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Operation Find Me

Things have been crazy around here at the Hotel Thompson.  Mom and dad have been on a search and find mission.  They told me what they were looking for and I thought it would be an easy fine – they did too. Well guess what.  It wasn’t.  They have spent the last two weekends searching everywhere for something that I’m not at a liberty to tell yet.

Finally nine stores later at a store that is nearly 50 miles away, they found what they were looking for.  Score for mom/dad!  In fact, I think mom’s precise words upon locating her loot were, “Hallelujah sweet Jesus”.  Needless to say, they bought all they had.

I know – I know.  You *NEED* to know what they were looking for and I understand.  But I absolutely can not tell you what it is.  Mom is mailing out some things today at the post office.  Some of you out there might be receiving said package and I hoof/pinky promised mom I wouldn’t say a word.  So, I’m not saying anything.  And this picture has nothing to do with anything.  None of these were what mom and dad were looking for.  That’s all I gotta wink at you.  Carry on my friends.




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MMOOOMMM – Is My Pool Ready?

Mom, sweet dear mom, is my pool ready? I have witnesses here – right my friends? You said that if I went outside into the wild you would get me my very own pool to play around in.

You didn’t say how many times I had to go outside. You said *when* I went outside. I think I have you there, right friends?

So, mom, I have all my play things ready.  I have my floaties, my tiger tube, my suntan lotion – I burn easily20130819-191007.jpg you know.  My invites are going out soon.  Is my pool ready?

It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular. Something big enough for all of us to play in. Just keep in mind, I have a lot of friends on my blog that I’m going to invite.  And yes, this is what I want too – a slide with a drink in my hand.  Hey, I gotta have some fun with my pool.  You know you are going to use it too. 🙂


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