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Birth Names


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Daddy is What?!

Shaking my head.  Oh my friends – will I be having a new brother or sister??  Should I be excited?  I saw this video and have been squealing every since.  What do you think?  Too soon for me to make plans?  Daddy says he’s having a baby elephant because he can already see the trunk.  Cool beans – I’m going to have a baby elephant as a brother!!


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The BIG Announcement

 It has been so totally busy here lately at the Hotel Thompson.  We had the demolition and renovation.  We had the cleaning and cleaning and more cleaning from all of that.  We had new furniture and everything has been out of place – and we are *still* putting things back together.  Mommy really pushed herself too much during all of this time.  And THEN Bashful came home from his visit with Fozzie in Australia.  That’s when all hell broke loose.  Yep I said hell.  HELL broke loose here at the Hotel Thompson.  You don’t believe me do you?  Okay I’ll tell you.

Do you remember the first time Bashful went to Australia to spend some time with Fozzie and her anipals way back in December 2013?  You can read about some of that trip here.  I’m talking specifically about that trip when he made a movie called Rockodile Dundee co-starring Bimby.  Let’s just say that we thought some things got out of control with that bimbo – I mean co-star Bimby.

Well upon Bashful’s return trip to Australia in December 2014, he had some problems to take care of in the deepest forms.  You see, Bimby was pregnant after the making of the Rockodile Dundee movie.  Shocker huh?  Well she carried the baby for nine months and when Bashful returned to Australia, she said he was the rock daddy.  Now you can imagine Bashful’s shock from that. BUT, can you imagine the shock of Fozzie calling me (Bashful’s daddy) and explaining (A) Bashful was now a father and (B) I was now a grandfather?!  Oh dear piggy heavens – I can tell you that was one interesting phone call to say the least.

20140112-003228.jpgNot only was Bashful a father but Bimby was in trouble.  Bimby had started hitting the bottle – hard.  And she was letting herself go not taking care of the baby.  So what to do huh?  First things first.

Bimby went into rehab.  There was long conversations about what to do and the biggest thing was to put the baby first.  Of course a rock DNA was conducted just to make sure that Bashful was the father.  The results came back and they verified 99.9% that Bashful was the father.  Then Bashful and Bimby had a long talk about the welfare of the baby.  The baby was 3 months old and Bimby decided that she didn’t want to be a mother – she was to young to settle down.  And putting the best interest of the baby first, paperwork was drawn up by the attorney’s and Bashful now has custody of his son.

 So everyone here at the Hotel Thompson had to get everything ready for a new baby that would be soon arriving.  The nursery had to be set up, a pediarocktrician had to be lined up and of course everyone here had to be told what happened.  All of the rock clan were excited to have a new baby.  And I admit it.  I was rather excited to be a grandfather and to see my grandchild.  What would he look like?  What was his name?  Would he resemble us?  A lot of things were going through our minds.

Then the little tyke arrived here at the Hotel Thompson.  Oh my piggy heavens!  It was love at first sight with all of us.  The ooh’s and aaawws.  WOW!  So without further ado, let me introduce you to Chip.  Look at him!  How could we ever doubt his DNA?   He is quite the chip off the old block – you think?


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Bacon’s Tales of Terror

Today for my Bacon’s Tales of Terror I have a little something to share with you that has a twist to it.  It’s not about ghosts, cemeteries or things that go bump in the night.  Before you say it’s not scary then, finish reading and then you decide.  But don’t say that I didn’t warn you.  This is weird scary.  Blow your mind scary.  Makes you think scary.

You see last month, mom and dad took me to the beach FINALLY (which is another posting for another day – snorts).  Every morning, they went to a local breakfast place.  It was awesome.  And I can say that from first hoof experience because they brought me back a piggy bag 🙂

One morning, a different waitress came to take mom and dad’s order.  Mommy kept staring at her and finally asked her when she was having a baby.  The waitress went silent. The waitress then said she was blown away.  She had just found out the day before that she was pregnant and it was something that her and her husband had no idea.  Mommy talked to the waitress a few more minutes about the situation.

Later on, daddy asked mommy about what happened.  Mommy said that when the waitress was taking their order, mom smelled baby powder and had a visual of a baby wrapped in blue.  And by the way, this is the second time my mom has done this.

So there you go – weird or what?


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I’m Sorry

There’s no other way to put this.

They say that admission is the first step.  I’m here to tell you the truth first hand before it gets out.  Nylablue please forgive me for I have strayed.  A momentary lapse in judgment was all that it took.

One night when mom and dad went out on their date, I made a few phone calls myself.  I invited a certain lady over and well things got a little too far.  Before I knew it, we were in mom and dad’s room on their Select Comfort bed and Barry White’s It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next Me was playing in the background on the stereo system.

I was hand feeding my lady strawberries and whip cream and she was doing the same for me.  It was really great.  And then things got heavy.

I know I shouldn’t have.  It wasn’t right.  I’m not that kind of pig.  But I guess dad was right in saying that one day I would grow up and step away from mom to be a man pig.  Well I did.  I guess in 114 days, we will have some little Bacon Juniors and Bacon Juniorettes running around the Hotel Thompson.

I’m sorry if you think worse of me.  It is Spring and that time in a little pigs life.






Of course I didn’t!  Snorts – my mommy raised me better than that!  Love you my friends 😉


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