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Paw Time with Houdini

Barks my friends!  I do hope your week is going well.  Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite toys.  No, I couldn’t just pick 1 as my favorite so I’m giving you the top 4.  Thankfully mom took all of these pictures at the store when she bought them for me at different times.

First up is tuggin’ tail pig.  Isn’t he awesome? ❤  He reminds me of Bacon somewhat… okay maybe not at all except that he’s a pig – barks!  This one was a neat toy.  You see mom/dad would hold the tail and I would attack the ball in the mouth of the pig… which seems kind of weird because all I could think of was it should have been an apple – ha!

This tuggin’ tail pig was awesome – did you pick that up above?  I played with him and played with him and played with him.  Then one day, the ball broke and the piggy lost his head.  I’m not sure what happened.  I think he spontaneously blew up.  There was white stuff everywhere on the floors of the Hotel Thompson.  But tuggin’ tail pig was a good pig.  I think I had him for about a month – which was good all considering.

Then there was skunk road kill.   He is cool.  He even has tread marks across his belly showing where he has been run over by some vehicle.  He is way cool and guess what – I still have him to toss around my kingdom here.  Can you imagine the creator of this awesome toy?  Riding down the street one day perhaps to work and sees road kill on the side of the road and says to himself, “WOW – that would make a great toy.”  Barks!  I think that would be hilarious.

Have you ever seen such a fantastic skunk?  Of course, he reminds me of Peppy Le Pew but way better now – barks!


 What do you think?  Do you see the resemblance?  Sure you do… look for the swooshy tail and white stripes – of course mine has tread marks on it – ha!



Then there is poochy.  He is also awesome – notice his rope legs that attach to his body and have paws at the end.  Mom/dad can hold a leg and I can grab the other legs for a festive tug of war challenge.  He was almost my favorite… notice I said almost.

Poochy is now called Waddles… why?  Because he has no legs.  They were pulled off by another dog… looks innocent.  What?  Isn’t that what he was for?  He still is a good dog.  I play with his body… of course minus the legs now.  I don’t have to worry about him running away from me – barks!  I couldn’t pass that one up my friends.

And he knows his commands like sit and stay.  Double barks.

But this leads us to my all time favorite toy.


Pirate Chicken.  Oh my dogs!  He is so very cool.  You see I had a pirate chicken before.  I loved him.  He squeaks differently and there is just something about that peg leg that drives me crazy.  He got destroyed right before we had the house renovation.

So mom/dad were shopping at the grocery store and finally found me a replacement.  Barks and does happy dance!!  I couldn’t believe that my favorite toy in the entire world was replaced.  I run around the Hotel Thompson with it in my mouth, throwing it up in the air, attacking it and shaking it all around.  It is totally awesome!

I feel like my entire life is complete now with the second coming of pirate chicken.  Do you have any favorite toys that you can’t live without?  Do share my friends.

Well that’s all for me my friends – yawns – I hope you had a wonderful week as well.  Happy weekend!



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Houdini Update

Thank you so much my friends for the help last week on Houdini.   I wanted to give you an update today on how he is doing with his teething here at the Hotel Thompson..  Some people suggested that we get him a Kong toy where you can insert a treat.  That way he can play with the Kong, chew at it and eventually get the treat.  Mom and dad thought this was a wonderful idea.  At this point – anything would be helpful as long as it’s not mom’s fingers or my tail!


Mom and dad went looking at our local pet store.  Mommy was fascinated at the different sizes of Kong’s, found one and handed it to daddy.  She asked daddy if this was small enough – what do you think?  Daddy said with this Kong, he could actually stick Houdini up in it!  Now wouldn’t that be hilarious… of course he wouldn’t do that.

Mom snapped this picture of daddy and showed it to one of their friends.  Their friends said, “Well, you could get that one, fill it with treats for your daddy and see what he does to get them out.”  Now *that* idea I’m kind of partial to.  It would be hilarious for us anipals to see what kind of hunting skills our old daddy has – snorts.

There were so many different sizes that mom and dad didn’t know what kind to get.  They discussed this with some friends that train dogs.  They actually came over to the house late Saturday night for a visit and brought Houdini a gift.



As you see from this picture to the left, they got the little guy a Houdini sized Kong.  It’s so small!  And I have to tell you, the little guy has skills of his own.  This Kong kept him busy for almost 45 minutes trying to get the treat out.  And, another plus.  He didn’t bite my tail.  That in itself is a God send – snorts oinks.  Thanks Brent!!

Also Brent recommended to mom/dad not having a gazillion toys down for Houdini at once.  They advised only having 2-3 down at any given time.  That way Houdini will focus on those toys and can be redirected to those toys when he gets the vampire mode that clicks.  So far, it’s worked.  We are *all* relieved here at the Hotel Thompson.

AND Houdini went for his final shots Saturday.  He officially weighs in at 3.10 pounds right now.  What a cow!


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