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Facts About Moi

It’s been a while since I’ve posted this but I think I should again.  Mom and dad get a lot of questions about moi – a pig that lives in the Hotel Thompson.  People think that we are dirty/messy and can’t believe it when I say I live inside full time and prefer my comforts such as air conditioning, heat and of course my sweet television.

Here are some questions that we get asked a lot.  I thought we would answer some of them for you.  Hope you enjoy these my friends 🙂


(1) Do I smell? No. Did you know that pigs are actually clean animals. We are very careful that we do not mess where we sleep or eat. I have an entire room and my sleeping quarters are on the opposite side of my wizzy pad. Mom and dad keep up with cleaning my room on a regular basis and of course I help. So no, I nor my room smell.

(2) Do we sweat? Did you know that pigs don’t sweat? We are actually unable to do so. That’s why you see pigs on the outside waddling in mud or water to keep cool. I, myself, have air conditioning and heat inside. Mom and dad makes sure that the temperatures are good for me. Not too cold and not too warm. If I get cold, I will snuggle under blankets and hide.

(3) Do pigs dream? Of course we do. We dream much as humans do. Sometimes when I’m on the couch with mom, she touches and holds me. She can feel me jumping and dreaming. She says it cute.

(4) What do we ‘do’? Well, I’m much like any other animal. I love to sleep, I enjoy watching television and listening to music. I play chase with the purr things and mom. I chase balls and I love getting piggy massages. I like to be held and touched. I really love to sit on the couch with mom watching television after dinner. This is one of my favorite things in the world. Normal things that your dog probably likes to do.  I do spend a lot of time in my bedroom on my toddler bed doing my thing – writing my blogs, researching my postings and taking care of my pet rocks.

(5) How do my parents know when its time to eat? This is a great and important question. We love to have a schedule. My internal clock is better than most clocks in the world. I know when it’s time to get up, eat or go to bed. Did you know that pigs have more than 20 vocalizations used in different situations? My mom and dad have learned some of mine. Just like when a baby cries and the mother ‘knows’ the cry, mom and dad know what my different sounds are for. Mom especially knows the “I’m hungry” call. LOL And you know, we don’t ‘pig out’ or eat like pigs as the old saying goes. We would rather enjoy our food. And no I don’t eat ‘slop’. I know there are some farm piggies that do but that’s a different breed. I eat lots of piggy chow, vegetables and fruits. I have to maintain my cute little figure!  And there is a standing FIRM rule here at the Hotel Thompson.  “No eating in front of the pig unless you plan on sharing with the pig.”

(6) Do you really know your name and are you that smart? Did you know that pigs learn their names within 3 days? When mom adopted me, she held me a lot, talked to me in her voice and said my name. This way, I knew who my mommy was. She also showed me where my wizzy pad was in my room and within 2 days, I was using it all of the time. I learned very quickly where the food came from in the kitchen. I even know where my piggy chow is kept. We are very smart creatures and have a great sense of direction!

(7) Are we hard to get along with? Well, this depends on a lot of factors. I’m an attention hog and yeah I can be a little pig headed at times when I don’t get my ways. I do have a tendency to test my boundaries but mom and dad (especially mom) sets me straight real quick. You know, just like regular kids do. I have my good days and bad days.

(8) Do I know any tricks? We are a very smart breed. I’m house trained. I know what it means to go to my feeding mat. I know what it means to go to bed. I know what it means to lay down or get snuggly. I know what it means to go potty. And I know what it means when mom tells me not to eat the purr things – LOL – just seeing if you were paying attention.

(9) Why is my tail straight? Did you know that regular pigs, you know the ones that stay outside on the farm, have curly tails. A true pot bellied pig has a straight tail that attaches high on the rump. That’s me. That’s how you can tail if its a cross breed pig or a miniature pot bellied pig.

(10) What’s our vision like? I like this question. Just like dad, I have very poor vision. You can’t look at me straight on and expect me to see you. My eyes are kind of on the side of my head and I can’t see things straight away. You will find me looking at you from the side. But although my vision may be poor, my smell and hearing are exceptional!

