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More PigOLantern Suggestions


You *know* when you look at this pumpkin that you want to start singing THE song.  You know you do.  Go ahead, I’ll start.

  “Spiderpig, Spiderpig…Does what ever a spiderpig does.  Can he swing from a web?  No he can’t, he’s a pig.  Look out, he is a spiderpig! ”  LOL

Feel better now?  I do.  This would be a fun pumpkin.  Kind of hard to carve out but it would be funny.  Of course, I would be oinking around singing that song all night… but it would be fun!






This is a simple etching on a pumpking.  It doesn’t seem all that difficult.  Kind of simple but kind of fun.  I think mommy could do it with no problem. 

I just kind of want something a little bit more uummphh to it, you know? 






This would take a little bit of carpentry but what a novel idea if you wanted to do more than one!  You could line a bunch of them up along your walk way or on the porch. 

Down side – the entire point of carving a pumpkin is to roast the pumpkin seeds in the oven.  I faintly remember mommy doing this last year and the smell was out of this world!  Mom shook some cinnamon on them and baked them off, they came out so warm and yummy.  I kind of want those pumpkin seeds again in my belly.  But, this was a great idea!



So far though, I’m kind of swaying towards this one. It’s eerie.  It looks simple to create – think about all of those pumpkin seeds – yummy!  Plus the glow looks frightening without being Friday the 13thish – you know.  What do you think? 




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