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Paw Time with Houdini

Oh friends!!  Today is the big day here at the Hotel Thompson.  Today is suppose to be the completion day of all of the activity from the renovation.  New furniture is being delivered and finishing touches will be added this weekend.  I’m so excited – barks!

We have overcome purging of old things, donations of furniture, tearing up of carpets, linoleum, painting, building of new things and team work.  Hopefully by tonight, all will be worth it.  Mom can sit in her new chair, pop her feet up and breathe a sigh of relief with a glass of liquid refreshment in her hand.

I personally have to say that I didn’t think we would all make this process.  There were tight times.  Times that we were all pushed to our limits.  Times that the checkbook and credit cards screamed and begged for mercy but we overcame.

Next week hopefully, we will start posting some pictures.  And also next week, stay tuned for a little announcement from Bacon and Fozzie.  They are at it again and putting something together for all of our friends.

Well that’s all for me my friends – yawns – I hope you had a wonderful week as well.  Happy weekend!



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️Houdini the Beast 

Snorts!  With the uproar going on here at the Hotel Thompson, some of our schedules have been a little out of order.  Take for instance little Houdini.  Usually mom puts him to bed around 8:30-9:00PM.  The other night, her and dad were busy cleaning something out.  The little man went to his bedroom and proceeded to bring his bedroom bed – little lobster – to the front room.

He pulled and pushed little lobster out of his room and down the hallway.  I was on the sofa and heard the little guy grunting and groaning.


I grabbed mom’s iPhone and started clicking pictures as soon as I saw him turn the corner.  Look at him go!

He was persistent and would flip the little lobster over and then drag it some more.  And then he would push it some more.  He was a machine!


He was like “Don’t mind me – little doggy coming through here.”


He went around all obstacles in his way including daddy’s tray and leg.  Nothing was slowing him down.  Yeah – I could have helped the pup out but I wanted to see how far he was going with little lobster in his travels.

He passed the table, grunted and groaned.  Looked around and did what I have to say is the cutest thing for a puppy.  He was like if mom/dad aren’t going to put me to bed and go to bed themselves guess what?  I’m going to do it myself and be in the middle of everything because you know something might happen that I need to know about.


 And there you go.  He curled up in little lobster, said his nightly prayers and passed out.  I have to admit that the little guy does sleep like an angel.  He didn’t even put on his pajamas.  What a trooper huh?

When mom came back in the room she was look WOW – he’s so smart.  He put his ownself to bed.  Then she shook her head and looked at his huge Kong bed that stays in the front room.  Asleep on the Kong bed was Mouse Girl.  The little guy didn’t want to wake up Mouse Girl so he got his own bed.

aaww – you gotta love the little guy, right?




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Shuffles Hooves

I have to start by saying I’m coming out of hibernation.  See my fur.  It’s coming off.  I’m shedding.  I do that.  Then we are *all* under stress here at the Hotel Thompson.  This is a picture from last week.  We still had carpet… then. 🙂 That’s all I’m saying about that.  Tomorrow is a big day here.  I can’t tell you anymore than that – well except it’s almost over.

I can tell you though that last week I might have cornered a worker here at the Hotel Thompson.  Might is a pretty strong word.  See, who would have known that a strong, tall guy could be afraid of a little oinker.  He was working in the kitchen.  I thought I would check on him and walked up behind him and oinked.  You know he jumped pretty high – I was amazed.  So there I was having a conversation with him and oinking.  He squealed pretty high too.  Then mom came in holding the little guy Houdini and was trying to wrestle me out of the kitchen.  I was just trying to help… really I was.  Raise your hand if you believe me.  I see you – thank you.  Stupid worker.


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Goodbye Loyal Furniture

Today at the Hotel Thompson, we say goodbye to the rest of our furniture.  Last Thursday, Salvation Army came out and picked up some pieces.  Today, Goodwill will be picking up some pieces.  What is final, the junk man will be coming by this afternoon and picking it up.  It has been a long week getting this far.  To think, by tonight the kitchen and front room will be empty.

Kitchen table, chairs, china cabinet and entertainment center – you were all good in your efforts these past 16 years while you have lived here.  You have seen good times and bad.  We have served many of meals, laughed and cried at the table.  And furniture – sofa and couch – you have especially been great these past 11 years.  You’ve taken a lot of torture from us anipals.  We will all miss you dearly because we have been told we can’t be on the new furniture – rolls piggy eyes.  That hurts.  But mom/dad said not to worry, they will work something out with us.

This starts Phase II of the renovation here at the Hotel Thompson.  The painting.  Colors have been picked out.  Rollers are ready.  Not a lot of painting but some contrast painting is lined up.  So that’s where we are my friends.  Phase II.  Phase II only has a couple of days and then the end is near – Phase III.  I can make it… right?


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HA! I’m Moving!

No not really.  But if I was, I would so be moving here.  Can you imagine the name on this street?  It’s calling my name.  If this renovation doesn’t end soon, I may be sending you my new forwarding address – snorts


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Paw Time with Houdini

 Welcome back my friends to another great week of Paw Time with Houdini.  This week, I want to talk about how helpful I have been here at the Hotel Thompson during renovation.  I know – I know.  We are all talking about it here.  We just ALL want it done and over with.  Just one more week now in the count down to the end.  We can do this.  Really we can.  But at last, I donned my handy dandy flannel shirt and was ready for my tool belt to help the guys out this week.