And the most important question of all – Do I get along with the other anipals here at the Hotel Thompson?  Yes.  We all know our pecking order here – Hemi, Me, Houdini and then Mouse Girl – snorts.  Hemi let’s *everyone* know that he is the top cat and the alpha male.  We all play together and when we are all out together, mom keeps full attention on us – that means no electronics like iPads or iPhones or cameras.  It only takes one time not paying attention for an accident to happen.  Although we all grew up together, a careful eye is key and mom is a firm believer in this.  And although me and Hemi sometimes squabble with each other and him slapping my captains quarters with his big paw, if i’m feeling icky he is the first there to check on me… right behind mommy of course.

I hope some of these answered your questions about me. If you have anymore, you can always ask or send me an email at

Hogs and Kisses, Bacon


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I Just Know You Are Holding Your Breath For an Update

 Little Man Houdini is really settling in here at the Hotel Thompson.  He’s only been here for 10 days but in some ways – it seems like forever.  I have to admit that he has brought a lot of love and fun here.  I’m glad to say his potty training is coming right along.  He seems to be taking to it very well which is a great thing.  While mom and dad were at the vets office last Friday, they were told that Yorkies can be a little hard headed in this department and of course were given advice on how to said potty train Houdini.  Mom listened, stood her ground, put her hands on her hips and told this peep, “Look, I’ve potty trained a pig.  When you’ve done that, come talk to me.”  Go mom!  She’s right though. I’m house trained. And don’t you ❤ my mom when she gets fierce about one of her ‘kids’?  Snorts.


I thought I would share some pictures that I took of the little guy in the past couple of days.  This one to the left is one of my all time favorites of little Who-Who (see I’ve picked a nick-name for the little guy 🙂

I ❤ it when he stretches out on the floor with his little legs behind him.  Doesn’t that just tug at your heart?  He does this A LOT.  He also rolls around the floor, belly up and makes little chatter noise.  And notice, he’s got some of my toys around him in this picture.  See, I’m still sharing.



Another great picture of Who-Who is this one to the right.  He’s in his little bed playing with some toys.  And yes, some of those toys are the purr things toys.  See, even they are sharing with the little tyke.  And, in this picture you can really see how small Houdini actually is.

Dad said when they were at the vets last week, the doctor told them that Houdini weighed 2.4 pounds.  Houdini said there was no way and demanded the doctor re-weigh him because he had to weigh at least 50 pounds.  Just goes to show you what a ‘killer’ Houdini thinks he is huh?  Snorts.  I wonder where he gets that from in the family?

IMG_0480.JPGAnd I know you are probably wondering how Houdini is getting along with all of us anipals here at the Hotel Thompson.  Well Mouse Girl, one of the purr things here, could care less about him.  She stays high and away from him.  On the other hoof, Hemi (the other purr thing) here is very interested and wants to play with him so very bad.  As you can see in this picture to the left.  See the cat tube – Who-Who likes to drag it all over the house.  Hemi is looking at him to supervise.

And well that brings interaction with this little oinker.  So far, I’ve had supervised interaction.  This is with mom – either me in mom’s lap or mom holding Who-Who.  We have smelled each other.  We’ve even kind of played with our hooves/paws with each other.  The little guy even barks at me from time to time.  Mommy said there will come a day when I can actually play with him but not yet.  She said you can’t be too careful.  I’m not offended at that.  I mean heck, that Who-Who is vicious.  Who knows when he might attack me – right?  Snorts.  So there you go – your dosage of Houdini. 🙂



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One of “Those” Nights

Last night started off like it normally does.  Mom ran around the house getting everything ready for Monday – the start of another glorious week – rolls piggy eyes.  She told me to get ready for bed and I did.  Mom then came in and gave me a strawberry and told me a short bedtime story.  You know – the normal things for this little piggy.  After my story, she kissed me on the forehead, told me good night, she loved me and left my room.

