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Netflix Series

Have you watched this television series? I think it showed originally on Showtime.  (This picture was taken off of Google for the 8th Season).  The entire show is about Dexter Morgan who is a blood splatter expert working in Miami, Florida for the Miami Metro Police Department.  What people don’t know is that secretly Dexter is a serial killer.  Now saying serial killer brings to mind a bad person – an insane person, right?  I guess in a way it still rings true but Dexter is a little different.  He only kills people that deserve it.  Sounds weird huh?  We are talking about people that kill that get off in the court system or people that kill that others don’t know about.

While it was on Showtime, we didn’t watch it… you know for obvious reasons – we didn’t have Showtime 🙂 Snorts!  But when it went to Netflix, I put that show in my queue so fast and started watching it… all eight seasons!

Now we couldn’t watch while the purr things or Houdini was still awake.  Me and mom had to wait until they went to bed and were asleep and then we would watch 1-2 shows every night.

Now I want you to think about this.  There was eight seasons and about 12-13 shows per season.  So mom and this little oinker invested probably around 100 hours of watching around 104 shows.  No, we didn’t do this overnight.  Yes, we did it during downtime.  What?  Can’t a pig have a favorite show?

If you haven’t watched the shows, I’m not going to give anything away.  But I will tell you that we went through a LOT of drama, a lot of killings, a lot of twists and a lot of plots that made your mouth hang wide.  I started to know the characters like family.  I grew fond of some of them.  And after watching the shows, me and mom would discuss what happened.

The first three seasons we watched within a matter of weeks.  They kept me on my piggy hooves while covering one eye and jumping at surprises.  Yes, they were that good.

Season 4 through 7 were okay.  Something happened along the way.  You see Dexter was trying to be ‘normal’.  He even got married and had a baby.  All of this was great.

Then there was season 8, the final season.  To us, this is where things seemed rushed.  Have you ever read a book that was so good all the way through it and then in the last chapter you learn that everything was a dream?  Well, it was kind of like this to us.  It was so good but the last show of season 8 left us wanting.  There was so much more that could have happened.  I mean, yes there are only so many killings that a serial killer can do but it just felt empty here.  Too many things happened in the last show that your brain doesn’t have time to process it.  Then when it does, your brain is like WTF just happened… pardon the bad language.

Have you seen this series?  What did you think?  Discuss.


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I’m a Bunny – snort

Mom has been making fun of me the past couple of mornings.  I’ve been watching the bunnies in the back yard too much from my window in my bedroom.  I’ve seen how they move.  How quick they are.  How comical they look.  So when I come out of my room, I’ve been trying to make myself look like a bunny jumping down the hall.  It really is fun for me but mom finds it really hysterical.  She laughs at me and tells me, “Bacon, you’re a pig not a rabbit”.  I just snort and continue jumping down the hall.  I think its fun, almost like a game.  Mom says that she is going to try to video tape me doing it this weekend. 

I’m not really sure why mom is so surprised that I’m trying to act like a bunny.  I mean, really, let’s think about this.  What do bunnies eat?  Bingo – carrots.  What did I just get 5 pounds of for Christmas?  Right again, carrots.  I eat them constantly around the house.  You would think that with as many carrots that I eat, two things would happen.

(1) I would be a bunny because I have the tendency to look at mom while I’m eating a carrot and say, “What’s up Doc?”  (for you younger generation, check out Bugs Bunny on television – it’s one of my favorite cartoons to watch on my television); and

(2) I would have a much better vision capacity but I don’t.  Carrots have a lot of Vitamin A in them which is suppose to help with eyesight.  It’s not just a myth or something your mother made up to eat your veggies.  There’s documented proof.  With that information, you would think with as many carrots as I eat that I would be able to see through walls!  Unfortunately, pigs have very bad eyesight but don’t feel sorry for me yet.  What we lack in vision, we make up in smell.  Mom says I’m better than a beagle or basset hound when it comes to smell.  Heck, I think I would be a fantastic P9 (Pig-Nine)… you nothing something like a K9 (Canine) working for the police department.  I can track things down like you wouldn’t believe!  But, hey, I digress… that’s another post all together – snort LOL

So for now, I’m a bunny.  Why don’t you hop around a couple of times today to think about me. 

Hogs and Kisses – Bacon



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