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Are You A Member?

Mommy said the strangest thing to me last night.  Mommy said that I was a member of the clean plate club. I wasn’t sure what she meant until daddy explained it me mumbling something about eating him out of house and home.  Rolls piggy eyes – he so exaggerates.

But of course I am a member of the Clean Plate Club.  I mean really, I’m a pig.  I ain’t leaving nothing behind food wise.  Sometimes when I eat my apples in the front room one will roll up underneath the couch or fireplace ledge.  Heck, you should see me going after.  There should be no food left behind in my trough – I mean plate.

Momma even calls me her little hoover.  I go around the floor sniffing out any scrap of a crumb.  Dad says I’m better than vacuuming. If it’s out there – it’s in my tummy!

Are you a member of this elite Clean Plate Club?



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