I wasn’t all the way asleep yet though.  I tried to go to sleep.  I closed my eyes tight and dreamed about my sweet purr thing.  I dreamed about chasing sheep over fences.  I even tried to focus on my counting skills.  But nope – nothing.  Sleep just wouldn’t come.

So I did what all little piggies do.  I pulled up my Egyptian cotton sheet around me and let the silk rub against my piggy skin.  It was nice and cozy!  Then out of the blue – BAM – it hit me.  I had to tinkle.  Why do you do that nature?  Why when you get the most comfortable surroundedby your silk sheets do you hit us and we have to go tinkle?  Explain that.

So you get up, stumble over to your wee-wee pad and take a wizzle.  And yes for the first time I will show you a picture of me wizzing.  Why?  Because that mother of mine doesn’t know about BOUNDARIES.  That’s right mom.  Sometimes a pig needs PRIVACY.  Hint – hint.

But do notice my techniques.  Tail up in the back, legs stretched out.  I think it’s a great form and I would give myself a ten – snorts.  And notice the light in the picture.  I didn’t turn on the light.  This light is from a piggy nightlight that my cousin Sammy sent me a while back.  I ❤ that nightlight.  Thanks cousin!

So you take care of “When Nature Calls” and then you are in a pickle.  I mean, mommy already tucked me in and now she’s asleep.  I’ve done my business but I need some mommy loving.  I do what I do best.  I pitter patter over to my bedroom door and call for her by snorting and stomping.  This concerns her so she rushes to me.  I think I have her trained… you think?

So mommy came back in my room to tuck me back into bed.  But now I’m thirsty – go figure.  I am a kid at heart – snorts.  I convince her that I need a drink and just a little snack before bed… again.  We walk to that heavenly place that I like to call a kitchen and get some water and Animal Crackers.  See, mommy *thinks* she has me trained.  Don’t tell her it’s the other way around okay.

Then when go back to my bedroom where she tucks me back in to bed and wraps my Egyptian cotton sheet all around me like the original piggy in a blanket.   Aaaww – that feels good.

But not only does mom wrap me up and tuck me in, she talks to me and pets me until I go back to sleep – for good this time.  Can you say contented little man?  Yep, that would be me friends.  Contentment shows in this picture.  And believe it or not, this time Mother Nature didn’t interfere.

Mommy waited until I was fast asleep and could feel my tummy going up and down in a pattern before she left my room.  In fact, I don’t remember her leaving because I was asleep dreaming.  Dreaming about my magical backyard… my friends out in the yard – Rocky the Squirrel, my Unicorn and my Bigfoot.  We were all playing and chasing each other.  Nice dream.

So have you ever had difficulties like this in getting to sleep?


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Standing in Line


 All I have to say is thank goodness this little piggy is house trained and I have a huge magical backyard.  I don’t think I could take standing in line to go tinkle.  Mom said that humans even stand in line for this.  WOW – bless your hearts!  I guess we need more trees for you humans.  Snorts



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Tag Game – YAY Let’s PLAY!

My barky friend Easy over at ‘tagged’ me on the Tag Game.  (Thanks my fellow four legged friend – high five paw/hoove and snout kisses).  The tag game is kind of like getting an award without getting an award.  I know it sounds complicated but it’s really not.  Here’s the formula that I came up with:

           No award = answer questions + ask questions = tag more peeps. 

Make sense now?  pig snorts – I always work better with a visual – 🙂

So here are the rules to the Tag Game –

  1. Post these rules.  √ DONE
  2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random facts about you.  √ See Below
  3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s photo. √ See Below
  4. Create 11 new questions and tag new people to answer them. √ See Below
  5. Go to their blog and let them know they’ve been ‘tagged’. √

