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Paw Time with Houdini

Hello my sweet dear friends.  I hope that your week has been exciting and great.  There are lots of things going on here this week at the Hotel Thompson.

One thing was – coughs – I was in trouble last weekend.  Okay, I’ll admit it.  I’ve been in trouble for this for some time but mom really was upset with me last weekend.  You see, when I was younger – don’t laugh – when I was younger and in my teething stage, I might have chewed some zippers off of mom’s pillows on her new sofa.  Might is a strong word because no one really saw me but mom told me if she needed to take bite marks for comparison she would so I fessed up.  I did it.  All five of them in fact – barks!  Well, last weekend mom sewed each one back to the way it was suppose to be.  And yes, mom might have poked herself while sewing several times and given me looks.  Of course, I tried to give her my cutest not me look mommy.  So there is a firm rule set in stone now here at the Hotel Thompson – no touchy the pillows Houdini.  Can you believe she used my name like that?  Hangs head low.

And we have visitors this week.  Two friends that mom/dad went and met last year are in our area again visiting.  Mom has taken some time off of the worky place so they can all play together.  You do realize that this means trouble right?  Cause I just know they may need bail money this week… and probably next week because they are all going out of town for a couple of days and leaving all of us.

Oh I shouldn’t say “all” of us because a certain oinker – not mentioning names – has went to camp this week and all of next week.  Why?  So mom/dad could have fun with these friends – which I will tell you about later with some pictures. You see the purr things – they can take care of themselves.  And me well I can take care of myself but Nana will watch me a couple of days next week.  Bacon well he’s like a little kid as mom described it.  He doesn’t take being by himself too well and Nana can’t watch him while she has her hands full with me and her two pooches.  So, mom/dad called the farm where Bacon went to camp last year.  They have other anipals that Bacon had a blast with and that’s where he gets to go for his adventure.  So, I’m sure he will have a blast.  I hope so anyway.  He did bring his computer so don’t fear about his correspondence.

And friends let’s talk about something that I keep seeing on the television all day long.  Something that mom/dad and even Bacon have talked about.  The presidential election.  Shakes my doggy head.

Does anyone really enjoy all of this arguing and calling names?  I really don’t.  Why can’t we all just get along?

I’ve come up with a solution.  Since people running are called politicians and we can’t really trust anything they say – barks!  Why don’t I run for president?  I think I have just about the same qualifications – you think?  And look – mom took this picture of me over the weekend.  Don’t you think it screams “Houdini for President”.

And of course, with that being said I have to leave you with another priceless Jokes with daddy video.  The man does need to go out and play with others more.  Shaking my head.  Enjoy my friends.   I hope you had a wonderful week as well.  Happy weekend!


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Dear Bacon

   Dear Bacon – Oh dude!  What a game that Super Bowl was over the weekend.  OMD!  I dressed up in a disguise – you know like from the Super Bowl commercial – and was able to get a ticket to see football up front and personal.  Cats against horses – you know those Broncos were going to win – Go Peyton Manning!  What did you think of the game bro?  Signed Mr. Waddles

Dear Mr. Waddles – Love your disguise.  I can see how you got in to see the game in person.  And what a game it was!  I was sitting on the edge of my chaise the entire night rooting for the Broncos.  I’m not sure who was happier – me or dad when they won!  Heck, I jumped on the internet and went ahead and bought dad a Super Bowl 50 Bronco hat – of course with his credit card – snorts with piggy laughter.

Dear Bacon – Dude, you have never experienced life until you stretch out in a hammock and just relax the day away.  In fact, I think your humans should buy you a piggy hammock.  I bet you would enjoy it.  Signed Swinger

Dear Swinger – WOW – you do look really comfy there my friend.  I’m thinking that this Spring/Summer here at the Hotel Thompson, mom/dad might just need to get me a hammock for my magical backyard.  They can put it on the back deck so I can over look new discoveries.  Thanks for the heads up my friend.  Keep on swinging!

