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Dear Bacon

20130531-230700.jpgDear Bacon,

Summer really stinks.  It’s totally hot and uncomfortable.  All I can do is stand in front of the fan and let the breeze overtake me.  I just have to do something to cool me down.  Signed Flappy

Dear Flappy,

Hey pal, whatever you need to do to keep you cool I say go for it!  Momma is a firm believer in her fan in this hot summer.  Can’t we just skip over that season?  I’m all for it.  Let’s start a petition.  What do you think?




Dear Bacon,

Hubba hubba little man.  I find you so fascinating.  I can’t believe a pig like you is still single.  What do you say we fix that problem?  Signed I Do

Dear I Do Don’t,

Not that I’m totally not appreciative or anything but I’m just not ready to settle down like that.  You’re totally beautiful and I think you will find the perfect pig one day.  Don’t give up my friend.


20130531-230800.jpgDear Bacon,

Hey little dude.  We just wanted to show you the next happening thing.  Us pigs are actually getting tattoos.  We think they’re awesome.  What do you think.  Can we put one on you?  Signed Artist

Dear Artist,

HHHMM, I think I’ll pass.  I’m sure the tattoo of MOM in a heart would look really awesome on me.  I just don’t think that I’m a tattoo kind of pig.  But hey, you rock it my friends! 



Dear Bacon,

You talk about Mouse Girl the purr thing at the Hotel Thompson a lot of different times.  I just want you to know that I think I’m more spoiled than she is.  My humans actually dress me.  It’s a pain in the rump area but hey it makes them laugh.  You ever think about dressing up Mouse Girl?  Signed Prissy

Dear Prissy,

First off – you look adorable in your little outfit.  Your face doesn’t *look* like you’re enjoying it but hey if the humans are happy, right?  Second off – Mouse Girl is a fussy little character.  She is strictly daddy’s girl and I just don’t see her letting me ‘dress’ her.  I on the other hand let mom dress me up from time to time.  Like you said, it makes the humans happy and smile.  That’s our jobs!


Dear Bacon, 20130531-230749.jpg

Have you ever heard of the Red Hat Society?  I’m a member and they have monthly meetings.  I think you need to look it up in your area and do a posting on it.  I think it would be fascinating.  Signed  Fun Times

Dear Fun Times,

I’ll do that!  I’ve heard mom talk about it with her friends.  There’s also purple hats, right?  🙂 See, I do pay attention even though sometimes mom doesn’t think so.  You wear that hat with pride and look forward to a posting in the future my friend.


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