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Bashful is Off Again!

It seems like these days, Bashful comes home for a short rest, some fun with the family and then he’s off again to the unknown.  He came home from Virginia, went to the beach with mom/dad and stayed with us for about a week.

He introduced us all to Virginia who came home with him from his last adventure with Stuart.  Don’t let her demure looks fool you.  That girl knows how to rock some red lipstick and has a wicked sense of humor.  We all got to socialize last week and listen to Bashful’s adventures with Stuart.  They did so much!  And there was some things we can’t mention 🙂


We all helped him pack to his next mysterious destination Friday night.  Saturday morning, we all said adios and watched as mom/dad took him off to the airport.

Mom says that it never gets easy.  Of course, she cried and waited until she saw his plane take off.  She’s such a softy!

So where will he end up at?

So far, this is where he has been:


His first adventure –

He went to see Easy ( in Plumieux, France.  Talk about trouble – snorts.  He had a grand time there.

So let’s add up the mileage shall we.  4,186.00 one way = total trip give or take 8,372.0 miles.




His second adventure –

He went to see Stuart ( in Richmond, Virginia.  He did get in lock down here and even ran away with Stuart!  He also got into some ‘scotch on the rock’ – snorts.

So let’s add up the mileage on this one.  543.7 one way = total trip give or take 1,087.40 miles




Where will he end up this time?  Looks innocently around – I’m not saying.  The little rock has traveled over 9,459.40 miles so far on these two trips.  All I will tell you is (A) he needs to start accruing frequent rock flying miles – snorts and (B) this destination is further than these two combined :0 shocker huh?


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