    Dear Bacon – I think I partied way too much during the Super Bowl game.  I remember eating some snacks.  I remember chugging some beer after playing beer pong.  That’s it.  Afterwards, the next morning I woke up with a cold one still in my paws.  Shaking my doggy head – I gotta quit partying like this.  Signed Born to be Wild

Dear Born to be Wild – Dude, when you stop remembering your actions from the night before, it’s way past time to stop drinking.  Just be lucky you didn’t wake up with someone else in your bed.  Oh my – can you imagine that?  Shaking my piggy head.  Safety first my friend.  You might need to reach out to DAA (Doggy Alcoholics Anonymous).  I’m sure they can help you.

Dear Bacon – OMD OMD OMD.  Sometimes this little red light laser thingy gets the cats going on here at my crib.  But tonight, that crazy red light kept popping up on the ceiling in my kitchen.  I couldn’t have that unidentified red light breaching my food.  So I did what any dog would do, I jumped up at it to catch and destroy the red light.  I must have caught it because it went away.  Have you ever seen this red light?  Signed White Dogs Can Jump

Dear White Dogs Can Jump – Look at you my friend!  I’d say you took care of that red dot.  I’ve seen it before too here at the Hotel Thompson.  It’s very mysterious when it shows up and then disappears for what seems like weeks.  Do you think it’s an alien trying to impersonate us anipals?  It’s so weird!

Dear Bacon –  A gal can only take so much from her man.  Mr. Endless Nagging kept going on and on about such nonsense – I couldn’t take it anymore and lost myself in the moment.  I don’t think he will bother me for a while – do you?  Signed That’ll Teach You

Dear That’ll Teach You – Heck woman – it taught me not to nag you – snorts with piggy laughter.  Whatever happened to if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?  Cause, trust me your man needs to learn that little tidbit of information.  And hey – you got a great right by the looks of it.

REMEMBER MY FRIENDS – Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU.  Remember to send me your letters and pictures to my email.


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Paw Time with Houdini

Yawns my friends – it’s been a LONG weekend.  If you remember, last weekend I was suppose to go for my spa day.  But due to the Snowmageddon weather, it got cancelled.  I need my spa day desperately.  Mom keeps calling me a street dog – I don’t get that.  Do I look like a street dog in this picture?

img_5364I mean heck I’m fluffy and on and yeah my hair might be in my eyes and yeah I might need a bubble bath but a street dog?  Really mom?  So keep your fingers crossed for me dear friends that tomorrow I get to go and meet my friends at the Spa – and hopefully Fifi the cute little poodle will be there too.  She’s adorable!

This week, I leave you with a spectacular toy that I got at Christmas.  It was a fun toy.  I say was because I’ve been taking lessons from my buddy Easy across the pond in toy destruction.  I’m still in training and I have a long way to go but I’m getting there.  Have fun with the video.  Make sure you turn your sound up.  The noise is fabulous. Even my mom LOVES that sounds constantly for hours.  She always tells me, “Seriously Houdini?”  I think I should get her one to play with too.  What do you think?

Well that’s all for me my friends – yawns – I hope you had a wonderful week as well.  Happy weekend!


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Paw Time with Houdini

Hello my dear friends – BARKS!  Welcome to another week of my Paw Time with Houdini.  This week has been exciting here at the Hotel Thompson.  First up – I got a new bed – and who doesn’t like a new bed huh?  You see I had a bed shaped like a crab but one night I had a dream and that bed miraculously exploded.  Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  This is my new bed.  Looks kind of familiar huh? I already have a HUGE Kong size bed for my bedroom but this poochie bed is for the living room in front of the fireplace.  Don’t all anipals have two beds for taking naps?  BARKS – and let me tell you – it’s so comfy!   The purr things have *tried* sleeping in it but I remind them really quick that they have beds and this one is mine and I marked it as such by rolling all over it and licking it.


Tomorrow I have an appointment with my groomer.  I haven’t been in a couple of months because of all of the holidays and mom/dad running around.  So trust me, it is much, MUCH needed.  I feel like Cousin Itt from the Adams Family – BARKS – don’t you just love that show?  Bacon has been watching it on DVD and we just snort and bark at it all day long.

Hopefully next week you will see much better groomed.  Mommy says that she can barely see my eyes – I hate that!  And hopefully, FiFi the sweet poodle I met last time will be there too.

And yes, this is one of my new shirts.  It says, “Yeah, I work out!”  Barks!  Too funny huh?

 Well that’s all for me my friends – yawns – I hope you had a wonderful week as well.  Happy weekend!