Random Facts About “ME”… the amazing Bacon 🙂

  1. I’m not really that ‘big’ like you see in the picture above.  The couch sits low and the angle of the picture makes it look like I’m ginormous… but I’m not.  I weigh a healthy 45 pounds which is really small compared to a regular pig that gets upwards 300 pounds! 
  2. My tail gives me away every.single.time.  It’s such a magical item – my tail.  When I’m happy, I wag it like no tomorrow.  This happens when I eat, when mom calls my name or when I’m playing.  When it doesn’t wag and is at half staff – snort – I’m not too happy.  When it is at full staff, watch out because I’m fixing to potty – double snort.
  3. I speak human and mom speaks pig.  I know what she means when she tells me to go to my room, get ready for bed, get on the couch, come take a bath, etc.  She’s my mom – 🙂 I speak mom 100%
  4. Do you know how purr things and barky things mark items and get happy by rolling around on the floors?  I do the same thing.  Mom *always* laughs at me when I do that.  She thinks it’s a hoot.
  5. Just like regular ‘kids’, I have chores.  I have to help clean my room and I have to help bring my laundry to the laundry room.  And, I have to take care of Bashful – that’s almost a full time job!
  6. I eat Cheerios for breakfast with my piggy chow every morning.  It keeps me heart smart – what?  A pig has to watch his heart and cholesterol too.
  7. I eat a mixed salad every night for dinner with my piggy chow.  See, I eat healthy to maintain these handsome figure.
  8. One of my favorite all time snacks is popcorn.  Just the buttery smell of it, the sizzle of the kernels in the oil on the stove and the ‘pop-pop-pop’ sound gets me running from my bedroom all the way to the kitchen at the Hotel Thompson.  Mom always shares with me 🙂
  9. One of my favorite television shows to watch on television is called Wipeout.  I LOVE this show.  I jump on the couch, snuggle in with mom and watch the entire hour. It’s hilarious!  I highly recommend it.  I think they need to have a celebrity Wipeout.  That would be so much fun!  Oh and by the way, it helps that I have a MAJOR piggy crush on Jill Wagner – hubba hubba
  10. My Netflix account has a lot of ‘Who Done It”  shows in the que.  I love watching them as well on the ID channel (Investigative Discovery).  It’s kind of like the old game Clue.  I like to try to figure out who the culprit is before the end of the show.  Sometimes I do – sometimes I don’t.
  11. My favorite gameshow to watch on television is a tie between Jeopardy with Alex Trebek and Family Feud with Steve Harvey.  They keep me on my toes.  Of course, that is a post on its own for the very near future 🙂

Questions Asked of Me –

  1. What’s the worst thing you had to eat?  This is easy – kumquats – the most vile thing in the world! Supposedly in theory, they have a sweet skin that you eat as well as a tart pulp.  Most pigs like them – I detest them.  Mom so wishes she could have gotten a picture of my face when I bit into one that she gave me.  My ears twitched up and she swears I made a face.  It was disgusting.  It’s the only thing that I have turned away food wise.  Amazing, huh?
  2. Do you like TV commercials?  I love television commercials – especially from my buddy Maxwell.  You know the famous man pig that does the Geico commercials.  He is a happening dude my friends!
  3. Have you ever wrote a love letter to a celebrity? Piggy blushes.  Yes I did.  I once wrote Miss Piggy a love letter telling her about my unswaying love for her.  She never replied and ran off with that amphibian that calls himself Kermit.  Love is so fickle my friends.
  4. What’s your favorite movie?  Don’t hate me when I say this but Muppet Twilight.  Mom got all worked up over the Twilight series and I thought this was way better.  Right?
  5. Do you like car driving by night? I don’t personally drive but mom does.  She *hates* driving at night.  And well, I don’t really like going out with her at night because you see pigs have really bad vision to begin with.  That and darkness doesn’t match.  And okay, I’m a little – LITTLE – afraid of the dark.  ssshh – don’t tell anyone.
  6. What’s your favorite ice cream?  I prefer any ice cream, maybe strawberry wins top notch.  Bashful likes  the rocky road ice cream.
  7. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?  I have to wizzy first thing in the morning – doesn’t everyone? 
  8. Did you have posters on your wall as you were a teenager?  Which ones?  I have posters of Miss Piggy, Angry Birds, Three Little Pigs, etc on my walls.  Did you know when mom was a teenager she had a picture of King Tut on her wall?!  Can you believe that?  How nerdy was that?
  9. Can you play a musical instrument?  Which one?  Mom says I play the tuba when I eat too much cabbage.  I’m not sure what she means by that.
  10. If you were a teenager, would you join in casting shows?  I would love to be casted in a television show as well myself.  I think I could bring a lot of comedy to the show.  Don’t you think?
  11. Do you prefer to listen to music, watching television or nothing to fall asleep?  Usually mom tucks me in, sometimes she reads me a story or we watch a quick cartoon together.  Most of the time, I drift off asleep while she reads.

