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Baby Pictures

Snorts.  Some people have asked me what I looked like as a piglet.  I went through my baby book and picked up some pictures to share.

This is a picture of me when I first came to the Hotel Thompson.  It was taken the day my mom and dad adopted me.  I was three weeks young here.  I immediately fell right to sleep in my mom’s hands on her shoulder.  I couldn’t help it.  I felt safe and loved.  Once upon a time, I was this small.  All cuddly.

I think for the first three months in my life, the only time mom put me down was to sleep, to eat and to use the potty.  I guess that was my baby stages huh?  Notice how small my snout was – it was itty bitty.



This was a picture of me eating some of my baby food.  I had a mixture of baby food, formula and chow mix here.  This was when I was a little bit older – probably around 9 weeks.  I stayed small for a long time.  Heck, I’m really small considering today’s standards.  I weigh in today at 48 pounds.  That is small considering that some miniature pot bellied piggies get to over 100 pounds!


This picture to the left is of my nana holding me.  She called me the original piggy in a blanket – snorts.  I guess I was for a while.  And trust me, I ate this attention up just like a… well an attention hog.  Hey, it’s what I do right?

And I know you are dying to know what was the first picture mom saw of me that reeled her in, aren’t you?  Mom saw these two pictures of me and fell in love instantly.  There was no looking back.  I had her wrapped around my hooves immediately.  Here you go:

Can you believe I was that small?!  Squeal!


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Happy Blog Anniversary to Me!

On October 9, 2011 I posted my very first blog with this picture of me next to a Pepsi can.  It was just a couple of days that mommy had adopted and brought me home to the Hotel Thompson.  Underneath this picture, I wrote:

Hello my fellow friends!  I will rule that Pepsi can one day!  Can’t wait to blog my adventures.  Check back frequently for fun.  Smooches.

And as they say, “It’s all they wrote”.  I’ve been blogging every since, having fun, making great and wonderful friends and hopefully making everyone smile and laugh.  It’s been a long journey through lots of ups and downs.

Others have joined my adventure from the Hotel Thompson so this blog has grown with friends.

I’ve added trivia to my blog.  

I’ve added the Dear Bacon issues which are absolutely the highlight of my week.  (I LOVE getting pictures and letters from everyone – thank you – you make these Dear Bacon issues so popular!).

Journalist Rocky the Squirrel keeps us aware of all of the not so known holidays of the year.  He’s a great friend that hangs out in my magical back yard.  He’s often found knocking on the back door of the Hotel Thompson asking for cut of nuts.

Hemi and Mouse Girl highjack my page every so often.  I fuss but it’s all in great fun.

Bashful, Manny and Princess Coralena have been a great addition to the Hotel Thompson and my blog.  That Bashful of mine has turned into a wonderful international rolling stone traveling every where and recording his trips here.  Manny and Princess Coralena have come to live with us here and it’s so nice to hear them laughing down the halls.

And the biggest accomplishment I’ve had in two years… meeting so many wonderful and cherished friends from all over the world right here in blogville.

Without you, I would be talking to myself and well I do enough of that here at the Hotel Thompson – snorts.  I don’t think I can ever express just how much *YOU* have touched this little piggies life.  I guess you can say that you’ve helped my inner pig come out and play.  That means the world to me my friends.

Thank you so much.  Thank you for listening to my rambling, my piggy stories and adventures and stories of mom/dad.  This pig has a lot more to write about!

Here’s a toast to another awesome year full of adventures!


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HA HA Funny Funny


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