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What a Way to Start the Day and Bathroom Fun


Mom found these pancakes on line with her big computer this weekend. She actually made them this morning. Of course I helped and she might have given me some 🙂 they were delicious. I love it when mom cooks. When she cooks, I usually get to taste it too. Weekends are fun like that.

A lot of people ask about me being ‘house trained’. Of course I’m house trained. I have my own bedroom and potty. Doesn’t every piglet?


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Running Free


Today my mommy bought me a new feed dish that looks awfully familiar. Can’t really put my hoof on it but I’ve seen it before. Mommy says I’m still growing because I sleep a lot like a baby. Last night, I slept all through the night and didn’t wake up this morning until 11. Mommy fed me and sat on the floor with me while I ate. When I got done eating, I snuggled up to mommy and she rubbed my back. I then rolled over to on my side so she could rub my belly. It felt so good that I kept grunting.
At night, mommy puts up the purr things and I rule the big house for a while – this is my favorite time. I get to explore and run up and down the hall. Mommy put a pillow on the floor and every time I ran through the front room I jumped on it.

Mommy blocked the kitchen so I couldn’t go in there. Last night I kept sneaking in the kitchen nibbling on the purr things food. She said that was bad so I can’t do that anymore. I kept walking around the front room exploring and wiggling my tail because I was so happy. Mommy kept telling me I was the cutest little piggy in the world!
My tummy was so full from dinner and I was so tired from running, I could barely stand up again. I stumbled over to mommy and she picked me up. She snuggled me to her chest and wrapped me in a soft blanket rocking me. This is my favorite way to go to sleep…in mommy’s arms. After a while, she brought me to my bedroom and put me down in my soft bed. Aaaww heaven. Snort snort.

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