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Paw Time with Houdini

Well my friends, it’s been a tough week.  I’ve seen mom more than last week and it is getting better but sometimes her nights are spent at work instead of where she belongs – with us anipals here at the Hotel Thompson.  Doesn’t she know her priorities?  Of course, she reminds us gently that she is working to keep us in kibbles and treats… so we tend to forgive her *some*.


With mom being AWOL, me and Bacon have been pounding the keyboards ourselves taking care of our blogging.  I’ll tell you something my friends – this is hard work.  Really think about it.  Humans have fingers that are made for typing.  I have paws and it’s hard – talking about typo’s – thank goodness for spellcheck.  And my poor brother Bacon, he has hooves!  But on the other paw, he has been doing this for so long that he has gotten kind of used to the pounding.  And trust me when his creative juices get flowing, you don’t want to be around him – he’s a BEAR not a pig during those times – barks with puppy laughter.

In fact, during one of his water breaks he took this picture of me pounding on my keyboard working on some replies.  A dogs job is just never done!

 Well that’s all for me my friends – yawns – I hope you had a wonderful week as well.  Happy weekend!


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Paw Time with Houdini

.   image

Barks!  I just gotta share something with you my friends.  For Christmas, the big guy called Santa brought me some Greenies. Not just any kind of Greenies but Holiday Spice flavor.  Can we talk?  They are delicious!  Someone told mommy about Greenies and said they were good for my gums and teeth – barks!  And everyone knows that I got me some sharp teeth – just ask daddy when we play.

So Santa brought me some teenie sized Greenies – Oh my doggy heavens!  They are perfect – just my size!

image Look at that Greenie!  Isn’t it *almost* as adorable as me – I said *almost*.  Barks with puppy laughter.  When I got my first one, I didn’t know what to do with it but I knew I wanted it because it smelled so yummy.  Then a few minutes later, I figured out what it was and destroyed it.  Now, mommy has to mention Greenie and I’m so there waiting for one.

How about you?  Do you enjoy a good Greenie every once in a while?  Do you like them?  What kind of flavor do you have?

That’s it for this week my friends – take care and have an awesome weekend!


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Paw Time with Houdini

Barks!  Oh my friends – what a busy two weeks we have had here at the Hotel Thompson and in blogville.  Christmas is now behind us and the New Year has today started.  The New Year with lots of great new beginnings and lots of memories to make and share.

There are so many things that we have coming up here at the Hotel Thompson.  Me and Bacon have a new series coming up called Spotlight Thursday that you can’t miss.  It’s where we interview friends – some you may know and some you will meet to make new friends.  We hope you enjoy it!

Mom is also going to be highlighting a travel series that my cousins went on overseas.  That way we can *all* live through them and their pictures – barks!  And I’ve seen some pictures – OMD – they are fantastic for sure.

I want to leave you with a photograph that my mom did of me.  She took the picture and used an app to ‘paint’ me from the picture.  We all think it came out marvelous!  In fact, I think my mommy is going to get it printed on canvas to hang in my bedroom.  What do you think of it?

Mom was so impressed with the app that she did a ‘painting’ of our friends Shoko and Kali as well.  Go check it out when you get a chance.  It’s an amazing app and it was FREE – those are the words that my daddy seems to absolutely LOVE to hear these days.  He mumbles about something about being broke after the holidays.  I don’t know what that word broke means – it’s not in my puppy vocabulary – barks.


So my friends I leave you with a picture of me doing what I do best – sleeping on mom’s new fuzzy blankie.  My mom/dad said that blanket would be comfortable and I’m hear to tell you – it really is!  I cuddled up in it and passed out asleep.

So all I gotta say is that the pig can have his king sized Egyptian cotton sheet.  I got mom’s new full sized fuzzy blankie – barks with puppy laughter!



 Well that’s all for me my friends – yawns – I hope you had a wonderful week as well.  Happy weekend!


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Santa Paws Came!!



He’s real!  Santa Paws came to the Hotel Thompson to see me! Oh my – thud – I almost couldn’t stand it. I’m in hog heaven here at the Hotel Thompson! 

This is a list of what I have at the house now and trust me I am so happy – I haven’t had this many goodies in a long time!

