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I Just Know You Are Holding Your Breath For an Update

 Little Man Houdini is really settling in here at the Hotel Thompson.  He’s only been here for 10 days but in some ways – it seems like forever.  I have to admit that he has brought a lot of love and fun here.  I’m glad to say his potty training is coming right along.  He seems to be taking to it very well which is a great thing.  While mom and dad were at the vets office last Friday, they were told that Yorkies can be a little hard headed in this department and of course were given advice on how to said potty train Houdini.  Mom listened, stood her ground, put her hands on her hips and told this peep, “Look, I’ve potty trained a pig.  When you’ve done that, come talk to me.”  Go mom!  She’s right though. I’m house trained. And don’t you ❤ my mom when she gets fierce about one of her ‘kids’?  Snorts.


I thought I would share some pictures that I took of the little guy in the past couple of days.  This one to the left is one of my all time favorites of little Who-Who (see I’ve picked a nick-name for the little guy 🙂

I ❤ it when he stretches out on the floor with his little legs behind him.  Doesn’t that just tug at your heart?  He does this A LOT.  He also rolls around the floor, belly up and makes little chatter noise.  And notice, he’s got some of my toys around him in this picture.  See, I’m still sharing.



Another great picture of Who-Who is this one to the right.  He’s in his little bed playing with some toys.  And yes, some of those toys are the purr things toys.  See, even they are sharing with the little tyke.  And, in this picture you can really see how small Houdini actually is.

Dad said when they were at the vets last week, the doctor told them that Houdini weighed 2.4 pounds.  Houdini said there was no way and demanded the doctor re-weigh him because he had to weigh at least 50 pounds.  Just goes to show you what a ‘killer’ Houdini thinks he is huh?  Snorts.  I wonder where he gets that from in the family?

IMG_0480.JPGAnd I know you are probably wondering how Houdini is getting along with all of us anipals here at the Hotel Thompson.  Well Mouse Girl, one of the purr things here, could care less about him.  She stays high and away from him.  On the other hoof, Hemi (the other purr thing) here is very interested and wants to play with him so very bad.  As you can see in this picture to the left.  See the cat tube – Who-Who likes to drag it all over the house.  Hemi is looking at him to supervise.

And well that brings interaction with this little oinker.  So far, I’ve had supervised interaction.  This is with mom – either me in mom’s lap or mom holding Who-Who.  We have smelled each other.  We’ve even kind of played with our hooves/paws with each other.  The little guy even barks at me from time to time.  Mommy said there will come a day when I can actually play with him but not yet.  She said you can’t be too careful.  I’m not offended at that.  I mean heck, that Who-Who is vicious.  Who knows when he might attack me – right?  Snorts.  So there you go – your dosage of Houdini. 🙂



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