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You Have Got to be Kidding Me!

 Oh dear friends.  This is just exactly what this oinker needed to hear upon returning home from camping out in the woods all week at Summer Camp.  This is what nightmares are made out of – I’m just saying!

So there we all were this past Sunday, all camped out in the living room of the Hotel Thompson watching the locals news on Fox 5 based out of Atlanta, Georgia.  This story comes up about – wait for it – a snake.  Shivers to mergatroid.  And not just any snake.  They were talking about a Gaboon Viper.

See, this lady Ms. Lora Brown was riding down the street in her vehicle in Milledgeville, Georgia when she saw something in the road in front of of her.  So she did what any of us would do.  Upon passing it, she stuck her camera out of the car window and took a picture.  Makes sense right?  Ms. Lora Brown said it was because of the unique markings that got her attention.  This photograph is the one that was shown on Fox 5 news of what Ms. Brown took.  First up, awesome markings and I applaud you Ms. Brown for taking a picture instead of creating a speed bump.

Ms. Brown contacted the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to find out what kind of snake this was.  Do you know what she was told?  It is a Gaboon Viper that originates out of South Africa and are not known to exist in the wild here in Georgia.  They are VERY venomous.  What it is doing in Georgia no one knows.  DNR can’t confirm or disprove that it is even here.  They have been out in the woods looking for it and so far have seen no signs of it.  Then again from the looks of this picture it seems that it would be able to blend very easily with the vegetation in the woods.

Thank goodness I saw this AFTER my Summer Camp.  If I had seen it before leaving, there would be no way come heaven or hell that I would be camping out in the woods.  Shivers – this is a SyFy movie in the making!



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The Paw Time with Houdini

   Hello my friends to another great week of Paw Time with Houdini.  I hope that you’ve had a wonderful week – and a great holiday weekend.  We’ve all been trying to stay cool here at the Hotel Thompson.  We are ALL over Summer now and ready for some cooler weather.  And no we are not like those peeps in the winter that say we are ready for Summer and vice versa.  We all kind of like it a little cool.  This heat just makes it so miserable to do anything.  And living in the south, you add in the humidity with it and yuck.

There are some things going on here at the Hotel Thompson that will be interesting in the next couple of weeks.  One of them has to do with Bacon – barks!  He doesn’t know yet but I know the secret – secret evil smiles.  I overheard mom/dad talking about it and no I can’t tell you what it is … yet.  But it’s going to be hilarious.  Okay maybe not so much for that spoiled oinker but amusing for everyone else here.  Just wait.

And mom took some great pictures of me this week.  The first one is me wearing my pink shirt – nods head.  Real men wear pink 🙂  I just woke up so I still had some bedhead going on with that picture.  But it’s still cute.  The other picture is of me and Mouse Girl.  She’s my partner in crime.  My partner in having fun.  Isn’t she hubba hubba cute?


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Well that’s all for me my friends – yawns – I hope you had a wonderful week as well.  Happy weekend!


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