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He is a Trained Seal

Oh my friends.  Sometimes there are just things at the Hotel Thompson that happened that have to be shared.  For instance, the little guy here named Houdini.  He’s cool – most of the time.  But sometimes the little guy gets on my everlasting LAST piggy nerve.  There.  It’s out.  You don’t see a lot of pictures of us two together and there’s a reason.  We both have to be chaperoned.  Honestly that’s the truth.  Mom doesn’t trust either of us with each other without her constant eagle stare.  Like she says, it only takes one time.

Well what mom doesn’t know is the little guy looks to me for guidance – insert evil snort.  He does most of everything I persuade him to do… not that I would do anything to hurt the little rascal.  You see, for the past couple of weeks when he nods off to sleep, I’ve been whispering in his ear that he is actually a seal and likes to balance things off his snout.  HA!  What?  You don’t believe me?  I thought you might not so I have proof.  I so proudly took this picture this morning of the little guy performing his circus routine.  See.  Subliminal conditioning does work.  Evil Snorts.


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