My Questions for My New Tags –

  1. What was the last movie you watched?
  2. What is your favorite game show on television?
  3. Small house vs. big house – which do you prefer?
  4. Mountains or beach – which do you prefer?
  5. Are you more of a day person or a night person?
  6. What is your favorite day of the week? 
  7. Why is that (#6) your favorite day of the week?
  8. What is your favorite snack?
  9. What was your favorite show to watch as a teenager?
  10. Do you have chores?
  11. If so (#10), what kind?

My Tags – have fun my friends!  I hope you decide to play –


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You Know We “ALL” Have to Do “IT”

It’s a fact of life. Something that we don’t really want to talk about but I’m a happening pig that’s going to discuss it. You know – the bathroom.. going potty.. using the litter box.. one or two – snort.

This picture is very similar to Bashful’s bathroom. Hey, I know he’s a pet rock but he has needs to. He likes to do a little scratching and have fun things to play with in the box when he does his business. He’s lucky though, his ‘business’ blends in with the rocks so you really don’t see it.

I’ve been watching the cats use their litter box and I’ve learned something new. Do you know when they go, they like to cover it up with the litter. I found this fascinating. I’m not sure why but I do. I watch them through the kitchen gate in awe. I thought I would try it out. My potty patch is in my bedroom so I tried covering it up after I potty. Totally fascinating. Dad got worried because he thought I wasn’t using the bathroom all day. Then mom came home from the worky place and saw what I did. She laughed at me and thought it was humorous. A pig covering up his business. Hey, it beats the old wives tale that pigs are unclean – snort!

ooohh and P.S. Don’t even get me started on Mouse Girl the Maine Coon purr thing.  Mom calls her Sasquatch for a reason in terms of the bathroom – snort PLOL (Piggy Laughing out Loud!)


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In the Morning, I’m…


You finish the sentence for yourself.  What would you say?  In the morning, I’m __________.  Are you cranky?  Are you snuggly?  Are you sleepy or any of the other seven dwarfs? 

I suppose I’m several things. 

First, In the morning, I’m mom’s alarm clock.  I wake up and make little chirpy noises and I snort.  I snort LOUD to wake mom up.  Did you know that she hasn’t had to set an alarm in over a year because of my kind nature in waking her up?  Amazing isn’t it?  A real live alarm clock.  I know you want one too.

Second, In the mornings I’m hungry.  Oh yeah – news flash there huh?  Don’t laugh.  Stop.  I can see you laughing – LOL.  I gotta have my piggy chow and cheerios.  After that, my hunger is gone for at least a little while. 

Then, In the morning, I’m snuggly cuddly.  Momma says so.  I jump on the sofa with mom, curl up next to her legs and she wraps us in our blankie.  We watch the morning news together.  Okay, well I usually fall back to sleep with mom stroking my back but I’m still snuggy.

Fourth of all, before mom goes to the worky place, in the mornings, I’m doing the piggy potty dance.  I’m sure you can relate to the human potty dance.  I run to my potty patch and take care of my business.  Afterwards, mom puts me in bed, kisses me good day and I crash for a couple of hours.

So, you tell me – In the mornings, I’m ____ ?