Don’t let this size fool you.  I have some power with this body.  Really I do. I can be most helpful in pulling and tearing.  Can we say goodbye carpet and linoleum?  I’m also good about helping the guys out with their tools.  Tape measures are my specialties.  They fit nicely in my mouth and I can take off with them to help measure.  And I’m good about staying on top of the guys to make sure they work.  No playing on my job site.  Nope not at all.  I don’t care how many times you throw the ball for me to fetch – barks!  And the front door – I got this.  No one comes into the Hotel Thompson without me knowing about it.  And trust me, if you don’t pass the Houdini – you don’t get it.  And I’m cheap labor.  I only require frequent naps throughout the day.  But don’t think things go unsupervised when I’m not on duty.  Shakes head – surely not.  That’s when Bacon steps in for supervision.  He means business.  One snort and some of the guys can climb pretty high really quickly.  One day – I want that power!  He is that awesome.

Well, I’m off to do some more work around here.  It’s not going to get done without us.  I hope you had a wonderful week as well.  Happy weekend!


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Packaging – Attention Manufacturers

  Friends – shakes piggy head.  It never fails.  Today we are making major donations to our local Salvation Army in way of furniture – couches, sofas, china cabinet, entertainment center, tables, chairs, etc.  There’s a lot going on here at the Hotel Thompson.  Never fails that mom woke up with a headache – a really bad one.

Listen up manufacturers – really the packaging.  Help!  Please look at exhibit A to the right.  You have to be a rocket scientist sometimes to open these things.  Now let me paint the picture for you vendors – are you listening?  Mom’s in pain.  The headache is knocking hard.  She has a big day scheduled.  She is in one of her don’t-talk-to-me-because-I-can-only-nod-back situations due to the pain.  She gets a pill and it’s wrapped up in this packaging from Fort Knox.  Do you see where I’m going?  She then has to somehow wiggle said pills out of the so called ‘easy to open’ package.  Yeah right – maybe if you are a two year old.  And trust me, there is never a two year old around when you need one for something like this – snorts.

So that’s where we are today my friends.  Waiting for the truck to come and take everything away for Part 2 of the renovation.  And today gives us just over a little over a week for Part 3 to be finished.  Shakes piggy head.  This better end well.


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Texts from Bacon

Oh my friends.  Sometimes it’s up to us anipals to watch out after the humans.  For the most part, they take care of us but sometimes they forget to take care of themselves.  Here at the Hotel Thompson with all of the renovation, I have to make sure I check on mom.  She has the tendency to push herself way too much and too far.  This morning, I decided to send her a text at work.  Yep, nods piggy head.  During this three week time period renovation, she is also continuing to work full time.  That’s what I’m talking about in overdoing it.  She will be only taking off a day here/there for major projects that have to be done until completion.  Hardheaded is what daddy calls her.  But anywho, I sent her this email this morning.  My comments are in blue and mom’s are in grey.  Enjoy!



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Update on Renovation 

Just an update my friends on the renovation hell project here at the Hotel Thompson.  Today marks 11 more days until completion.  I say GET IT DONE ALREADY – snorts.  No really, mom/dad worked on decluttering and purging *all* weekend long.  I have to say, those two put some elbow grease into the destruction remodeling. What do they say, “It always looks the worse before it gets better.”  I sincerely hope so.

This weekend they worked on the closet of the known. You know that closet my friends. The one that you don’t dare open in fear of everything falling out on top of you.  It was three hours of “oh look what I found” – snorts.  Among the things that were found were:

2 boxes of clothes that mom brought to the house when she moved in 16 years ago! 😳

2 deep sea fishing rods and reels – Moby Dick you are safe. 

Moms high top Mickey Mouse sneakers from high school. 

Dads stereo equipment. 

Moms pearls that went missing a couple of years back. Don’t ask how they got into the closet. God only knows. 

Mom/dad worked hard on that closet and the rest of the cleaning this weekend. I’m glad to report that after many trips to Goodwill to drop off donations and many bags of trash later, the house is coming together. There was a couple of added things to be done during this renovation and I’ll keep you posted. As it stands right now, the time table still looks good. 


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Paw Time with Houdini

Hey my friends to another week of Paw Time with Houdini.  As you have read on Bacon’s blog, the Hotel Thompson is now under construction.  I didn’t know what that word was until I started hearing all of the banging, pulling and ripping… and let’s not mention the grunting and groaning from mom and dad.  WOW – those two really can put out some elbow grease when they put their minds to it.

They said that this reconstruction would be better for ALL of us here.  I really hope so with the noises they are making.  And daddy says the worse is yet to come this weekend.  When I asked why he said because he and mom were hitting ‘the’ closet.  I must have looked confused still.  Daddy explained that most people have that one closet that no one ever opens because of everything that might fall out.  They are opening that closet here at the Hotel Thompson and cleaning it out this weekend.  Mom said it was for storage benefits.  I’m not sure about that.  I think I’ll go up and spend time with Nana while they fight the inner closet demons.


Last week when I got groomed, I came home and mom put me in my jammies.  The first thing I had to do afterwards and climb up on my pillow, stretch out and take a nap.  It’s a tough job being this adorable.  You know?  Mommy says this picture just tugs at her heart.  Nana says it looks like I was praying.  Barks!  I was totally exhausted.



The next day, I moved to my bigger bed that I have learned to move around to my liking.  Don’t I look all cute and innocent in this one?  I was chewing on my toy keys.  I ❤ those toy keys.  I’ve had them since mom/dad adopted me back in September.  They are one of my favorite chew toys in the entire world.  Do you have something like that too?  They are falling apart now but I’m not ready to give them up just yet.

Well that’s all for me my friends – yawns – I hope you had a wonderful week as well.  Happy weekend!


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