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Food Porn – Presented by Houdini :)

  Barks!  Hello friends.  Today Bacon has asked me to fill in for him on mom’s Food Porn.  You’ll see why for obvious reasons below.  Don’t worry – Bacon himself was not harmed in the making of this delicious southern meal.

There is a new restaurant that opened up near the Hotel Thompson called Gina’s Bistro located at 192 Jonesboro Road, Jonesboro, Georgia.  Mom has been wanted to try it because it was said this place had some awesome southern food. And you know my mom – pure south.  Well, she and dad called up some of their friends to meet up for dinner one night.

They were greeted by the owner – Junebug – which is hilarious because that’s moms nickname too.  Funny coincidence huh?  They were sat with a wonderful waitress who went over the short but delicious looking menu.  Mom and dad decided to get the same meal.  Now, you are so not going to believe this picture but here it is:

 Can you believe this picture?!  That is TWO fried pork chops, macaroni and cheese, potato salad and a corn muffin.  Mom immediately had to take a picture of their plate and then immediately ask for a doggy bag – barks!

Now you know why Bacon asked me to step in with this post today.  You see mom/dad don’t eat pork at home – no way – not with having Bacon.  So when mom’s southern desires come out, she has to get them satisfied at a restaurant far away from brother.

Can you believe this meal?  They look like giant chops!  And one of our friends got the same thing while the other one got a vegetable plate.  They are not stingy with their food at all and the waitress went beyond in making our meal memorable.


 But hey, they weren’t done.  They decided to all split a slice of cake – who could eat an entire slice after that meal, right?  Well, they choose – are you ready for this – banana pudding CAKE.  It was regular yellow cake with layers of banana pudding.  Dad about went to piggy heaven – he said it was delicious – something he had never experienced before.  That says a lot because you know my dad – he knows his food – barks!

Hope you enjoyed mom’s Food Porn.  Look back for future episodes my friends.




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