson and having to call a contractor to look at the roof?  Well, we found out what caused the leak.  You might just be as surprised as we were.  Are you sitting down?  It was a bullet.  Let’s just leave it at WTP (What the Pig?!)  I can’t repeat what daddy said when he was told.  Apparently, someone thought it would be just fun and giggles to shoot a gun up in the air.  Thus, what goes up, must come down.  This is so very dangerous!  And the bullet came down on our house and caused a leak right over where daddy sits and watches television.  Do you know how frightened we all were when we learned this?  And, our neighborhood is not bad – it was just one of those times where people thought they would celebrate by shooting up in the sky, probably around New Years or the Fourth of July.  We can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened but once is enough okay.

I know this picture above looks like a horrid roof but it’s only 10 years old and was ‘suppose’ to be a 20 year roof.  One thing is that we live in the south and moisture will always be a problem here.  It gets muggy and yuck in the Summer – I’m not a big fan of that season.  I prefer cooler months, you?

Well, the contractor spoke to mom about what she wanted as to replace everything.  Of course, daddy laughed and said mommy has what did he say – expensive tastes.  But then again mommy said she wanted what she wanted the end of discussion – snorts – way to go mommy for putting her hoove down.  So everything was ordered and dad coughed up the checkbook.

A couple of days later, two pallets of 30 YEAR shingles architectural design showed up along with ridge material, felt and massive piles of wood for the new decking.  I in my little piggy life have never seen so much action in the front of the Hotel Thompson when the big truck unloaded all of this.  I just stood in front of the storm door and watched in amazement.  The ‘beeping’ of the big truck backing up was was hilarious.  I tried backing up and snorting but it didn’t seem the same.

Then the next day, this HUGE big metal box like thingy was dropped off in our driveway.  Mommy had to move the cars so they could get it there.  It was massive and empty.  It looked kind of mysterious but mom said to watch and see the next day to find out what it was.

Finally the third day early in the morning, it seemed like an entire village showed up at the Hotel Thompson.  There were so many people and I wanted to watch.  Dad locked the storm door so I could sit in front of it and watch.  It was amazing!  Daddy said they were going to ‘raise the roof”.  I didn’t understand that then until I watched

20130716-101756.jpg  And when I say, I mean from 9AM until 6PM that night.  When mommy came home from the worky place, this is what she came home to.  Insert angelic music here – it was astonishing.  What a difference!  Mommy says that it makes the house seem so much bigger.  I personally think that it makes the house look entirely different.

But of course, she wasn’t home during the day when the ‘village’ was working on the roof.  Honestly, it sounded like a herd of elephants tap dancing on the roof.  And I admit, it scared me the first couple of times when they sent the shingles up the ladder and dropped them on the roof… or when they scraped all of the old roof off into the dumpster thingy… or when they pulled up all of the old decking and then replaced it.  I might have squealed a couple of times and ran to my room… but I wasn’t scared.  I’m a big pig.  Now the purr things – that’s another story.  They were scared.  They went straight to mom/dad’s room and hung out under the bed all day.  I think I saw them come out maybe a couple of times while the work was taking place.


But it was a long day.  In fact, when mommy came home, daddy actually told her ‘he’ had a headache.  I found this strange because mommy is usually the one telling daddy that.  Daddy said he especially had a headache when he coughed up the checkbook again for the final payment.  Poor daddy.

But doesn’t it look fantastic?  And mom, she’s already talking about siding around the front eaves of the house, taking down the Mickey Mouses (oh no!) and doing the sides with siding.  Daddy just rolled his eyes and gave her the checkbook.  Isn’t he trained? snorts.


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Knock Knock – Who’s There?

I’m not sure what was going on at the Hotel Thompson this morning but there was a lot of commotion. And the biggest thing, my schedule was off.  This is not good in this little pig’s life.  I have to maintain my schedule.  I should have known something was off because after breakfast, mom wasn’t in a hurry to go to the worky place  I had to double check my calendar to make sure that it was a work day for her and it was.  This liitle pig got confused.

Then, she put me down for my nap and put the purr things in my room with me.  That’s really odd because we *all* know that my room is well MY room.  But mommy said it wouldn’t be for long.

And then the strangest thing happened.  I heard people on the roof top.  I only hear that once a year when the big jolly ole Santa Pig comes.  Why would there be people up there now?  And they were making a lot of noise.  It sounded like they were dancing and doing jumping jacks up on the roof top.  I just kept thinking that they were going to fall through my little ceiling.

Every once in a while they would stop and I could hear murmurs.  One of the voices sounded like mom.  How did she get up there?  And who was she talking to?  This was quite the little mystery for this little porker.

And then, all got quiet.  The stomping noise stopped.  The talking stopped.  I heard car doors and then mom/dad came back inside of the house.  They opened my bedroom door and I came out to find out what was going on.  The purr things – they slept through the entire party!  Can you believe that?

Mom/dad said that people had come to look at our roof.  I’m not sure why.  I mean it’s not like it’s something spectacular or anything.  Just a roof.  Mom/dad mentioned something about a price quote for a …. what was the word… it was long… replacement!  That’s it.  So, I guess we are going to be getting a new roof.  Mom said that it would make it easier for Santa and his sleigh this Christmas.  I sure hope so.  I’ll keep you posted my friends.

P.S.  I wonder when they come back, can I go up on the roof top and play?  Hey MMMOOOMMMM –


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Uh-Oh Time to Start Building the Ark

It’s time to start building the ark and gathering animals two by two.  It has totally been raining, thundering and lightening lately like you wouldn’t believe.  And, the bad thing – the roof at the Hotel Thompson has sprung a leak in the front room.

Daddy was sitting all innocently on the couch watching television when the sky opened up.  He felt a small drip and looked up to the ceiling.  Then it hit him right between the eyes.  A small innocent little drip.  That’s all it is right now… small.

Mom gathered up a bucket and stuck it underneath the wet spot.  There is now a colorful blue tarp on our roof preventing the damage even more.

I heard mom/dad talking about it and it doesn’t sound good.  With all of the storms lately, they are calling the adjustor to take a look.  I’m keeping my hooves crossed that the damage is minimal and easy to fix.


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