  • 8 pounds of red apples – that’s right.  It’s not a typo – 8 POUNDS of red apples.  I love me some apples… any kind, any color.
  • 5 pounds of carrots – yep that’s another one – 5 POUNDS of carrots.  You would think that with all of the carrots that I eat that I would have excellent vision but I don’t.  But what I don’t have in vision, I make up in smelling.
  • Bulk celery – mmm – I love celery… even the little wisps of it that hang off at the top of celery.  Love that part!
  • Cabbage – that is one HUGE head of cabbage.  Mom will probably eat some of this cabbage too.  But do you know what the battle is going to be?  The core of the cabbage.  Me and mom both like to naw on the core of the cabbage.  Have you ever done that?  It’s got a little spice to it and so delicious!
  • My personal sized watermelon.  This is definitely a treat since it’s winter time here in Georgia.  Mom will cut it all up and put it in buckets in the refrigerator to get it cold.  She even cuts up the rind – I love the rind.
  • Bananas – You don’t see them in this picture because mom forgot to grab them.  She got me a whole bunch of 10 – 10 bananas all to myself.  Pig heaven – literally!  Can you believe that one time mom was holding a banana and I tried to crawl up her legs to get it?  Yeah, we had a little prayer meeting about that afterwards.  They are so delicious!

And we can’t forget about Houdini – OMP!  Houdini scored with some new clothes, a new bed and all kinds of doggy toys.

And the purr things Mouse Girl and Hemi – they are in love!  They got some nip, toys and a huge bag of treats.

And we all got our own electric blanket.  Can you believe that?!  Mom hooked it up over one end of our sofa so that her and daddy can click it on and off.  That way we can all lay on it and get cuddly warm – we all love that.

But you know what we got that was priceless?  Love.  Not just from mom/dad but from all of you our friends.  We can not thank you enough for that.  We all ❤ you!!  And we thank you all for the emails and Christmas cards that you sent to us here at the Hotel Thompson!

And special thanks to Easy ❤ who sent us these awesome presents:


And special thanks to Fozzie ❤ who sent us these awesome presents:



And special thanks to our dear sweet friends Kali and Shoko – ❤ OMP – their parents sent mom/dad something close to their heart – FOOD – snorts with piggy laughter.  Okay it was a gift card for FOOD – my daddy still passes out looking at the card.  He can’t wait to use them.  Thank you so very much my friends!  Can’t wait to see you soon.

And squeals!!  This just in.  We received this in the mail yesterday from Auntie Sharon.  A beautiful handmade scarf.  But this scarf has a story behind it.  The actual “yarn” was shorn from Fozzie’s sheep.  Then Auntie Sharon spun it on her spindle and made “yarn” for our scarves.  How special is that?!  I can’t say thank you enough.  I was so touched and absolutely LOVE it my sweet friends – smooches and thank you!!



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Paw Time with Houdini

Oh our dear friends – MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  At this time, all of us here at the Hotel Thompson would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas holiday.  May your day be surrounded by the love of your family and friends.  We love you all and wish you all of the happiness in the world!

 All of our love!

❤ The Hotel Thompson ❤


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Paw Time with Houdini

Oh sweet friends – it’s almost Christmas – barks and runs around freaking out.  Can you believe that?  Santa is going to be here next week.  I’m beyond excited for several reasons.  One – gifts!!  BARKS BARKS BARKS.  Second – that pesky Don Juan will be GONE for another year.  He has been really up to no good this year here at the Hotel Thompson.

But last night, I had a dream about him.  It wasn’t bad – it was a happy dream.  I dreamed that I finally caught him!  Okay maybe not all by myself.  But he was caught.  Okay let me tell you about my dream.

My dream might have had something to do with the fact that we watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer last night.  And it might have had something to do with the beef barbeque that mom fixed for dinner.  Okay, Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself.

In my dream, it was me and Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster – see I have a special place in my heart for Bigfoot and Snow Monsters.  We are super friends.  There we were in the woods and it was snowing because hey that’s where Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster lives right.  Well, we had a fire going and we were telling stories and having a grand time.  That’s when that Don Juan showed up wanting to bash the party.  Snorts – yeah he was the highlight of the party all right – barks with puppy laughter!  How do you like your barbeque elf – rare, medium or well done?

 Well that’s all for me my friends – yawns – I hope you had a wonderful week as well.  Happy weekend!


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