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Pirate Cat



Some people have parrots and other types of birds that sit on their shoulders. Here at the Hotel Thompson, we like to do things differently. We don’t need a bird to sit on daddy’s shoulder and whisper into his ear.

NOT when you have Hemi – the pirate cat. Hemi will stand on your shoulder, purr in your ear and mock love you. And what more, daddy will let him to do it.

Really? Dad, ppsstt – Hemi is a C.A.T. He’s not suppose to be on your shoulder acting all parrot on you. He can’t learn to ‘talk’ and talk back to you… well, at least I hope not. And dad here is the biggest news flash of all – do you really want his back side so close to your face? I’ve seen what comes out that end – it’s not good. Trust me.

These animals just walk all over the humans here at the Hotel Thompson.


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Speak Like a Pirate Day

Did you know that today was Speak Like a Pirate Day? I didn’t either until this afternoon. I saw on television where certain places were offering free meals if you dressed and talked like a pirate. I think I’m cute. I think I could have done it.

“Me name be Bacon. I come from a long line o’ want t’ be pirates. Give me some grub and I’m all yours. ”


What did you think? Could I pass? 🙂


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