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3-2-1 Get in the Position

20121105-070456.jpgMy mom knows no boundaries.  I caught her this morning taking this picture of me on my whizzy pad.  What was she thinking?!  This is a private moment… not anymore though.  Shakes head. 

I know everyone has questioned how I go potty since I don’t go outside.  Well, now you know.  I have my own set of towels in my room.  The towel is folded over and mom puts a potty pad in between it.  She has to hide it.  If I see it, well lets just say that whizzy pad might get destroyed into a million pieces. Trust me… I do mean a million pieces.  Mom and dad clean up after me frequently.  I don’t smell or have any weird odors in my room.  I’m basically a clean piggy.

But I do have to be in a certain position for this bodily function.  Feet stretched and tail up – can’t get dirty you know.  Do you see my little Mohawk happening here? 

I know, everything you wanted to know about the bodily functions of a miniature pot bellied pig on a Monday morning – snort – LOL


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