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Travels in the South

Hello sweet friends.  Today on Travels in the South I want to share some pictures that I found recently on mom’s iPhone.  Of course it’s food pictures.  I think mom/dad take more pictures of food than Doan’s has little pills these days – snorts with piggy laughter.  So are you ready?  Here we go.

These pictures are from a delightful restaurant that mom/dad found on the River Street in Savannah, Georgia a while back.  The restaurant is called The Cotton Exchange and they have everything from hamburgers to steaks.  On this day, mom/dad were looking for appetizers to share with each other while exploring the wonderful seafood cuisine.

If you have read anything in the past about mom/dad’s food adventures, you will know that they love some good hot cheese and bread as an appetizer.  Why?  Because this is something that don’t usually eat at home.  In fact, mom usually stays far, far away from bread.  So on vacation, she likes to dive in head first and ask questions later.  At this restaurant, this lovely picture is titled but of course “Hot Bread and Cheese”.  The cheese is a garlic cheese, very hot from the stove and very tasty.  The bread left something to be desired.  Don’t get me wrong, mom/dad said it was good but look at it.  It was a side of loaf bread thrown at you.  Now some would say you could pull it apart and dip to your heart’s delight.  And that is true.  But don’t you think it would be easier to eat said bread if it was already sliced… you know especially since it’s hot?  But, I digress with mom’s finickiness.  All in all – mom/dad said it was good but could have been better.

Then when in Savannah, you *know* my mom/dad are going to get their buffalo shrimp on and ready.  Mom/dad’s second choice in an appetizer was this lovely buffalo shrimp served with celery and blue cheese.  Now, if you have never had buffalo shrimp – what are you waiting for?!  You must try this!  Even this little piggy has had buffalo shrimp from when mom fixes it here at the Hotel Thompson.  It’s like buffalo wings – same sauce – but done with fried shrimp.  How could you go wrong, right?  Mom likes them with light sauce – as she tells the waiters, “I don’t want them swimming in sauce, just lightly coated.”  You know the taste of the sauce without wearing the sauce all over your face, fingers and shirt.  Mom/dad gave this buffalo shrimp both hands up yummy!

The third appetizer that mom/dad got was called Shrimp Orleans.  These are shrimp wrapped in bacon and a cajun spice.  They are then pan blackened and served with a creole mustard.  Now first up, thank goodness I’m not that kind of pig, right?  Mom/dad said these were interesting.  Of course that’s like hearing Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods saying something is interesting.  We all know what kind of food he eats and the translation of interesting means it’s okay, nothing to write home about folks.  Personally mom thought they could be a little bit more spicy since they are Shrimp Orleans.  And in the bigger scheme of things, put them below the hot bread and cheese.

This leads us up to what dad calls the best thing that has ever passed his lips.  And you know my friends, this has to be good because dad is a professional eater.  This was the final appetizer that mom/dad ordered and it was a special that day.  Mom/dad can’t remember what the ‘official’ name was but it is deep fried pork.  I know – I know – I should be scared since daddy liked this but mom says I’m safe.  The kitchen took pork that was already cooked, floured it and deep fried the already goodness into cute little pork bites.  It was served with a somewhat spicy barbeque sauce on the side.  In fact, mom says she could go for some of these right now.  Thanks mom.  That makes my kind feel safe – snorts with piggy laughter.

So my friends.  Thanks for traveling in the south with me and I hope you enjoyed some of these food break downs.  Until next time, keep eating good food!


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River Street and Bashful


 No trip to Savannah can be complete without taking a stroll down River Street.  It was a beautiful day, a little overcast but the weather was perfect. It didn’t start to sprinkle until we were in Albert starting back to Tybee Island – it was that marvelous!

Of course, Bashful came along this date to check out some of his ancestors in the cobblestones up and down the street.  Can you believe Albert, mom’s Smart car, made it down these bumpy roads – let alone it made it all the way to Savannah and Tybee Island – snorts.  But Albert was a trooper and we are discussing my little Bashful now – snorts.


B20131027-182254.jpgashful looked up the road and then again back down the road. It was a hard decision to decide which way to go – there’s just so much to see, places to eat and things to shop for.  Knowing mom/dad like I do, I just *know* the first place they went to was River Street Sweets located at 13 East River Street.  They just grinned when I asked and said they weren’t telling.  It’s okay.  I already know.  

And of course, we all know that none of the delicious pralines, bear claws or pecan brittle made its way back to me.  Of course not.  Knowing mom/dad they took it back to the motel like it was a box of gold and threatened everyone with bodily harm if they even glanced at that magical box of deliciousness.  And once in the hotel room, they probably attacked that poor defenseless little box like it was Christmas snarfing down every delectable bite.  I know my humans… not that Bashful told me anything of the kind.  Rolls piggy eyes.  And of course, no pictures because then there would be witnesses.

So after all of the window shopping up and down River Street, they got hungry – go figure.  There’s a place that they love to go to called Fiddler’s Crab House located at 131 West River Street.  It is definitely on the list of places to visit every trip.  Mom and dad like to eat downstairs in the bar area – the upstairs is the restaurant.


Of course they had Bashful with them who we all know is extremely under-aged to be in fine bar, there are age limits.  But mom, Mrs. I’ll-talk-you’re-ear-off-and-get-to-you-know, immediately struck up a conversation with the ever so charismatic bartender, Nolan.  He allowed the little rock to enter and partake in a great time.  And let me tell you, they had the best of time here with Nolan.  In fact, Nolan and Bashful hit it off right from the start.  And you know conversation just *had* to revolve around me – the bestest southern little piggy you could ever meet in the south 🙂

I’m sorry to say that mom/dad didn’t take pictures of the delicious food.  Shame on them for getting all excited, cutting up with Nolan and getting my Bashful into further delinquency – snorts.  (The food was out of this world!  If you are ever in Savannah, you must come here to get the buffalo shrimp.  It is the best anywhere in town!… so says mom/dad.  Again I wouldn’t know… no piggy bag for Bacon – nope.  None).


But before Bashful, mom and dad could leave, they had to have at least one photo opportunity.  Nolan was just the guy to help out with the suggested ‘bar’ photo.  Do you get it??

Whoever thought that Bashful would have such a sweet and innocent name and turned into such a hardcore rock? snorts.

Now’s the time to give Mr. Nolan a proper shout out.  Nolan, if you are reading this and I hope you are – you were greatest this day.  You brought such entertainment to mom/dad and most of all to Bashful.  The food was delicious and your service was outstanding.  Mom and dad can’t wait to come and see you again in the very near future. And hey psst – how about a piggy bag for the oinker?


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