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Houdini Has Done It Now

Some of you may remember that Houdini goes regularly to the spa.  Several months ago when mom picked him up, he was nose to nose with a cute little poodle.  Mom got a phone call early last week from the spa stating that one of their customers needed to talk to Houdini’s mom.  The spa wouldn’t give them mom’s number – thank goodness – but offered to relay that message.  Mom was curious as to what was going on but called the lady.  Come to find out, it was the poodle’s mom.  She wanted to meet mom for coffee this morning to talk about a play date with Pippy (the poodle) and Houdini.  So mom/dad made arrangements to meet this morning at a local park.

Mom, dad and Houdini got to the park this morning.  Then Pippy and her mom pulled up.  As they were getting out of their car, Pippy’s mom had a box in her hands.  When they got close enough to mom/dad, they could see the box was moving.  Pippy’s mom put the box on the picnic table and mom/dad could see what was in it.  OMP!!  There was puppies in that box.  Not just any puppies.  They look liked small poodle mixed Yorkie puppies.  What the cream cheese?!  Pippy’s mom said they belonged to Houdini.  No way!  Mom said Houdini had been fixed and there was no way.  Pippy’s mom said it had to be Houdini.  Apparently Houdini and Pippy got a little romantic at the spa several months ago.  No way in pig heavens!

Well we were all shocked.  I mean who would have ever dreamed of this?  There was four cute little puppies.  Pippy’s mom wanted my mom/dad to split the litter and even offered to pay for the puppy DNA to prove that Houdini was the father.  Of course dad was laughing and said that this needed to go on the Maury Povich show for sure – LOL.  Mom gave him a look like this is *not* the time.  So there you go.  We have puppies here at the Hotel Thompson.  Pictures will follow in a couple of hours once mom gets everyone settled.


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