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Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo and Buddy


I have some net friends that simply amaze me.  They are guinea pigs – Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo and Buddy.  I think of them and I think how astonishing they are.  Do you know they go out in the back yard.  Really!?  That is fascinating to me.  I’ve heard of the back yard.  I just haven’t went there yet.  I kind of like my room. 

When I think of these little guys, I think of the outrageous things they can do.  20120722-211310.jpgI can see them doing any of these moves.  They are happening pigs!  I promise you little fellows, if I ever make it to the movies, you will be in my contract to appear as well. 



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I Still Have Room to Grow

I don’t think I shared with everyone that mom weighed me this weekend.  She jumped on the scale and then picked my long, wiggly little behinney up and jumped back on.  She started laughing.  I’m not sure if that was a good thing.  So, remember that my birth mom was 25 pounds and my birth dad was 30 pounds. 






Okay, come on.  What were you expecting it?  34 pounds is not that big.

I’m still a small miniature pot bellied pig.  I haven’t really gotten much ‘bigger’ per say.  I think I’ve kind of grown length wise.  I’m more like a weenie barky thing now.  And anyway, mom still thinks I’m cute so I’m good.  I’m still for the most part a vegetarian.  I eat my veggies, my salads and my fruits.  I get my exercise chasing the purr things.  It could be worse.  It could be like the picture below.  Heck, I have something to shoot for now.  Snort – oink oink out!

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