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Paw Time with Houdini

What?  Me caught doing something?  I wasn’t doing anything.  Honestly – dog’s honor.  I can’t help it that Hemi slapped me in the hiney so I slapped him back… and then jumped up here barking at him so he would get into trouble.  I would never start anything – no way.  I’m too cute to start something… Yeah that’s it.

But I was up here gnawing on a dog bone that my brother Phenny sent me from across the pond.  It’s a cool bone too.  Hard plastic with lots of ridges for my teeth.  Heck, I even take that bone to bed with me at night.  I guess you could call it my security bone.  Thanks brother!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I’m so hoping to go for a spin in mom’s Prius.  That car is just my size!

Now I leave you with Jokes with Daddy – have fun friends ❤


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Who Else Knows This Game?

Snorts – mommy is forever losing these items.  I seriously think they are actively working together to pick on poor mom.  Mom says she puts them all in the same place every single night.  But if she did, wouldn’t they be in that same place in the morning time instead of MIA?

Anyone else have this problem?  Snorts with piggy laughter.



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Leave It To My Mom – How Original

My mom – she is definitely different.  I think she swims to her own tune – trust me on that one.  You know that she has the Smart car Albert but she also has another car.  She has an Equinox called Tank.  Most of the time, she drives Albert but there are the days that she wants to drive a bigger car – like Tank.

Here’s the problem.  If she parks them in the driveway back to back, then she has to move them around when she wants to take one over the other.  Cause you know, there’s no parking on the grass – rolls piggy eyes.  We can’t hurt that dreadful grass.  Ideally, it would be awesome to get the driveway extended out a bit.  That’s what daddy would love to do.  But until then, the problem persists.

So mom, she came up with a solution as you can see from the picture below.  She parks Albert sideways and parks Tank straight in the driveway.  That way, she can take either one without having to play hopscotch cars.  How original is that?  Of course, she has to drive Albert on the grass on the other side of Tank but there are actually bricks on the yard on that side that you can’t see with this picture.

But you want to hear the funny thing about mom’s originality?  She’s been doing this for a while and it’s catching on in the neighborhood.  Now you can see other households doing the same thing.  Snorts.



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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,

It’s really not what you think.  Honestly.  I was just surfing the net and this came up.  I really wasn’t looking for this kind of well activity.  Honestly.  Signed Captured

Dear Captured,

Let me get this straight.  Your um doggy activity just ‘happened’ to show up on your laptop… and the headphones just ‘happened’ to be on as well.  Okay my friend.  Whatever gets you through the night – snorts.



Dear Bacon,

The humans, they insist on me wearing jammies to bed.  What we do for our humans, right?  Signed Pampered

Dear Pampered,
Enjoy it my friend.  If it makes the humans happy, then we are in a good spot.  Not a lot of others have the life that we have.  We should live it up and take advantage of all the love the humans want to throw at us.  Enjoy it!



Dear Bacon,

Nobody knows the stumbles I’ve made in life.  I’ve got it bad.  Some days I just don’t know about my life.  I tend to ‘hit’ the can too much these days and pass out while drinking.  I think I have a problem.  Can you help?  Signed Squirrel Anonymous

Dear Squirrel Anonymous,

Admission is the first step my friend.  And you do realize that you have a lot of friends to help you through these tough times.  Life has to much to offer and you have too much to live for than to hit the can and sleep through it.  I’m sending you Journalist Rocky the Squirrel’s number.  Call him.  He will help you out.


Dear Bacon,
You know us pit bulls get a bad rap.  They tend to categorize us all in one place saying we are mean spirited.  That’s like saying all mice are icky.  Would your mother think that about Mickey Mouse?  People shouldn’t judge all of us because of a couple of bad instances.  Don’t you think?  Signed LoveBug

Dear LoveBug,

You said it exactly my friend!  How could anyone think that you were a ‘killer’ by that picture all snuggled up in your bed with your security penguin?  Such wise wisdom that we should share with everyone in the world.  No judgements – just love!



 Dear Bacon,

See, Bashful is not the only one that can pick up chicks.  I do too – purr.  This is my friend Gloria.  I give her rides everywhere we go.  Isn’t she pretty?  Signed Felix


Dear Felix,
You *are* the purr thing my friend.  That is awesome that you pick up ‘chicks’ and give them rides.  I bet you are very popular on the farm.  Have a fantastic time with your friends.


**Remember friends – send your pictures and questions to me at


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