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I’m A Good Boy I Am

Last night mommy told me that I was a good boy.  I know.  🙂 We stayed up until after 11:00PM watching television last night and hanging out on our couch.  Daddy laughed at us when we got up.  Funny daddy.     

Mom woke me up by gently rubbing under my chin and talking to me, “Wake up baby boy.  Wake up Bacon.  It’s time to go to bed.”  I just love her little sing song voice. 

We both stood up at the same time. 

We both stretched at the same time. 

Mommy told me she was going to go potty and I needed to do the same.  She went to the human bathroom and I went to my piggy bathroom.  Daddy said he could hear both of us at the same time.  Like mommy like piggy huh?  She told me after I used the bathroom to get in bed so I did. 

I was in bed waiting for her when she got done brushing her teeth.  See, I’m a good boy I am 🙂  Mom came in afterwards, told me a quick story while rubbing my back.  She gave me a little treat and we both went to bed. 

Dad just sat in the front room shaking his head.  He said we were both spoiled.  I agree with him that mommy is but me?  Nah. 

So everyone have a great and happy weekend – Hogs and Kisses Bacon


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But Mom…

Yeah life at Hotel Thompson is good and yes I’m a little spoiled, just a little.  I’m not all glitter and sparkles though.  I have my days, believe it or not, where I can be outrageously pig-headed.  (More so than mom – just don’t tell her I said that.)  Although these moments are rare, when they happen they happen BIG.  Sometimes they are funny and mom laughs at me and sometimes not so funny and I know she means business.  Take in fact last night.

 After dinner is my play time.  This is the time that I’m the most vocal and take flight all over the house.  Mommy sometimes calls me her little whirlwind or her tasmanian devil.  I run up and down the hallway barking and grunting.  I have been known to pick at the carpet… even been known to pull it up a bit which is frowned upon at the Hotel Thompson.  Truth be known, I pick at it because I know it drives mommy crazy.  Sound like a typical kid yet?

Last night, mommy was chasing me down the hall.  I was barking and running away from her.  She would come into my room and I would then turn on her and chase her into the front room.  It was all fun and games.  After she got tired, I still kept running through the house.  That is until I got tired.  That’s when I flew through the front room and jumped right into mom’s lap.  You know, her bare legs and everything cushioned my hooves and body.  I call her my personal trampoline.  She couldn’t get mad at me.  My little heart was beating out of my chest from all of the running through the house.

We watched television for the longest time.  Mom even popped some wonderful tantalizing popcorn.  It was fantastic.  But I knew, after snack time is bed time for Bacon.  She told me to go do my business while she cleaned up the kitchen.  She came into my room afterwards and we snuggled for a bit.  She tucked me in my bed, kissed me good night, turned off the lights and told me good night.

See this is where it gets fun.  Mommy *knows* me.  She knows my different grunts and barks.  She knows my different looks.  I heard her getting ready for bed.  So what did I do?  I whined.  My needy whine.  She heard me and asked me what I wanted.  Of course, I whined some more.  She came into my room to check on me.  I gave her the “I’m still hungry” look.  She caved.  We went to the kitchen and she gave me some raw cabbage.  Which by the way, I absolutely LOVE.  Mommy just forgets what it does to my tummy so tonight when we’re snuggling on the couch she will remember – LOL. Afterwards, mommy tucked me back in for the night.  Sound like a typical kid yet?

About 20 minutes later, I whined again.  Mom again asks me what I needed.  She came into my room and saw my look.  Well heck, after eating all that cabbage, I’m thirsty now.  So mom caved.  We went and got some water together.  Afterwards, we came back and she tucked me back in to bed with a kiss.  Sound like a typical kid yet?

Well about 30 minutes later, I whined again.  This time it was a more urgent cry.  Mom knew immediately what that meant.  I had to go potty.  She came and got me and I went and did my business.  What do you expect with all of that water?  Mom tucked me in, gave me a kiss and told me no more for tonight.  I knew she meant business.  I know the limitations of my mommy!

So you see, I’m just like a regular kid, you think?



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